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"Finally Revealed- New Treatment For Vagina Too Short Causing Pain When Partner Hits the Top- That Actually Works"


What are the Symptoms of a Short Vagina?

The following are a number of true life symptom scenarios:

Deep thrusting on intercourse causes sharp pain like the cervix is getting bruised.

It feels like there’s a blockage up in there, like the penis hits something solid and hard. It causes soreness and aching.

There is pressure and dull aching discomfort on deep penetration. As long as he doesn’t insert too far it’s fine.

How Can Your Vagina Be Too Short?

The length of the vagina does not cause symptoms unless your partner is long enough to hit the top of the vagina on deep insertion. If enough pressure is applied by the penis, it places the uterosacral ligaments and overlying highly innervated peritoneum on stretch resulting in pain. Repetitive thrusts during intercourse tend to make the whole sexual episode unpleasant and more difficult to achieve orgasm. The pain tends to fade away fairly quickly after intercourse.

Women can have a shorter than average vagina from birth because of the normal variability in the development process. However, the most common reason is that the vaginal mucosa shrinks due to overall lower average estrogen levels, making the vagina shorter. The vaginal is very dependent on estrogen. When there is sufficient estrogen stimulation, the vagina is thick, very elastic, non-sensitive and produces natural lubricant. When estrogen effect wanes, the vagina becomes more “atrophic.” As the effect advances, the vaginal mucosa lining turns pale pink, then pale, and finally whitish with sub mucosal hemorrhage spots. The vagina becomes more dry, less elastic, and sensitive to touch. Under these conditions the vagina begins to shrink in length as well as diameter. Intercourse gradually becomes uncomfortable, if not painful and sometimes impossible. There are a number of reasons why the vagina can become under-estrogenized. Estrogen can wane in overall amounts with less ovarian production beginning in the mid-forties.   Lower systemic estrogen levels can occur due to increased life stress, excessive exercise, and being significantly under-weight. These are called hypothalamic factors because they down regulate the hormones secreted in the brain which control ovarian estrogen production. Some women on birth control pills can experience this problem. Although these women are getting flooded with high levels of estrogen, its synthetic estrogen known as ethinyl-estradiol which does not always effectively stimulate the natural or 17-beta estradiol receptors present in the vaginal mucosa. Changing pill types doesn’t help either because all the pills contain the same type of estrogen. Other women may have vaginal estrogen receptors that no longer function as well as they did in their youth. Smokers metabolize their estrogen faster. In many women, the effects of vaginal estrogen deprivation can occur after menopause or by stopping or reducing the dosage hormone replacement therapy.

Also, women can experience shortening of the vagina when the top of the vagina fuses together following surgery involving the vagina, radiation therapy, host vs. graft reaction, vaginal lichen planus as well as for unknown (idiopathic) reasons.

Intercourse can prevents the occurrence of vaginal length shortening for the majority of women who have intercourse at least twice per week. Hence the reason for the sometimes true vaginal cliché, “Use it or lose it.” The good news is that FowlerGynInternational can help you can “Get it back!” It does require some work and putting up with self-induced discomfort to stretch the vagina longer. But you can do this in the privacy of your home on your own time.

How can FGI Help You

It’s your turn to get advanced technology working for you. Dr. Fowler took early retirement from the Mayo Clinic, where he worked as a  gynecologist specializing in vaginal disorders and bio-identical hormones, to hosts this website and makes his knowledge & expertise of evaluating women with vaginal conditions for over 20 years available online…to you, right now! FGI offers diagnosis and individualized treatment protocols for select vaginal conditions that have been used with success by thousands of women. 

Ask yourself,

How long have I had this problem?

How many doctors have I seen?

Do I want to go through another pelvic exam? 

How much would I like to be rid of this problem?

If your answers are too long, too many, I hate pelvic exams, and that would be wonderful!... Register today and get on the path tomorrow that could very well resolve your problem! You must be 18 and not pregnant, a resident of the US (residents of Texas and Oklahoma are not eligible due to restrictive medical laws). Let FGI help make you the next success story; you may register today if the ribbon on the header is green or yellow! If red, return tomorrow and check availability or put your name on the wait list under “Contact Us” click

Your Options for Services from FGI are as Follows:

1) Potential Client- Sign Me Up. FGI will review your vaginal symptoms and general medical history questionnaire information and clarify the details on the phone with you, recommend the VFA Test if indicated, and create an individualized treatment protocol tailored to your condition with prescription medications! You can register either for “Virtual Services” delivered to the privacy of your residence or schedule an In-Office visit at FGI headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.


2) FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection. Order the highly praised, time proven, combination of skin products ideal for women with sensitive external genitalia tissues. It took Dr. Fowler 25 years of clinical observations to discover! You don't even need be an FGI Client to purchase.  You may buy these products right now and switch from your current products which likely contain common chemical irritants contributing to your symptoms.  You may think you’re using hypoallergenic products right now, but wait until you feel the difference. This collection contains five hypocontactant products recommended by FGI for all women with sensitive external genitalia skin particularly for those women with vaginal discharge associated with irritation, sensitivity, itching, burning, dryness/ chafed sensation, or sensitivity after shaving genital hair and sensation of urinary urgency/frequency. The Collection contains about 4 month supply of product.

Expectations for Response

While FGI cannot guarantee full resolution or the degree of response to prescribed treatments which can vary from person to person, it takes 2-3 months before notable lenghtening of the vagina may occur reduction of associated symptoms. If not, the vagina may need extra conditioning and/or the rejuvenate therapy may need to be changed if started with initial treatment because the vaginal mucosa of every woman does not uniformly respond to the same type or dosage of therapy. A vaginal fluid analysis (VFA Test) at that time can best clarify how to proceed.

Need More Proof that FGI is Here for You?

If you’re still hesitant and need more proof of the expertise and competency of FGI so that you can place your trust in an online medical consulting practice, take your time and investigate more of the information on the home page. Click on How It All Worksand the Organization.  Under the Organization you will find the “CV of Board Certified R. Stuart Fowler, M.D.” where you can read about Dr. Fowler’s training, credentials, and 25 years of affiliation with the Mayo Clinic, and “How Dr. Fowler Developed His Expertise” in vaginalhealthCare. Read “Testimonials” for inspiring success stories of women who have used Dr. Fowler’s treatment protocols. Or call FGI HEADQUARTERS at 480-420-4001 in Scottsdale, Arizona during business hours and talk to the staff. The experts in vaginalhealthCare at FGI treat women with vaginal conditions with confidence. It’s a sub-specialty practice and they know exactly what they are doing. Are you ready for expert help?

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