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When searching the web, one way to validate the credibility of a web site is to check out the number and uniqueness of testimonials. Most medical sites only have a handful. Here you will find numerous accounts of women with vaginal conditions successfully treated by Dr. Fowler. You could be next…get on the path so that you might be one of them tomorrow…register with FGI today.

  • "Dr. Fowler gave me a miraculous recovery and my life back. I began having vulvodynia symptoms in my early twenties. I just didn't know what it was. The vaginal burning, irritation and itching felt like an infection. The many doctors I consulted with told me, "There's nothing wrong with you. It's all in your head. You need to seek counseling." So, for years I suffered with this condition in silence, with no relief. In my mid thirties, my condition worsened to the point that I could not wear underwear or pants without severe pain. I met Dr. Fowler who quickly diagnosed my condition. Vulvodynia! Finally, I not only found out what was wrong but given treatment for it! I followed Dr. Fowler's protocol and over a short period of time had COMPLETE recovery. This treatment not only saved my health, but my relationship with my husband, as well. I continue to see Dr. Fowler to maintain my flare-up free vulvodynia treatment...and it works!" E. - Prescott, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "I had vaginal burning, itching, and pain for over 4 years. I went to multiple GYN doctors to be diagnosed with a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.  None of these doctors listened when I asked about what is causing these to recur.  I did countless hours of research online searching for someone who would provide an answer to my question. I was thankful to find Dr. Fowler who took the time to listen.  I followed his treatment plan and after a couple weeks I was beginning to feel relief. After 4 months, I was 70% better. With a small adjustment in my treatment, I am now 90% better. I am ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN! Thank you, Dr. Fowler. You are truly a God send." K. - Clearwater, FL *Individual results may vary
  • "Before seeing Dr. Fowler I had seen 5 different doctors over the course of two years. The symptoms changed my whole lifestyle; I was depressed and lost the joy of living. I had to curtail activities even like prolonged sitting for performances and at the office working. It turned my life upside down. Now after treatment with Dr. Fowler, the symptoms of BURNING have diminishes significantly. I'd say I'm 85% better at this point. I am very grateful. It's no longer on my mind every breathing second." L. - Las Vegas, NV *Individual results may vary
  • "After almost TWO YEARS of having the same issue and not receiving relief from treatments prescribed by my regular gynecologist, I was referred to Dr. Fowler. After just one visit with Dr. Fowler he was able to determine the issue and suggest some easy lifestyle changes (e.g. types of lotions and detergents, etc used) and prescribe vaginal medication to treat the issue. Six months later I am feeling 70% better and am on the road to recovery!"J. - Chandler, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "In the last year I have had 4-5 bacterial and yeast infections that would clear up for awhile and then come back. My gynecologist referred me to Dr. Fowler when he realized that he could no longer help me. What a BLESSING Dr. Fowler has become! I have been a Telemedicine/Virtual client since March of 2014. All of my communication with Dr. Fowler has been over the phone. Of course, I wondered how that would work!!! Well, it has worked beautifully. Dr. Fowler has always taken my calls or called me back the same day. His step by step instructions, that I received in the mail, for my 4 month treatment cycle have been extremely easy to follow. All of my questions were answered in his thorough paper description of my ailment... "Inflammatory Vaginitis." I am happy to report that after my 4 month treatment cycle I am feeling 80% better!!! I am relieved to know that I am on the road to feeling better and I am so happy to share this with others who may also suffer. Thank you Dr. Fowler for your expertise!!!!!" C.-Truckee, CA *Individual results may vary
  • "If I were to put it into one sentence, it would be "Dr. Fowler SAVED MY LIFE." I mean that literally. Every day, I had wished myself dead. Every day I dwelled on how to end this horrible, all consuming pain I was experiencing. My only option was dwindling down to ending my life in the two years of hell I experienced before finally getting Dr. Fowler's help. I had seen my general practitioner, 3 gynecologists, a urologist, and a pain clinic totaling over 80 medical appointments. I was a guinea pig and prescribed 28 different medications, costing more than $6000.00, none of which eased the endless suffering. I tried acupuncture, a herbalist, a naturopathic doctor and a physiotherapist costing me over $3300.00, all to no avail. My last hope was Dr.Fowler, so I took a leap of faith and made the 1300 mile trek. It has been 5 months since I first saw Dr. Fowler and I am IMPROVING!!! This journey is not over, but I am seeing the light at the end of this dark long tunnel. If you are wondering "I've already tried so many different things and spent so much money and nothing has helped, why would Dr. Fowler be any different?" STOP wondering. He is different. His testing is different. His regimen is different. He is worth every penny. Get your life back. Let Dr. Fowler help you. I am so glad I did. Thank you Dr. Fowler!!!" G. - Manitoba, Canada *Individual results may vary
  • "I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis 9 months ago by my nurse practitioner. I was given antibiotics and thought it would be resolved fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I was in for the roller coaster of my life and was brought to my knees by this condition. I sought further help from a gynecologist who affirmed the original diagnosis with a renewed of the antibiotic prescription. I was in extreme pain with no relief and managed only by taking ibuprofen which only dulled my pain for short periods. I sought the help of a naturopathic doctor who could not help me followed by a female gynecologist who was quick to prescribe more antibiotics without a lab sample which I refused to take. I was desperate for help. My husband and I found Dr. Fowler's website while researching the internet. My appointment with Dr. Fowler was the beginning of the recovery from the most difficult and frustrating physical condition that I have ever experienced. I am SO THANKFUL to have met Dr. Fowler and to finally get an accurate diagnosis with a protocol for recovery which I am dedicated to use as it really works. I have taken the recommendations of Dr. Fowler to heart and they are now just a regular part of my daily life. My pain has diminished and MOST DAYS COMPLETELY GONE. I am living a normal life, who could ask for more than that? My husband and I thank you again, Dr. Fowler, and wish you the best." P. Medford, OR *Individual results may vary
  • "I have dealt with vulvar pain since the day I got married. Unfortunately intimacy on my honeymoon was a horrible experience for me and it had been that way for 13 years. I saw a handful of doctors with multiple diagnoses, many different treatments including surgery to try to get rid of the bad tissue, and no relief. What a miserable lifestyle. It affected my relationship with my spouse intimately and even daily activities such as going to the bathroom. After surgery, I had slight relief for a couple of months and then the pain came back. My doctor who did the surgery then referred me to  Fowler Gyn International and I am amazed at how different my life is. I didn't know I could actually enjoy intimacy and have a good sexual relationship. I AM GRATEFUL for the treatment plan and the care the FGI staff has given me." P. - Twin Falls, ID
  • "I had lived with chronic infections for many years. Had seen several gynecologists who treated me for bacterial and/ or yeast infections with medications that worked temporarily. Always the problem came back and disrupted my life and my lifestyle. I had to quit many things that made me happy. I was truely miserable and discouraged thinking I had vulvodynia and it would last forever. Then I found out about Dr. Fowler. His scientific solutions to this chronic problem really do work. I started the protocol about six months ago. I got relief from the outer vulvar area within a week or two, the rest of the problems went away while I was still on the suppository treatment. I have been SYMPTOM FREE for  more than four months. If you have this problem, do not waste any time getting your appointment with Dr. Fowler. He is sensitive, kind, understanding, and knows how to make your condition better. He spent a lot of years figuring out why this condition is chronic and reoccurring and has found the solution. The tests are easy, and so is the protocol. I have my lifestyle back and am confident that the condition will not return. It is wonderful that Dr. Fowler cared enough about those of us suffering with this condition to find out why and how to treat it." S. - Scottsdale, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "Vulvodynia was an incredibly painful, frustrating, and depressing part of my life for the better part of two years. I saw numerous doctors, was subjected to multiple tests and prescribed several different antibiotics and other medications that only seemed to make my condition worse. I probably saw 8 different doctors over the course of those two years, none of whom could help. Without anyone who could identify a problem, I was skeptical that a solution existed, and made to feel as though the condition was psychological. When I met with Dr. Fowler the first time, he knew exactly what was causing the pain. He had a positive approach that, with time and management, 100% RESOLVED MY ISSUE! To date he is the only doctor I have met who understands this condition and the pain that Vulvodynia causes, and has a viable solution. He knows what he is doing, and I would hope that someone with a story similar to mine would be able to find his practice and get the help they need as well. This is not a condition that any doctor, specialist, gynecologist or naturopath can solve; this is an area that Dr. Fowler has dedicated a substantial amount of time researching, and his solutions are working."  C. Scottsdale, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler for 2 years. Before seeing him, I saw 3 different gynecologists that miss diagnosed my conditions and ran lots of unnecessary tests. I was worried that my condition could not be treated then I met Dr. Fowler. At my first visit with Dr Fowler, he immediately identified my medical issue and explained throughly what was causing it and most importantly how to treat it. The treatment plan that he prescribed was effective. Within a month things started to improve and when I stopped the treatment because I forgot to pack medication when I went on vacation. I knew how critical it was to stay on it. Seeing Dr Fowler has EXTREMELY CHANGED MY LIFE. I'm like 98% totally better!" E. - Scottsdale, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "My symptoms first began in high school with what I thought were chronic yeast infections.  I was treated multiple times by my regular gynecologist for months and saw a reduction in "flare-ups" but never felt totally better.  About 2 years ago the flare ups started to come back more frequently and for about six months I felt like I had a severe and constant yeast infection with itching burning that was driving me crazy. Was comfortable to pee, exercise or have intercourse. I was again given multiple treatments by my regular gynecologist without relief.  Finally, my gynecologist was convinced there was more going on than yeast infections and he referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was impressed by Dr. Fowler's knowledge and resources in helping with feminine issues that most women (including myself) don't even know exist.  I was GRATEFUL that he was able to tell me what was going on with my body and give me a protocol to follow that would help me get well.  After discontinuing my synthetic birth control and being on the recommended protocol for just a couple of weeks I saw a major reduction in my symptoms.  Within a few short months I am free of flare-ups and FEELING 100% WELL! Without Dr. Fowler I am sure I would not have found the relief that I have and I am grateful to have control over my body and life again." J. - Gilbert, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "Before seeing Dr. fowler I was having burning and itching and not sleeping well because I itched so much. Could not have intercourse since it hurt so bad. My gynecologist referred me to Dr. Fowler. I have been under Dr. Fowlers care for the last 6 months, his treatment has been great. I feel like I'm getting back on track. Overall the burning and itching is 100% TOTALLY GONE! I also used to get cracks, don't get those anymore. I can't engage in intercourse yet because vagina too tight. Now we are working on correcting that. I'm excited that I'm getting better!" K. - Maricopa, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "I was having symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency. I have had UTI's in the past and this seemed similar. I went to a local urgent care because it was the weekend. I gave them a urine sample and they gave me antibiotics. Three weeks later, the symptoms had not gone away. I decided to go back to the sane urgent care. I gave them a second urine sample and they ordered a pelvic ultrasound. Two and a half weeks later the symptoms persisted and nothing came out of the ultrasound. I made an appointment and saw Dr. Fowler. He took a vaginal secretion sample and noted that I had the altered vaginal micro-flora pattern of "inflammatory vaginitis." Then he treated me and I’M BACK TO NORMAL. I am also in the medical field and it is quite common to see patients have unnecessary tests done because if lack of knowledge. I want to thank Dr. Fowler for educating me about vaginitis. As common as the term "UTI" is, hopefully the medical community can also integrate the variations of vaginitis in their day to day vocabulary so that more people are aware of these conditions." S. - Scottsdale, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "My gynecologic condition was greatly affecting the quality of my life. I had intense burning and stinging whenever I urinated or had something wet against my vulva. I had pain when standing or sitting in certain ways most the time. I would often have to shift my weight while standing or walking to avoid the pain I experienced. I could not wear jeans because they aggravated my symptoms of rawness on my vulva. Other constricting types of clothing also made my symptoms worse. I gave up athletic pursuits that I enjoyed, such as attending a cycling class at the gym or using a particular piece of weight lifting  equipment because sitting on them exacerbated the pain. Now after being treated by Dr. Fowler, my symptoms of vulvodynia are 100% IMPROVED. I have returned to activities I previously enjoyed, can wear any type of clothing without pain. I am SO THANKFUL for the help which Dr. Fowler's treatment has provided me." M. - Gilbert, AZ *Individual results may vary
  • "I've had pain with intercourse for the last 4 years, which has been very frustrating.  I've seen 3 different doctors trying to resolve the problem with no success. In fact surgery was suggested as a possibility or steroid injections in the vagina, neither was a choice I wanted.  Finally one of my doctors suggested I seek help from a specialist in the lower 48.  I got online to research doctors and found Dr. Stuart Fowler.  I first saw him in November of 2012, again for a follow up in June 2013 and now November 2013 I have no pain!!! It took awhile and a lot of dedication to the protocol I was put on, but well worth the result.  Thank you Dr. Fowler from both my husband and myself."  L. - Eagle River, Alaska *Individual results may vary
  • "About 18 months age I developed persistent itching in my vulvar area. My internist referred me to Dr. Stuart Fowler who specializes in conditions of the vulva. At my first visit with Dr. Fowler he diagnosed me with Lichen Sclerosus and first put me on a twice daily ointment. My itching stopped immediately. Yesterday, at my one-year followup with Dr. Fowler, I was greatly pleased to report that I'm still doing well on his treatment regimen. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Fowler for his passion, expertise, knowledge, continuing education, and commitment to conditions of the vulva. His proficiency in vulvar conditions is an incomparable asset to the medical community." D. - Prescott, Arizona *Individual results may vary
  • “I came to see Dr. Stuart Fowler due to difficulties I had during intercourse. I would bleed and feel very uncomfortable. I was diagnoses with Lichen Sclerosus and Essential Vulvodynia and put on a treatment. After six weeks I felt much more comfortable having intercourse. The cream prescribed for Lichen Sclerosus has been very effective and I still use it. I had been to numerous gynecologists over a number of years, which for the most part did very little to help me. Dr. Fowler was a God send to help me overcome my difficulties and now I am able to have sexual intercourse without pain."  R. - Toronto, Canada *Individual results may vary
  • “I have had vaginal pain for 3-4 years and questioned medical doctors who told me that I needed to take HRT or just admit I was getting older and intercourse was no longer in the picture. I saw a couple of therapists and then another nurse practitioner. I would get yeast and bacterial infections and it seemed never really to clear up. The NP suggested that I see Dr. Stuart Fowler. After following his protocol faithfully I have made remarkable progress. I no longer have any discharge or infections and the tenderness is slowly getting less. At this time after 8 weeks, I'm 80% better!"
    K. - Maricopa, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “About a year ago, I developed a vaginal condition that came out of nowhere and was very debilitating. The pain I suffered was agonizing and constant.  I sought treatment from at least 9 doctors, including some well known specialists in the state of Arizona.  I spent hours each day researching how to help my condition, and through my vast internet searches I found Dr. Stuart Fowler's website.  His demeanor, compassion, and expertise are unmatched.  Thanks to his treatment protocol, I have gained my life back in less than a year!  It's been nothing short of miraculous!  For anyone that has difficulty with difficult to treat vaginal conditions, I urge you to make an appointment with Dr. Fowler.  My only regret is that I didn't find him sooner! Thanks Dr. Fowler!  You have been a life saver!"
    A. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I had been suffering with vaginal dryness, vulvar pain, itching, and burning for over 20 years. Every doctor I went to told me it was a yeast infection, until I saw Dr. Stuart Fowler. When he gave me my diagnosis and told me that he could clear up my symptoms, I almost cried. I had been so depressed from my symptoms overtaking my life. Finally, I received the correct diagnosis and treatment and am feeling 100% better today!"
    C. - Carefree, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “After suffering with constant external and internal vaginal pain, made worse during intercourse for over three years and having sought treatment by many supposed experts in the area of vulvodynia, I finally found Dr. Stuart Fowler. Within a month of treatment my symptoms improved by 60% and within 8 months they are 90% improved. Doctor Fowler has been such a benefit to my quality of life and marriage. He is a true expert in his field looking for the root cause of the pain and treating that."
    I. - St. Louis, Missouri *Individual results may vary

  • “When my symptoms began I thought my life was over at 25. After months of unbearable vaginal burning I came to the realization that  i was going to have to give up my career and I was planning to quit working. The pain and burning was so intense that I couldn't concentrate at work. I woke up crying every single morning when I realized that I would once again have to make it through another day with this excruciating feeling. I tried topical remedies, supplements and prescriptions given by my gyno... none of it worked. After 3 months of search I found Dr. Fowler's website and read testimony from other women. Before even meeting Dr. Fowler he gave me instructions over the phone that instantly improved my pain. He quickly got me in for an appointment and within the first two weeks my symptoms were 50% improved I was no longer bed ridden during my free time and I stopped counting down the hours until the day was over and I could go back to sleep. Within 1 month I got my life back. I started wearing clothing other than baggy dresses, I was able to have some sexual activity and finally, I felt happy again. I have seen countless doctors and I can tell you that Dr. Fowler is one of the most competent M.D.'s you will ever meet. He is the miracle that I am so lucky I found.”
    K. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I presented to Dr. Fowler three years ago with severe vaginal symptoms including vaginal itching, burning, dryness, pain along with frequent urinary tract infections and bladder pressure. Prior to Dr. Fowler, I was given the impression from other health care providers that my symptoms could not be due to vaginal health since 'I was too young' but that they were due to primarily Interstitial Cystitis of the bladder and would remain a chronic part of my life. Dr. Fowler was instantly able to recognize my problem as more than cystitis and started me on my indiividualized regimen that has ultimately saved my life. I went from almost dropping out of graduate school being in such misery and now feeling the best I have ever felt, newly married and enjoying life as it should be. Dr. Fowler provides the most up to date science based practice within his profession and is so well versed as a physician, but even more importantly is that Dr. Fowler provides individualized care; he even has called me on the phone where I live in Texas to answer any of my questions or concerns.”
    S. - Lubbock, Texas *Individual results may vary

  • “It all began for me with the onset of a yeast infection. It never seemed to go away…there was terrible burning and itching. The burning was unbearable. I went to my gynecologist. I must have went back to see her 6 or 7 times. Each time it was trying something new. Then came the news from the doctor, “I have no idea what is wrong with you.” I was beside myself. I tried another gynecologist. After several more months of going through all the testing, medications, etc. no relief…and it actually got worse. It was everything I could do to get through the day. Sitting was terribly painful; wearing underwear was a death sentence. I had to wear skirts. An ice pack became my best friend. And this doctor came to the same conclusion… “I have no idea what is wrong with you.” I hit rock bottom. I felt like my life had been taken from me. I was a very active person. I exercised two times per day, loved to hike, always on the go… and boom it was all gone! I went from an extremely happy, bubbly person to basically a numb individual with no life left in me. The doctor that basically saved my life is Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. This man is the most amazing doctor I have EVER met in my life! Aside from being intelligent, he possesses a bedside manner that is absolutely the best. He was sympathetic and understood what I was dealing with. He ran several very specific tests. It was then when I heard the words for the first time…”You have a condition which is called vulvodynia.”  Today I have 90% improvement from following Dr. Fowler’s protocol. I am getting my life back! I am no longer spending every waking moment thinking about my vagina. I know there are a lot of women out there that have this condition, but they don’t even know what it is, or where to get help. I am writing this letter to give other women hope and knowledge that you CAN recover from this condition. Dr. Fowler can help you.”
    D. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Dear Doctor Fowler, I have been a patient of yours for many years and have found you to be a wonderful doctor; thorough, lucid and caring. As you know, I am a pharmacy technician and in that capacity have spoken with many of your patients as they come to fill their prescriptions. Inevitably the stories they tell me are all the same. ‘I have been suffering with my vaginal problem for 5, 10, 15, years. All my other doctors told me I was imagining the problem. I have been to 3,4,6,8 doctors before I found Dr. Fowler. He was the only one that was able to help me.’ I wish you all the best and want you to know that you have been wonderful to me.”
    A. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Three months ago, I began to have a yellow vaginal discharge. Dr. Fowler diagnosed and prescribed medicine for me. After using it for three months, my condition has improved 90%.”
    M. - Scottsdale Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Upon having burning, my doctor treated me for yeast infection…twice. Then I waited to be seen by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. He diagnosed vulvar lichen sclerosus and treatment was begun. At the end of this initial treatment period I was beginning to have some natural feeling in the area!”
    L. - Las Vegas, Nevada *Individual results may vary

  • “To all women who might not be having sex with their partner because of pain and burning during sex. I highly recommend that you see Doctor Fowler. He gave me my sex life back! Don’t give up, there is hope and Dr. Fowler can help you also with your vulvar problems.”
    L. - Case Grande, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “When I was in my late 50’s I got something that caused my vagina and anal area to itch profoundly. Dr. Fowler told me that I have Lichen Sclerosus. He even went so far as to show me what it looked like during examination. I looked on the screen and I could see it for myself. He was so nice and kind and at last I had a doctor that told me everything. Dr. Fowler gave me a cream. After about a week, maybe a week and a half, I was like 100% better. I felt fantastic! I want to highly recommend Dr. Fowler. He reassured me through the whole process that I didn’t need to be afraid of this disease. You cannot believe how good it feels to know you have a doctor you can be open with and tell your problems to.”
    B.- Laveen, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Doctor Fowler not only listens to his patient, but has the knowledge, confidence, integrity and compassion to gain the confidence and respect of his patient. I had been to several well respected GYN physicians in California and no one had been able to provide a lot of relief, but certainly a lot of dedication and interest. This was a period of ten uncomfortable years, and much discomfort and a changed life. When we moved to Arizona, I went to several GYN doctors that provided miscellaneous treatment and drugs, even injections in the vaginal area that provided temporary relief, but no permanent help. Then I heard of Dr. Fowler from several nurses. I had reached a point where I could not make any engagement as I was too uncomfortable to be around anyone or make any kind of commitment. After his patient listening and understanding of the problem, he started a treatment for Vulvodynia. What a difference… November 2009 to April 2010, six months. The last appointment in April 2010, he said to call IF I have any more difficulty (Ten years, six months). Talk about miracles!!!!” 
    E. - Scottsdale Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I suffered with the symptoms of vulvodynia for almost 2 years before I was diagnosed correctly. I had seen my gynecologist on countless occasions complaining of searing vulvar pain, itching, and burning. I was unable to sit comfortably, ride a bike, use a tampon, endure a gynecological exam or have healthy sexual relationship with my husband without major discomfort. The pain was indescribable. For a year, my gynecologist treated my pain as symptoms of a typical yeast infection, as they presented similarly. After several months of unsuccessful treatment, she intimated that there could be emotional-related relationship issues between me and my husband or high stress levels which might be the root cause of my problem. I wanted a second opinion. Fortunately, I was able to see Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Fowler examined me, ran some diagnostic tests, and, in about 30 minutes dismissed the possibility of vulvar leukoplakia and the pre-cancerous potential associated with it. He put me on a broad-spectrum regimen. While feeling a bit overwhelmed by such an intensive approach, I was willing to try anything to relieve my discomfort and lead a normal life again. Let me go on record by saying that my symptoms improved in 3 days. As began taking the medications, my pain level decreased quickly and dramatically. ! I understand that response usually begins after 4-6 months of treatment. However, my response to Dr. Fowler’s regimen was more rapid. In fact, 90% of my pain was gone in 3 months” 
    L. - Edwards, Colorado *Individual results may vary

  • “Dr. Fowler I am writing this note to express my gratitude to you for helping me with my vaginal condition. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have things under control. I had prayed for a miracle and God answered my prayer with your wisdom. Thank you for all you have done for myself and that you continue to do for others. God bless you and your work.”
    B. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “In the last four years I have seen four different physicians before seeking treatment with R. Stuart Fowler, M.D. My experience has been that physicians take cultures and biopsies, but, do not have an answer when everything comes back. They hardly address any of the “quality of life symptoms” such as burning when clothes (slacks) are rubbing against the area, and you tell them you already only use cotton underwear; or when sexual intercourse irritates continually! In fact, I had been told, “You’ll have to use XXX cream for the rest of your life; or, it happens this time of year because of the heat, a lot of my patients are coming in for the same thing!” So I lived with the constant problem and symptoms not knowing that there was a better treatment. Finally, an internist told me she had a colleague who specializes in this area. However, I waited another 14 months because she prefaced her comment with, “If you don’t find any relief with what I give you,” and my prior interpretation of that was I needed to ‘wait it out’ again!
    After I finally got referred to Dr. Fowler, I especially liked the fact that Dr. Fowler gave me a detailed sheet on how to care for the vulvar area daily. After two months of following his treatment plan, I received significant improvement, which after four months is about 85% better than when I first visited his office. His treatment has allowed me to wear slacks again. Before I could only wear slacks for only a few hours each WEEK without significant pain and discomfort returning. I can also pursue my normal married sexual life without worrying about the pain the next day!” 
    D. - Chico, California *Individual results may vary

  • “Vulvodynia has severely impacted my life and my enjoyment of life. In general, it affects my ability to work, to socialize, my marriage and my ability to just relax. In addition to the physical aspects of the condition, just thinking about the pain as I write today, remains a very emotional event. In July 2011, I went to a dermatologist for help who took a biopsy and diagnosed it with no lichen sclerosis but eczema only. Desperate, I then visited a Gyn clinic and was told that the area is not lichen sclerosis and that my condition is nothing more that slight irritations. I asked to be referred to a vulva specialist which was not granted as the doctor felt that my condition “did not warrant a specialist.” I found Dr. Fowler who efficaciously treated me for lichen sclerosis. Following just a few months of treatment by Dr. Fowler, I am happy to report that I am now 90% symptom free.”
    C. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I consulted Dr. R. Stuart Fowler in Phoenix in 2001. I had been suffering from chronic vulvar pain for months after a yeast infection that developed from antibiotic treatment for UTI. I had terrible burning symptoms and vulvar pain. My gynecologist was unable to provide relief from my symptoms. She referred me to a dermatologist who gave me a two weeks course of a super-potent steroid but this did not provide relief. I finally consulted Dr. Fowler and I began following his regimen. After five months my symptoms were under control.  I have continued to follow his program for the past ten years and my pain has not returned! I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to any patients in having vaginal problems.”  
    K. - Sedona, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I am writing to thank the NVA for referring me to local physician knowledgeable Vulvodynia (Dr. R. Stuart Fowler). I have had the condition for approximately 7-10 years and had seen four other physicians who could not help me. When I first saw Dr. Fowler in February of 2010, I was unable to perform simple daily activities. Example: sitting at my work desk; wearing jeans or pants; walking distances of jogging; intimacy with my husband. I experienced a daily ongoing pain level of 2 with pain episodes reaching a 7 on a 1-10 scale. After a year of following Dr. Fowler’s protocol, I am now much improved. I can sit for long periods of time, wear jeans or pants for several hours, play tennis and enjoy intimacy. When I do have a pain episode, it is much less painful and it does not last. I consider myself at least 80% better and feel I am now able to live a ‘normal’ life.”
    B. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Here’s a question for you… is it a good thing or a bad thing when your gynecological condition gets discussed on Dr. Oz’ show? I know from experience you can go about treating it the wrong way! I have been treated for vulvodynia symptoms since 1993, though I did not realize that was what I had until 1997. At that point I switched doctors to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. My prior vulvar specialist wanted to put me on Interferon for it, and as I was hesitating to accept this regimen I ran across a nurse who recommended Dr. Fowler to me. Dr. Fowler got my symptoms under control within the first 6 months. More importantly, he has helped me with later flare-ups caused by changes in my body related to long term birth control pill use and aging in general. At various times in the past 14 years I have gone to in-network physicians for flare ups when I didn’t have insurance coverage for Dr. Fowler. Every time I ended up going back to Dr. Fowler out-of-network. It was always worth the investment! As a result I did not listen to the crazy ideas other physicians presented to me; ranging from inserting dissolved acidophilus capsules in olive oil in my vagina to one doctor’s insistence that I must have contracted something from my spouse.”
    L.- Carefree, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Starting in the year 2005 and until the year 2008 I was treated by five different doctors. Instead of getting better I kept getting worse and worse. Finally I went to emergency room because of intense pain. They said, “We can find nothing wrong with you.” My pain kept getting worse. I spent my retirement days lying in bed doubled up in a knot.  I didn’t get out of bed and I got fat. In the summer of 2008 I had the good fortune of being a patient of Doctor R. Stuart Fowler. He diagnosed me with Essential Vulvodynia and within four months’ time I had a 100% resolution!” 
    J. - Tempe, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Throughout my early 20s, I had endured bouts what doctors thought were chronic vaginal yeast infections. I visited approximately 12 doctors between 3 states. The “chronic yeast infections” seemed to get far worse. I was on hormone replacement therapy, but doctor after doctor (another 5 or so) also prescribed a full gamut of cures from yeast medication, combined with special “yeast-free” and “sugar-free” diets, to vinegar couches and boric acid. No one was helping me and the pain I was in was unbearable. I resorted to wearing loose-fitting dresses, walking as little as possible, abstaining from intercourse and enduring bouts of severe depression. In 2002, I visited yet another doctor in Scottsdale and she told me that she could not help me, but knew who could: Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, Assistant Professor. So, I made the appointment, but with little expectation for a cure, let alone a diagnosis. Immediately during the examination, Dr. Fowler knew exactly what I had. I was stunned. I actually had a named condition and this doctor had dealt with it before! When I returned home, I cried, I had been suffering at least 12 years and no one could ever help me. And now, there was even medication and a regimen to follow that would relieve my symptoms. I started to improve right away and, after a couple of years under Dr. Fowler’s care, I was finally symptom-free!”  
    C. - Carefree, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “As a two time breast cancer survivor, I was not able to take estrogen. Having lacked this estrogen protection in the vagina, I was continually picking up urinary tract infections over the years. I was treated with standard antibiotics by MDs and OBGYN’s. I was always sent home with nothing more than, “Take the prescribed antibiotics and Diflucan, for yeast.” Over and over again. The story never changed. I was referred to Dr. Fowler.  Instantly, Dr. Fowler identified the symptoms and without hesitation knew exactly what to do and how to treat this condition.  This was the first time I heard this diagnosis. Dr. Fowler saved me from a life of living agony, for without his expertise in this subject, I don’t know where I would be today.”
    S. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I had been suffering for almost two years. There were several visits to my Ob-Gyn nothing was working. I decided to get a few extra opinions from another 3 gynecologists. Same story every single visit, antibiotics for 10 days and once finished the symptoms returned. So, finally I found Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. He set me with an extensive treatment of different medications that lasted around 8 weeks.  It’s been over a month since I completed the protocol he gave me. And I am very excited to report that the symptoms are gone, the irritation is gone, and my life is back to normal. I would say that my vaginal flora is back to normal. I can not thank Dr. Fowler enough!” 
    A. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “Following treatment with antibiotics during the summer of 2010, I developed what I thought was a yeast infection, but standard over-the-counter medications did not improve the situation. Symptoms included itching, burning, and extreme sensitivity to clothing, such that I could only wear pants at least one size too large. I saw Dr. Fowler in October 2010. He diagnosed my condition. I carefully followed his instructions, resulting in a gradual lessening of symptoms. When I again saw Dr. Fowler in February, 2011 I had improved 90 percent. I am now able to wear the correct size pants without discomfort and have been able to have intercourse for the first time in months.”        
    N. - Sedona, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I am a 63 year old woman who visited Dr. Fowler due to a complaint of vulvar burning during voiding and I also had pain during intercourse. After 1 month of Dr. Fowler’s treatment I felt better. Now, after 1 year I feel 80% improved. Dr. Stuart Fowler was a God send to me after 5 doctors in Toronto couldn’t help me with my problem. He came up with a plan that manage my symptoms and enabled me to have pain free intercourse with my husband. I am very thankful to him!”
    R. - Toronto, Ontario Canada *Individual results may vary

  • “I was diagnosed by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler a specialist in Phoenix. My symptoms began in June of 2009 practically overnight and took several doctor visits to both gynecologists and urologist before I was diagnosed. Actually, I was watching a broadcast of Dr. Oz who had a segment on his show about Vulvodynia, and when I heard the symptoms, I spoke to my doctor about it at my next visit. She sent me immediately to Dr. Fowler to see if I had Vulvodynia. As I said, I saw many doctors in that one-year period of time and some made me feel like I was nuts. Only after I started my treatment with Dr. Fowler did I feel some relief. It is now almost a year later and I am back to my old self again. I started feeling much better in June 2010 and feel absolute relief now!”        
    L. - Anthem, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “From May 2010 until November 2010 I was treated by another physician for a vulva issue. I began seeing Dr. R. Stuart Fowler in November 2010. After following his treatment plan for the last six months I am now 70% improved. Obviously I’m well on the way to having this problem completely resolved.”   
    S. - Surprise, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I am a 66 year old woman patient of Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. I am writing to commend him for the successful treatment of my “complicated case.”  I was referred to Dr. Fowler by my family physician. After a thorough assessment he prescribed an intensive…actually, I think I’d call it aggressive-protocol, which he assured me that to achieve relief from my symptoms, I should follow assiduously. I did so and within two to three months many of the symptoms had subsided; and with attention to the remaining protocol I was pretty much symptom free within six months. I am happy and relieved to report that I remain symptom free by continuing the still relevant parts of the protocol he prescribed!”       
    J. - Sedona, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I fought with finding a diagnosis for my vaginal pain for 3 years and mis-diagnosed and treated for a couple of things from different doctors during this time that turned to be the wrong answers. It got to a point that I was SO frustrated with pain and not sure that I would ever get over it! Then came the answer to my prayers, Dr. R. Stuart Fowler in Scottsdale, AZ. Within 30 minutes of my first visit with him he gave me the diagnosis in October of 2009. He assured me that if I promised to stick to his regimen of a strict list of requirements that I would have relief. Along the way of going back to see him around every 4 to 6 months and him admitting to me that I was one of his more difficult patients to clear up because of my body not responding to a few of the medications, after 18 months, I now have complete relief!! I now have my life back and I owe it all to Dr. Fowler! I feel it cannot go without saying that not only did he cure me and finally bring an end to my long endured pain and frustration, but he also was a true supporter a truly great doctor through the whole ordeal! ”   
    P. - Lebanon, Missouri *Individual results may vary

  • “I was having difficulty doing my job, I stopped working out and hiking, I was lucky to get 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep because of the pain, my marriage was impacted and my quality of life was diminishing. Unless you live through it, you cannot imagine living like this.  I saw an OBGYN-Urology specialist – was treated for urinary problems; but the pain was a constant and did not diminish. In early winter 2010, I found an OBGYN in Las Vegas, NV who was able to help me sleep with pain pill and a topical gel. But the respite was short lived. Luckily he had heard of and recommended I contact Dr. Fowler in Phoenix, AZ. I had a consultation and exam with Dr. Fowler in late April 2010. He immediately put me on a treatment regimen. At the time of my follow up in August 2010, my pain had stopped. I now have my life back. I cannot say enough how much Dr. Fowler helped me and what I owe him for him help.”     
    J. - Weehawken, New Jersey *Individual results may vary

  • “I was mired in a so-called “purgatory of misery” having suffered pain, burning, swelling and a host of despair, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and vegetate in my wretchedness. My daily routine and pleasurable activities had become non-existent.  Over a period of three months, I saw numerous Atlanta specialist all of whom had different prognoses and proposed treatments. Prescribed medications offered little relief, if any, and several further aggravated the “mystery disorder”. At the peak of my distress, I was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Stuart Fowler. From my perspective, Dr. Fowler is truly a miracle worker! Within weeks after following Dr. Fowler’s regimen of treatment, my symptoms rapidly improved and my outlook became hopeful. I began to feel once again like to out-going person I had forgotten existed. I cannot sing this doctor praises enough! Thanks to DR. Fowler, I think that my long ordeal is coming to an end.”                             
    C. - Tucson, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “After stopping HRT 5 years ago, I started to have vaginal burning and repeat yeast infections. I even had a pernineoplasty in March of 2011, still didn’t help, and was sent to a vaginal therapist, that didn’t help either. So after five doctors later, much frustration, pain, and not being able to have any relations with my spouse, I told my family doc if he know anyone in Las Vegas who could treat me that’s when he told me to Arizona. I first saw Dr. Fowler in August of 2010. My vulvar pain at that time on a scale of 1-10 was a solid 10. I could hardly set in the chair while I was talking to him. He diagnosed me having “Vulvodynia.” That was the first time I had anyone tell me what I had. He started treatment with that first visit. On my next visit I had improved by 30%. On my March 2011 visit I was happy to be 50% better, and June of 2011 I was at 60% improvement. By July 2011 I was jumping for joy at 70% improvement! I am so thankful for finding Dr. Fowler before I went totally crazy from the pain and burning and not knowing what was causing it. I totally recommend Dr. Fowler.”
    L. - Las Vegas, Nevada *Individual results may vary

  • “I had been seeing a doctor in Charlotte, NC. All the signs were prominent for diagnosing the Vulvar Dermatitis, however, because the studies were not well known I was misdiagnosed as having yeast infection. At the time of my annual physical at Women’s Health Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, my primary provider referred me to R. Stuart Fowler, M.D. who has the expertise with Vulvar Dermatitis. This was a very positive, informative and educational experience given the facts of Dr. Fowler’s expertise with treating Vulvar Dermatitis. It is a very difficult health issue to diagnose and I feel passionate that it would be beneficial to other women to know of the treatment available.”      
    K. - Charlotte, North Carolina *Individual results may vary

  • “I have found my story is not uncommon. I suffer from Generalized Mixed Vulvodynia. It began around age 29. I saw several Gynecologists in my hometown of Kansas City, MO. Diagnosis and recommendations were all over the board, incorrect and unhelpful. Where my story takes a great turn, is when I discovered, through my own research, Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. At age 38, I have been a client of Dr. Fowler’s for 2 years. My condition has improved significantly. His approach has been nothing short of spectacular! NO woman should have to suffer for the 7 years I did.”
    A. - Kansas City, Missouri *Individual results may vary

  • “I would like to share with you my success story. I was treated by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, M.D. in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to becoming his patient I had been treated for three years with no success. Six weeks after my first visit to Dr. Fowler I had a 90% resolution of my symptoms and now, two years later, I am symptom free!”        
    R. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I have my life back thanks to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. For nearly three years, I have been in constant pain. My lifestyle was significantly compromised. I couldn’t exercise anymore, because in increased the pain. Prolonged sitting and driving were painful friction from clothing was also an issue. I couldn’t even go out to eat with my family often – most restaurant seats were too hard for my condition. I went to my local general practitioner who sent me t an Arkansas Urologist. They were unable to diagnose my condition and even told me I “needed to learn to live with the pain.” Over all these months, I had a number of serious flare-ups that sent me to the Emergency Room. Once, the doctors over-sedated me and I stopped breathing. It was an incredibly scary experience. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Fowler. I’m happy to say after 18 months of treatment 90% of my pain is gone! I am so grateful to Dr. Fowler. I recommend seeing him to anyone.” 
    D. - Northwest, Arkansas *Individual results may vary

  • “I started having discharge in 2005. Over the course of the 5 years that followed, I saw several gynecologists, a nutritional therapist, and a Chinese Medicine specialist. Each gynecologist diagnosed me with chronic yeast infections and treated me for yeast. I was put on rounds of antibiotics and over-the-counter treatments for my symptoms, but my condition did not improve. Even though I wasn’t improving, the doctors couldn’t come up with any other diagnosis for my itching, burning, and discharge. In January 2011, I met with Dr. R. Stuart Fowler and knew that he understood my condition. After looking at the slides under a microscope, he allowed me to come and see the slide under the microscope for myself. He pointed out the numerous white cells that shouldn’t be there, and he also showed me the low amount of lactobacilli that I had. One thing that was missing was yeast. In fact, prior to the physical exam, we reviewed my medical records from the previous 5 years and noted that none of my cultures tested positive for yeast. I now know that I most likely never had yeast to begin with. I appreciate Dr. Fowler. He has greatly helped me and I know he will help other women in the future.”               
    L. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I just have to say how incredibly thankful I am to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. I had been to a few gynecologists for over three years to get help with what I thought to be reoccurring/chronic yeast infections. After wiping the counter free of Monistat and also taking my fair share of Difulcan, I ended up at Dr. Fowler’s office following a great recommendation from a co-worker. Dr. Fowler really worked with me and was extremely patient. I followed all of his suggestions with some apprehension at first but it truly paid off. It did take a while for it to fully resolve but of right now I could not be happier!”
    J. - Scottsdale, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “This letter is being sent to express my deepest appreciation to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler for solving a vaginal condition I suffered with for a number of ears because no doctor could diagnose the problem to recommend a cure.  I had gone to three gynecologists in my home state with the symptoms of burning, itching and tearing of my vaginal area. After many tests and even a biopsy they came up with no label or treatment for what I had. My search through the internet provided me with a doctor. My appointment with Dr. Fowler was in April 2009. Within hours he diagnosed me as having Vulvodynia and vulvar lichen sclerosis. I was prescribed medication by Dr. Fowler and saw a very significant improvement in 2 1/2 months. I am on maintenance medication and again living a normal life. Thank-you Dr. Fowler!”
    L. - Bismarck, North Dakota *Individual results may vary

  • “The constant burning, frequent urination, and discomfort, caused me to discontinue many of my activities. In fact, it was difficult to even enjoy lunch with a friend, when all you can think about is the burning and pain in the vaginal area. To describe the pain as “uncomfortable” is an “understatement”! Then, there were the many doctor appointments.  My GP recommended a local urologist. Then, I saw two more urologists. From the urologists, I went to a gynecologist. For five years, I tried every medication and remedy that was recommended. And, although my gynecologist diagnosed the problem correctly, she suggested that I see a vulvar specialist. Dr. R. Stuart Fowler who has been terrific. I am pleased beyond words to say that I improved 75%.”                       
    S. - Rock Island, Illinois *Individual results may vary

  • “I would like to express to you how much I appreciate you, your help and your great understanding. You are a blessing from God!” 
    T. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I began noticing symptoms as to what I thought at the time were yeast infections. I began experiencing pain with intercourse. I tried at home yeast treatments and that didn’t help. I finally went to my gynecologist. I was prescribed a treatment for a yeast infection. This also did not work. I went back again. They took a sample to determine what kind of yeast was causing the infection and I was prescribed a different treatment for a yeast infection. By this time, my “yeast infection” was not improving and pain had been getting more intense with intercourse. I had a biopsy performed. The results of the biopsy came back as Lichen Simplex Chronicus. My gynecologist prescribed medications to treat the skin condition. The medications prescribed appeared to make some of the symptoms less intense, but the pain with intercourse was still very apparent. After two months of this treatment and still no resolution, my gynecologist recommended I find a specialist. After some hours of searching on the internet, I managed to find Dr. R. Stuart Fowler in Phoenix Arizona. As I reviewed his specialties, I was positive that this was the doctor I needed to see. I was able to schedule an appointment. I was nervous, scared, and worrisome. My previous gynecologist had just told me that there was nothing more they could do. Any information online regarding my symptoms were mainly women on message boards panicking because no doctor had been able to help with or diagnose their issue, some dealing with this for years. At the time of my appointment, Dr. Fowler listened intently to my story regarding how I finally ended there. He performed his exam and determined that I had Vulvar Vestibulitis. Although I had never heard of Vulvodynia or Vulvar Vestibulitis, it began making sense why my previous treatments were not working! Dr. Fowler was able to put me at ease and prescribed treatment plan for me. I recently had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Fowler. As of the date of my appointment, my symptoms have practically disappeared. I am having intercourse virtually pain free!”
    B. - Cincinnati, Ohio *Individual results may vary

  • “It's amazing how much better my vulvodymia is. AND since I don't hurt all the time I've gotten off Zoloft! I am 90% better and able to go back to the gym. Before seeing Dr. Fowler I had seen three other specialists and they thought I was crazy."!”            
    S. - Jonesboro, Arkansas *Individual results may vary

  • “I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Vaginitis, went to two other physicians, one in California and one in Phoenix Arizona. This went on for almost a year with no relief. I was on different medications and suppositories and nothing worked. Nothing was done until I went to R. Stuart Fowler, M.D. Assistant Professor. After going to Dr. Fowler, I was so pleased that after 5 months 80% better and in 7 months 100%. I will continue with Dr. Fowler. I am very pleased with the outcome!”            
    R. - Yuma, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “My nightmare began in early 2011 when I developed pelvic and vaginal problems. I first sought medical attention with a local gynecologist in June. For the same condition, I saw him again in December still with no relief or understandable diagnosis other being told it was menopausal symptoms. In February 2012 I returned to the same local doctor and left the office feeling lost, confused, in misery and very depressed with the feeling he did not want me to return to him again. I really had the feeling he could not diagnose my problem. My state of being had progressively gotten worse, to the point where I could hardly sleep. I was in constant pain, cried often and was severely depressed and very scared. I had become an absolute nervous wreck. My entire vaginal area felt like it was hamburger that had been submerged in acid and then set on fire. The constant burning, itching and swelling left me unable to concentrate on anything other than misery. I was in a very desperate state. I called to schedule an appointment. When I told the schedule representative that I needed to see a gynecologist he asked if I would prefer seeing a male of female doctor. I told him emphatically that I wanted to see the best doctor that could help me with the specific symptoms I had just described. He told me, “It will definitely be Dr. Fowler”. In March of 2012, I met with Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. Upon completion of the examination, he explained what my condition was and how “we” were going to remedy it. I was so relieved to hear that there was hope and there was a name for my cruel affliction ~it was called vulvodynia. My treatment was to begin immediately. In August, I returned to see Dr. Fowler. I felt 75% to 80% better. The itching was gone, the burning had lessened considerably and my pain was no longer constant and greatly reduced. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Fowler. His experience in exactly what my condition is has been a major breakthrough in my will-being and my overall improved health. I hope the work and knowledge of Dr. Fowler will encourage spreading the word to other women in my situation so they may receive the kind and comprehensive attention and care that I have received from Dr. Fowler. I commend and thank Dr. Fowler for the interest, time and effort he has extended in the pursuit of conquering the horrid and cruel condition of vulvodynia.”       
    P. - Kingman, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “After suffering for at least four years with burning and itching, and after repeated visits to at least four different doctors, I finally sought treatment from Dr. R. Stuart Fowler in Phoenix. He diagnosed me and put me on a regimen of medications that has given me great relief. After four months of treatment the itching and burning are 95% improved, and so is my life! I am so thankful to have found Dr. Fowler.”       
    L. - Star Valley, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Fowlers for 4 years. I first began to see him in the summer of 2008. I had been to several different gynecologists for an ongoing problem I had been having for over 7 years. My symptoms were severe. I was having itching, burning while urination, discharge, and severe pain while having intercourse. It always felt like deep cuts on my vaginal walls. I was having discomfort all day every day. The specialists that I saw treated me for yeast infections but the medications were not helping at all. I had a biopsy taken of my labia but the results came back with no significant diagnosis. I felt like I was ay my whit’s end. I finally decided to see Dr. Fowler. It felt like my last hope. After meeting and examining, he told me that he had come up with a regimen for my symptoms. I was over the moon with hope. He was very kind and gentle and so sympathetic. I knew I was in good hands. After seeing several specialists with no avail I felt like he completely understood my problems. On my second appointment he explained in detail what he had come to diagnose, lichens sclerosis and vulvodynia. He gave me a sheet of paper explaining what life style choices I needed to make in my daily life. And also several prescriptions that he said would start to help with in a month’s item. He was 100% accurate about everything. I started on my medications and started changing my daily habits. Within 8 weeks I felt almost completely cured of my discomfort and pain. I was weary at first, because it was hard for me to trust another Dr., but I knew I could count on Dr. Fowler. Since that summer I feel that I have done a complete 180. I no longer feel the deep cuts. I began to have intercourse regularly with no discomfort. Because I had such pain while inserting a tampon and it expanding, he put me on a special type of birth control and it feels as though not having my period any more is just an added bonus. I don’t feel like the changes to my daily life style have been a burden because doing those small things has made a huge amount of difference. I continue to see Dr. Fowler each year for my yearly exam. My symptoms have subsided greatly. I will forever be in debt to Dr. Fowler for changing my life. I believe he is the most caring Dr. I have ever seen. I actually look forward to my yearly exam to let him know each time that I see him, and his team, that they have benefited my life immensely.”  
    J. - Chandler, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "I am a patient who was diagnosed with Vulvodynia in early 2010. I am being treated for this condition in Scottsdale, Arizona by Dr. R. S. Fowler. The first time I saw Dr. Fowler for this condition in early 2010. I saw him again in May 2010 and I had improved at least 50%. In September 2010 I was 70% better than my previous visit. In June 2011 I was 90% better and maintained the 90% in December 2011. At my recent visit in June 2012 I am at 90% and am encouraged that my condition will continue to improve with the care I am receiving."                     
    S. - El Paso, Texas *Individual results may vary

  • "I am the father of K. I have been the sad recipient of watching my young daughter grow up in pain and suffering from Vulvodynia. It always seemed like there was an answer and the next doctor would come into our lives and without fail, she did not ever receive relief. I at one time personally admitted her to the emergency room and hospital asking for all the tests possible to run. I have been completely saddened by her diminishing health and hope of having a normal life until meeting R. Stuart Fowler, M.D. His persistence and positive outlook on my young daughter has truly been an answer to my prayers. I so hope others might seek his help and find relief and comfort in their lives. I look to my daughter’s future now with the upmost happiness and hope. She is definitely healing and her positive outlook on life makes dad the happiest he can be. Doctor Fowler thank you!" K's Father.- Orem Utah *Individual results may vary

  • "I am 30 years old and I have suffered from Vulvodynia since I was 10 years old. I did not know that is what I was suffering from till October 2012, almost 20 years later when I met with R. Stuart Fowler in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had been to countless doctors and specialist even hospitals with no relief. Every doctor told me nothing was wrong, I was beginning to think everyone feels the way I do and I was being a baby about it or that I was honestly crazy. I was in pain and discomfort day in and day out with no reason for the pain. It was my urologist who referred me to Doctor Fowler. I walked into Doctor Fowler’s office with tears in my eyes explaining to him that I am so sick of living my life bathtub to bathtub because that was the only place I truly felt relief. He looked at me and told me it was not ok that I was in so much pain and he was going to help me get to the bottom of where my discomfort stemmed from. I felt listened too and understood for the first time in 20 years of agony. Within a few weeks, the regimen he put me on had already relieved my discomfort about 40 percent, which was unbelievable to me. My last check up with Doctor Fowler included tears, but tears of joy this time. I am so grateful for what he has done for me. It is unbelievable the difference I feel and how much my quality of life has gone up. Thank you Doctor Fowler for all you have done for me, I am eternally grateful to you." K - Orem, Utah *Individual results may vary

  • "Dr. Fowler I want to thank your for the excellent care you gave me. What you did worked."  A. - Mesa, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Doctor Fowler has shown me the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism, which I will never forget. The most important thing I will always remember is how he took the time to talk to me; he listened to me and genuinely cared about me. He made me feel like I was his most important patient. His bedside manner was and is extraordinary." K. -Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Doctor Fowler saved my life as I was suffering with a severe case of lichen sclerosus. I am still following his instructions and prescription to the letter and its working perfectly." C. - Sedona, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Doctor Fowler is an amazing doctor with great knowledge, expertise and patient care skills." B. – Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Thank you Doctor Fowler for giving me excellent care and for being wonderful. Stay fabulous!!!" J. - Paradise Valley, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Dr. Fowler, I will never forget what you did to diagnosis me while every test came back normal. I feel with the help of God, you saved my life." V.-  Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Thanks you for helping me the last 4 years get through the pain and return to a normal life without lichen sclerosus and vestibulitis. You truly gave me my life back. I don’t know what I would have done had I not see you. Most doctors don’t know what those things are." R. - Surprise Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Dr Fowler, I am a very grateful patient for your expert and efficient care as well as your comfortable bedside manner." C. - Carefree, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Please accept my deepest thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care you have given me. Your kindness and patience has been remarkable." N. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "When I first me Doctor Fowler I was a very confused and frightened woman, and that was unusual for me. But, within ten minutes I understood what was going on and confidence in the medical profession had been restored. I had no doubt that I had found the right person to treat me. Doctor Fowler always made me feel comfortable and at ease which is rather unusual give the position I was in most of the visit. Ha! Doctor Fowler you are a gem!"  N. - Mesa, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "I came from Albuquerque, New Mexico for my first consult last summer and have experienced no pain since your treat plan. I am so grateful to you. I am a competitive horseback rider who travels the southwest and now I am able to ride again, which is my emotional lifesaver. Dr. Fowler ROCKS! Very best doctor I have ever seen!"
    A. – Albuquerque, New Mexico *Individual results may vary

  • "I was in search of an answer for unexplained vaginal and vulvar burning that had plagued me for almost three years. I am a 62 year old woman, no previous issues. I had seen gynecologists, urologists, dermatologists, regular primary care physicians, naturopathic practitioners. I had been misdiagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, heavy metal poisoning, systemic shingles, yeast infections, neurological disorders, possible Vitamin D deficiency, Estrogen deficiency, just to name a few. I had my house tested for environmental concerns; I went for months journaling everything I put into my mouth. I had so many side effects from the multitude of pills I was given for various reasons. I finally quit taking everything to see if I could get my head to stop spinning. Every gynecologist I saw told me that whatever was wrong with me was NOT a gynecology issue. A few months ago, I went locally to a new gynecologist, who said she was sure I had vulvodynia. She put me on a low oxalate diet, and told me to start taking Zoloft I did try the diet, but given my history with so many side effects of drugs, I did not start taking the pills. I finally went to see Dr. Fowler in January. He immediately confirmed the diagnosis of Vulvodynia, and started me on a different treatment protocol. I am finally going to regain my life. I am now back to eating all the foods I have missed with the low oxalate diet. I am not taking any medications (other than the treatment protocol Dr. Fowler has recommended), and I see light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to share my positive experience with Dr. Fowler. His ability to diagnose this condition and treat it according to my specific needs was just amazing.  I am very happy to have found him and wanted to pass this information along."  S. – Eagle, Idaho *Individual results may vary

  • "Dr. Fowler seemed to understand my symptoms and told me I had a severe case of vulvar vestibulitis and vulvar lichen sclerosis and that it would take several months to get better. His treatment has been an absolute miracle. Dr. Fowler, you seemed to have come straight from Heaven. Thank you so much for your many years of study, for your gentleness and understanding and for helping me and I’m sure countless other women in a time of great personal agony and need. Thank you so much for your dedication!"
    S. - Yuma, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "I am writing this letter in the hopes that others will not have to needlessly go through the pain I did. About 10 years ago, I started having the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus ( I did not know what was wrong with me). I made many visits to my gynecologist complaining of itching, burning and a rash on my genitals. Over the first 5 year period I got to the point that I could not ear to wear pants or shorts and could not have sex (it was too painful). I compare it to the pain of having a migraine headache between hour legs and it never goes away. During this time my doctor diagnosed me with yeast infections, bacterial infections and tested me for herpes and other STDs. I was given many different antibiotics that eventually made me feel really sick. It was a very frustrating and painful time for me. Finally my gynecologist said to me “I honestly don’t know what I wrong with you, so I’m going to take a biopsy and send it into the lab.” The biopsy did prove to be Lichen Sclerosus and I began searching for a Dr. that specialized in skin diseases of the vulva. I eventually found an amazing doctor, Dr. Stuart Fowler. After my first appointment my symptoms decreased rapidly for 6 weeks and virtually disappeared after 6 months of the treatment. For 5 years now my condition has been manageable and has improved to the point that I’m living pain free. My frustration is that regular gynecologists seem to have no clue about Lichen Sclerosus. It should be a disease that they are familiar with and can either give the proper treatments or referrals to knowledgeable doctors. The word needs to be spread about this disease so others do no need to unnecessarily suffer." D. -  Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary

  • "Last year I turned 24 years old. The year started off to be the worst year of my life. I did not want to live anymore. I am no exaggerating I had extreme vulvar pain twenty four hours a day, five days a week for over four months. I went to 12 different doctors in those four long months: gynecologists, urologists, and family physicians; not one of them could tell me what was wrong with me or how to fix it. I went through almost on hundred prescriptions and one surgery. Nothing helped. One of the doctors gave me eight shots a day in my vagina to try and numb the pain; it did not help. I gave up on doctors and on my life. I graduated from college and was working as a waitress until I could find a teaching job. When I became sick I would go to work and to make it through my shift I had to take around 10 pain killers a day. After work I would come home around 3 p.m. and go to sleep until morning. This was my only escape from the pain. My life was ruined and I did not want to live in pain anymore. My boyfriend's (now fiance) mother told me to go see Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, a vulvar specialist. I met Dr. Fowler and he told me I had vulvodynia. Finally, a name to my pain! Dr. Fowler gave me a regimen to start healing my vulva pain. Within four short weeks, I had my life back again. I kept going back every four months to make sure my progress was still on the up and up, and it was. Now a year later, I am almost 100% better and I can enjoy my life again. I am now getting married to a wonderful man this year, and am in no pain. I am a teacher now, and working on my masters, and I do not think I could have done any of this if it wasn’t for Dr. Fowler helping me get my life back to normal. Nobody should ever have to live in pain and Dr. Fowler has helped me love my life again. I feel like I am living the life to my full potential. I am truly grateful for all he has done for me." A. -  Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary
  • "I was experiencing very difficult urinary pain that was not a UTI. The urology department performed various tests, and found nothing wrong with any of the urinary system. I was referred to see Dr. Fowler. After an examination, involving viewing specimens under a microscope, I was diagnosed with urethral burning associated with inflammatory vaginitis. I began a treatment plan which ultimately led to complete recovery. I am very grateful for this experience, for the pain I endured was very difficult and life-altering. I am thrilled with the care I received from Dr. Fowler." C. - Phoenix, Arizona *Individual results may vary
  • "A recent misdiagnosis of genital herpes had caused me tremendous stress and concern for 2 years. After several months of taking Valtrex and no relief from my symptoms, my gynecologists recommended I see Dr. Stuart Fowler. He quickly diagnosed my condition as “Lichen Sclerosus.” Since then, my symptoms have disappeared and I am thrilled!!! Dr. Fowler is a very knowledgeable, thorough and caring physician. I commend him to you!!" G. - Paradise Valley, Arizona *Individual results may vary
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