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Read the testimonies of hundreds of women on the home page. See if they get you excited to come for a visit with Dr. Fowler and see if he can fix you as well. If you try yet another "standard practice" odds are you will be disappointed and will waste another wad of money. Dr. Fowler only charges 390.00 which includes the specialied Vaginal Fluid Analysis Test. The appointment is 45 minutes at which time you receive the test results and the treatment protocol. Come for a Saturday appointment if this makes it easier. If you have insurance (but not Medicare), Dr. Fowler provides you with a Superbill. Most women with out-of-network coverage get about 50-70% covered. To register, click Home Page and select "Start Here" button.

Dr. Fowler, the founder of FowlerGynInernational, spent over 20 yrears on staff at Mayo Clinic and now makes his expertice more readily availble to you.

In the United States, gynecologists are trained how to diagnose and treqt the 4 common types of vaginitis, but it's much more complicated than that. Most women with vaginal odors are found to have altered vaginal micro-flora patterns. Not only does Dr. Fowler utilize more advanced diagnostic techniques, his treatment protocols are unlike anything you have been prescribed before. For more information, read the following...

What Symptoms Can Be Associated with Vaginal Odor?

The following are a number of real-life symptom scenarios:

After a course of antibiotics, vaginal discharge developed with ammonia like odor and irritation that persisted for months and has not resolved despite multiple treatments.

A fishy vaginal odor comes back within hours after showering. It’s embarrassing to get too close to other people. It requires douching before intercourse to mask the odor.

Yellowish to green discharge requiring a pad. It has a definite odor which can vary from musky to fishy. It’s embarrassing; the thought of having sex is out of the question.

Vaginal odor like that of a dog or a horse; can be especially embarrassing at a public restroom where the odor can be noticed by women in the adjacent stalls.

What Causes an Abnormal Vaginal Odor?

Secretions from a healthy vagina have a clean, slightly sweet smell. The actual normal smell is difficult to describe just like the difference between clean, fresh breathe vs. bad breathe. The degree of vaginal odors can vary from a subtle musky odor perceived only by sexual partners or by placing fingers into the vagina and taking a whiff… to moderately malodorous where an odor can be perceived whenever much air gets to the area like sitting with legs separated… to very a fishy/pungent odor that can be noticed by others in close proximity including the woman in the next stall at a public restroom!  But even slight vaginal odors can be extremely embarrassing and deterrent to social activity, let alone sexual relations.

Practitioners including gynecologists are traditionally trained to evaluate for 4 potential causes of vaginitis…but it’s NOT that simple; the list of causes does not stop there! In a moment, THE REST OF THE STORY! But first, here are the four diagnostic categories, one of which your practitioner may have suggested was your problem.  While your symptoms may mimic one of these four conditions, your actual diagnosis may not be any one of them!

1st Potential Diagnosis: “Bacterial Vaginosis.”  The commonly recommended treatment includes one or a combination of metronidazole (Flagyl®), Clindamycin, and or probiotics.

2nd Potential Diagnosis: “Yeast Infection.” Common treatments include over-the-counter antifungal creams or prescription antifungals such as fluconazole (Diflucan®) or terconazole (Terazol®) as well as gentian violet treatments, or boric acid suppositories.

3rd Potential Diagnosis: “Atrophic Vaginitis.” The common treatment is estrogen supplement for the vagina. The common medications include Estrace® cream, Vagifem®, Premarin® cream, or Estring®.

4th Potential Diagnosis: “Trichomonas.” This is a relatively common mobile parasite that is sexually transmitted. It is diagnoses by looking for the mobile organism in fresh vaginal secretions under the microscope. The condition is easily treated with antibiotics such as metronidiazole or tinidazole.

However, be advised that an abnormal vaginal odor may also be a sign of a more serious condition such as sexually transmitted diseases of Chlamydia or Neisseria Gonorrhea, or cancers of the uterus, cervix or rarely the vagina.  Be certain that you have had these causes excluded by your local provider before proceeding to register with FGI. The purpose of FGI is not to handle acute or recent onset vaginal symptoms when these more serious causes need to be excluded but to handle chronic vaginal odor for which you have been evaluated but not adequately addressed (meaning your local healthcare provider did not know what to do for you) or responded to therapy prescribed by local healthcare providers.

And Now the Rest of the Story

If you are frustrated that you have been evaluated by your local healthcare providers and perhaps received different opinions as to the diagnosis of your vaginal condition and/or have had persistent symptoms despite a number of treatments, the experts in vaginalhealthCare wish to extend you an offer for advanced diagnostic techniques. It has been Dr. Fowler’s experience in dealing with numerous women with chronic vaginal odor that these women usually do not respond to the typical “vaginitis” treatments or at best might get a transient response then the symptoms relapse. During 20 years of clinical observation using advanced microscopic techniques to analyze the vaginal secretions, Dr. Fowler has determined that these symptoms are commonly due to a phenomenon known “Altered Vaginal Micro-Flora Patterns.” These patterns arise when the normal flora has been disrupted by any one of “vaginal insults.” The information you will provide on the Symptom Specific Profile taken in context of your General Medical History during your registration will determine if this is the correct diagnosis to a high degree of probability. The Vaginal Fluid Analysis Test (VFA Test) can confirm the type of altered vaginal micro-flora present. This is good news for you; it’s no longer just one of 4 types of vaginitis causing the odor and if you don’t respond to treatment for them you're simply out of luck!

Normal Vaginal Micro-Flora

The vagina has a normal micro-flora ecosystem consisting of 30+ co-existing strains of bacteria at any one time. Normally, the “good” bacteria known as lactobacilli predominate and are numerous enough to coat the entire vaginal mucosal surfaces forming a protective barrier. Lactobacilli make certain chemicals that provide additional defense against other organisms. These include lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other peroxidases which suppress the other “bad” bacteria normally present in the vagina to keep them at low concentration levels where they rarely cause harm. Problems arise when the lactobacilli do not thrive and a shift in bacteria milieu occurs. The 30+ other “bad” bacteria strains proliferate and dominate the micro-flora.  This results in one of several “altered vaginal micro-flora patterns.” The “bad” bacteria that predominate in these patterns consist of a host of aerobic and anaerobic microbes. The resulting secretions bathe the vaginal walls all the way down to and including the tissues surrounding the vaginal opening causing variable symptoms of discharge, odor, irritation, itching, burning, and urinary urgency/frequency depending on the innate sensitivity of the vaginal and external genital tissues.

Altered Vaginal Micro-Flora Patterns

In 2007, Dr. Fowler published a landmark study which expanded the known vaginitis subtypes by adding new spectrum of altered vaginal flora patterns. Up until then, the medical literature commonly referred to “vaginitis” as consisting of 4 types as noted above: yeast, bacterial vaginosis, Trichomonas, and atrophic vaginitis. Dr. Fowler proposed a new Vaginitis Classification System that expands the types of vaginitis to ten types. Reference: Fowler, R.S. Expansion of altered vaginal flora states in vaginitis. J Reprod Med. 2007 Feb;52(2):93-99.

The majority of healthcare providers are unaware of the existence of altered vaginal micro-flora states. The reason being, very few gynecologists specialize in vaginal conditions. Plus detecting altered vaginal micro-flora patterns requires expensive microscopic equipment, an advanced skill set, and extra time and training. The current standard of evaluation by healthcare providers consists of doing vaginal “wet preps” by a century old technique without inclusion criteria or advanced techniques to diagnose altered vaginal micro-flora patterns. A bacterial culture taken by an otherwise well meaning practitioner will grow out one of the 30+ “bad” bacterial strains such as Escherichia coli (E. Coli), Klebsiella pneumonia, Enterococcus (Group D streptococcus), Staph  Epidermidis, Group B Streptoccocus (Beta Strep), Gardnerella Vaginalis,etc. All this shows is the predominate bacterial strain present in the vagina at that time. This is not the cause of the problem, just one of the manifestations. When a course of antibiotics is prescribed for these bacteria, a transient response may occur then symptoms typically relapse. At FowlerGynInternational, the approach is to fix the underlying vaginal problem and restore the normal flora to the vagina rather than providing a band aide for the symptoms. If you are ready for expert help, click Start Here: Potential Client-Sign Me Up.

The Bottom Line

The underlying cause of your perplexing symptom/s is that the vaginal mucosa is not in the best of health and the micro-flora has shifted to one of several types of altered vaginal micro-flora patterns. They are relatively harmless; but the symptoms that can occur in association with their presence can range from just annoying to agonizing. They are not infectious or contagious; they just represent a shift in bacterial milieu. You are probably wondering how this happened. The inciting event was probably what FGI refers to as a “vaginal insult” that disrupts the micro-flora health of the vagina. The full list of vaginal insults will be provided to you embedded in your personalized treatment protocol.

What is the FGI Approach?

The FGI treatment approach uses vaginal rejuvenate therapy to transform the altered vaginal micro- flora patterns towards one of the normal patterns. For FGI clients, the vaginal rejuvenate therapy can be monitored to see how effectively the particular treatment is moving the vaginal constituents towards a normal flora pattern. This approach has been developed and used by Dr. Fowler with success for the treatment of thousands of women. Are you ready for expert help?

Advanced Diagnostic Technology to Analyze Vaginal Fluids

In October of 2012, Dr. Fowler published a breakthrough in the understanding of the vaginal micro-flora analysis preformed under phase-contrast microscopy titled, “Quantification of normal vaginal constituents using a new wet prep technique.” He had been using this technique for years for women with vaginal symptoms but for the first time, the relative concentrations and constituents of what constitutes “normal” became known. This knowledge is essential because these patterns become the therapeutic goal of vaginal therapy. Prior to the release of this study, it was only inferred by clinical deduction as to what constituted healthy vaginal constituents.  Reference: R.S. Fowler. Quantification of normal vaginal constituents using a new wet prep technique.  J Low Genit Tract Dis. 2012 Oct; 16(4):437-441.

How can FGI Help You

It’s your turn to get advanced technology working for you. Dr. Fowler took early retirement from the Mayo Clinic, where he worked as a  gynecologist specializing in vaginal disorders and bio-identical hormones, to hosts this website and makes his knowledge & expertise of evaluating women with vaginal conditions for over 20 years available online…to you, right now!

Ask yourself,

How long have I had this problem?

How many doctors have I seen?

Do I want to go through another pelvic exam? 

How much would I like to be rid of this problem?

If your answers are too long, too many, I hate pelvic exams, and that would be great!... Register today and get on the path tomorrow that could very well resolve your problem! You must be 18 and not pregnant, a resident of the US (residents of Texas and Oklahoma are not eligible due to restrictive medical laws). Take the initiative so that you might be the next success story. You may register today if the ribbon on the header is green or yellow! If red, return another day and check availability or put your name on the wait list under “Contact Us” click

Your Options for Services from FGI are as Follows:

1) Potential Client- Sign Me Up. FGI will review your vaginal symptoms and general medical history questionnaire information and clarify the details on the phone with you, recommend the VFA Test if indicated, and create an individualized treatment protocol tailored to your condition with prescription medications! You can register either for “Virtual Services” delivered to the privacy of your residence or schedule an In-Office visit at FGI headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.


2) FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection. Order the highly praised, time proven, combination of skin products ideal for women with sensitive external genitalia tissues. It took Dr. Fowler 25 years of clinical observations to discover! You don't even need be an FGI Client to purchase.  You may buy these products right now and switch from your current products which likely contain common chemical irritants contributing to your symptoms.  You may think you’re using hypoallergenic products right now, but wait until you feel the difference. This collection contains five hypocontactant products recommended by FGI for all women with sensitive external genitalia skin particularly for those women with vaginal discharge associated with irritation, sensitivity, itching, burning, dryness/ chafed sensation, or sensitivity after shaving genital hair and sensation of urinary urgency/frequency. The Collection contains about 4 month supply of product.

Expectations for Response

While FGI cannot guarantee full resolution or the degree of response to prescribed treatments which can vary from person to person, it takes 4 months before notable improvement to occur in the odor and any associated symptoms. If not, the vaginal rejuvenate therapy may need to be changed because the vaginal mucosa of every woman does not uniformly respond to the same type or dosage of therapy. A vaginal fluid analysis (VFA Test) at that time can best clarify how to proceed. Fortunately, most women do experience relief of symptoms with the first line of therapy individualized to their situation.

Need More Proof that FGI is Here for You?

If you’re still hesitant and need more proof of the expertise and competency of FGI so that you can place your trust in an online medical consulting practice, take your time and investigate more of the information on the home page. Click on How It All Worksand the Organization.  Under the Organization you will find the “CV of Board Certified R. Stuart Fowler, M.D.” where you can read about Dr. Fowler’s training, credentials, and 25 years of affiliation with the Mayo Clinic, and “How Dr. Fowler Developed His Expertise” in vaginalhealthCare. Read “Testimonials” for inspiring success stories of women who have used Dr. Fowler’s treatment protocols. Or call FGI HEADQUARTERS at 480-420-4001 in Scottsdale, Arizona during business hours and talk to the staff. The experts in vaginalhealthCare at FGI treat women with vaginal conditions with confidence. It’s a sub-specialty practice and they know exactly what they are doing. Are you ready for expert help?

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