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Call (480) 420-4001

Client Contact Information

You may directly contact one of Dr. Fowler' s patients should you need further affirmation regarding FGI. These women are  willing to further the cause of FGI to bring hope to women with difficult vulvovaginal conditions.  Please be respectful of their time. They do this for free on account they wish to play-it-forward and help other women.

Monica  602-369-8620      MST

Tanya                                 MST

Leslie      423-505-2296     EST

KJ                                      PST

Amanda   517-449-5956   MST

Janelle     480-200-9321   EST

Ashley     623-565-0065   MST

Janelle     480-620-3452  MST 

Cynthia    602-316-2487  MST


Kristin      480- 235-9644  MST

Michae   404-386-5232    EST

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