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Check Out These Real Life Scenarios; Any Sound Familiar?

Vaginal Discharge with/without irritation and/or Vaginal Odor

  • Annoying discharge with irritation consisting of itching and burning that occurs on a daily basis. The irritation gets worse with exercise and perspiration.
  • A yellowish-green vaginal discharge associated with subtle odor, itching and burning on the outside. The tissues feel swollen down there; like it’s inflamed especially with intercourse.
  • It’s wet, sticky, and slimy. Then it dries like a crust on pubic hair and the underwear.
  • After a course of antibiotics, vaginal discharge developed with ammonia like odor and irritation that persisted for months and has not resolved despite multiple treatments.
  • A fishy vaginal odor comes back within hours after showering. It’s embarrassing to get too close to other people. It requires douching before intercourse to mask the odor.
  • Yellowish to green discharge requiring a pad. I has a definite odor which can vary from musky to fishy. It’s embarrassing; the thought of having sex is out of the question.
  • Constant irritation like itching and burning on the inside of the folds and the clitoral area. The itching at night can get intense. Scratching causes it to sting.
  • Clear vaginal discharge persists after a course of antibiotics. There is external irritation and enough discharge to need a daily pad.
  • Intermittent discharge dates back to the early teenage years. It’s varies from greenish to yellowish and has a periodic odor with itching and burning. Birth control pills don’t help.
  • Chronic intermittent yellowish-white discharge with itching that is worse after intercourse.
  • Vaginal odor like that of a dog or a horse; can be especially embarrassing at a public restroom where the odor can be noticed by women in the adjacent stalls.
  • Vaginal secretions which are clearish-white rather than the usual milky-white. While it feels wetter than usual , it’s more sensitive at the opening with intercourse.
  • Irritation associated with filmy greyish discharge and a fishy odor that is be bad at times. It comes and goes but never fully goes away.
  • Creamy discharge with mild odor for years, sometimes it’s orange looking and copious enough to need daily panty liners.
  • Itching on the labia associated with a discharge that varies dramatically from thick clumpy white to very thin clear. Despite the discharge, there is a sensation of vaginal dryness.


Recurrent Bacterial Infection

  • Told by healthcare providers that itching and burning is from recurrent bacteria
  • infection known as bacterial vaginosis. Use of Flagyl® or Metrogel® causes some improvement then the symptoms come right back.
  • Treated for a bacterial infection of the vagina with antibiotics. Then given fluconazole for yeast infection. Later given metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis. Then a course of Metrogel®. Then corticosteroids creams can be prescribed. Nothing works.
  • In presence of whitish discharge with a musky odor, told by one physician can it’s bacterial vaginosis but does not respond to oral or topical metronidazole, or to clindamycin. Gets another opinion and is told that it’s recurrent yeast but does not respond to oral fluconazole or topical antifungal creams. Several physicians later has bag of medicines; none work.
  • A fishy odor with vaginal discharge and itching. Told it’s a recurrent bacterial vaginosis but only gets only transient response to antibiotic therapy; the symptoms come right back.

Recurrent Yeast Infections

  • Told on multiple occasions that it was yeast by looking at slides but cultures were all reported as being negative. Seen by several doctors and given multiple courses of fluconazole. Also prescribed a course of boric acid vaginal suppositories and treated with gentian violet all without sustained relief.
  • Thick white discharge has persisted for months causing itching, slight odor, and burning on urination. The diagnosis was yeast but did not respond to multiple treatments including topical antifungals, oral fluconazole (Diflucan®), or gentian violet.
  • Itching and burning can go on for several years with yellowish discharge. Sometimes told by a physician that it’s a yeast infection, sometimes told it’s a bacterial infection.

Vaginal Burning

  • Unrelenting burning pain located at the vaginal opening and on the vulva. It’s exhausting and disheartening. It has ruined a great sex life. It has put real strain on relationships. It easily leads to symptoms of depressed. It makes work such as sitting in an office or studying difficult. It makes it difficult to function like a normal person. Does not cause arousal from sleep but after waking up in the morning it kicks off again and burning is back. It can feel like a wound that someone has poured acid on it, at other times just uncomfortable.
  • It’s burning, stinging and rawness at the vaginal opening which makes intercourse painful if not impossible. Other activities that make the symptoms worse can include wearing underwear, tight jeans, sitting on narrow seats such as exercise equipment or soft seats that push up into the area, urine spraying on the skin, wiping after urination and perspiration.
  • It hurts only during sex; just at the opening, not very deep. Insertion is miserable. This has been ever since the onset of sexual activity. It’s unpleasant every time. On penetration it feels sensitive and raw, like an Indian burn. After intercourse it may sting and burn for several hours up to several days. It causes a sense of feeling broken and makes it impossible to have the wonderful sexual experience that is portrayed in the movies.
  • It’s a vaginal burning so intense, it takes control. There may be no way to not think about it. It may difficult to run, play tennis, riding bicycles, or sit for prolonged time periods such as on a plane or in a movie. It puts a damper on intercourse to say the least. It may curtail social activities. It can be difficult to concentrate at work and leads to increased fatigue. Placing an ice pack between the legs to numb it may be the only way to get relief. Have resorted to wearing skirts with no underwear. Being the ideal wife or mother can be out of the question. It’s like living on the verge of broken relationship, near divorce and possible loss of employment over it. Lots of doctors don’t recognize the condition. Many medications prescribed without relief including topical lidocaine, Metrogel®, Terazol® cream, estrogen cream as well as oral medications including ampicillin, Diflucan®,Flagyl®, clindamycin, ampicillin, Neurontin®, and Zithromax®.
  • Searing vaginal pain and burning. Unable to sit comfortably, ride a bike, use a tampon, endure a gynecological exam or have healthy sexual relationship without major discomfort. The pain is indescribable.
  • Constant vaginal burning, frequent urination, and discomfort can make it difficult to do most usual activities. In fact, it can be difficult to even enjoy lunch with a friend, when all you can think about is the burning pain in the vaginal area. To describe the pain as “uncomfortable” can be an “understatement.”
  • There is pain around the vaginal canal opening. It feels as if glass or a hot poker is being pressed into the area. Such things as tight jeans, swimming suits, tights, pantyhose can all make it worse. Intercourse can cause too much contact and exasperate the rawness. The only have not stop engaging in intercourse all together is due to the fear disrupting of the relationship.
  • Like a sharp pain, burning, and inflammation at the vaginal opening. It has a huge impact on lifestyle. It gets so frustrating to be constantly aware of the vagina. Not be able to frequent the lake or swim because wearing a swimsuit is problematic. Padded seats can be particularly bad because they press up against the area. It’s easier to walk with legs apart to reduce friction.
  • The irritation and burning goes all the way from the vagina down to the anus. It can come and go. It often feels like having a shower or tub bath would help but it doesn’t or only for a short time. Pain pills don’t seem to do anything. Not be able to do regular activities and can be hard to get through each work day.
  • There is constant burning by the urethra and occasional slight itching as well. It burns worse on urination. Must blot dry rather than rub after urinating. It makes it difficult to walk very far. Intercourse is impossible.
  • There is vaginal burning and rawness with intercourse or when pants rub across the labia. Feels best to only wear skirts with no underwear or pants at least one size too large. Sitting on workout equipment seats and when the area gets moist with perspiration also makes it worse. The doctors don’t see anything wrong; one suggested just learning how to live with it.

Vaginal dryness/ lack of wetness or lubrication

  • The vagina got notably dryer with less lubrication on sex while using birth control pills.
  • Vagina so dry can’t engage in sex without use of lubricant. Then it still doesn’t have the same pleasurable sensation.
  • The condition of the vagina changed after having a complete hysterectomy. Hormone replacement therapy does not fully correcting the problem.
  • Following menopause the vagina got dryer and sensitive. Intercourse became progressively more painful and causes bleeding. It feels like the vagina is being rubbed with sand paper.
  • After going off hormone replacement therapy and the vagina become so uncomfortable that intercourse was no longer possible.

Vaginal Blockage/Penis Hits Something

  • Deep thrusting on intercourse causes sharp pain like the cervix is getting bruised.
  • It feels like there’s a blockage up in there, like the penis hits something solid and hard. It causes soreness and aching.
  • There is pressure and dull aching discomfort on deep penetration. As long as he doesn’t insert too far it’s fine.

Vaginal Too Tight at Opening

  • Extreme pain with intercourse; the vagina splits at the bottom in the “v” just above the rectum. When the vagina tears it bleeds and then stays sore for days.
  • During initial insertion it feels really tight but loosens up as thing get going so it’s ok until afterwards. Then it’s really sore and itchy for hours.
  • Fearful and avoids engaging altogether because the vaginal opening feels so tight, even tampon removal hurts. Prior attempts have not been pleasurable because the pelvic muscles go into spasm due to the anticipation of pain.
  •             After years of sexually inactivity following menopause the vagina feels very tight at the opening. Attempts at intercourse are anxiety provoking because insertion may not be possible.

External Genitalia Skin Itching, Dryness, & Irritation

  • It feels inflamed around the opening of vagina and rectum; it’s uncomfortable and sensitive. Has been going on for months and nothing seems to help.
  • External itching of the lips comes and goes. It’s worse around my period and especially with intercourse when it feels really dry and itchy.
  • Intermittent irritation around the opening of the vagina that feels hot and itchy and the vagina feels drier ever since starting birth control pills.
  • Periodic itching around the vagina and can extend into the rectal area. The itching can get to the point it’s hard not to scratch but this causes burning.
  • The skin outside the opening feels irritated. At times it can get swollen and red, other times it’s just itchy and uncomfortable.
  • The external skin fells dry, chaffed, and sticky at times. It can feel like the tissues are tight and being pulled on at times, especially with intercourse.
  • After shaving down there the skin can get red, sensitive, and feel stippled.

Urinary Frequency and Urgency without Bladder Infection

  • There is a frequent urge to urinate. Then it burns at the opening where the urine comes out. It feels like a bladder infection but urine tests are always negative.
  • Have the urge to go frequently but often there is little to nothing there. It feels irritated at the vaginal opening. Intercourse makes it much worse and it feels itchy afterwards.

Recurrent UTI without Urologic Cause 

  • Get frequent bladder infections not associated with intercourse. The problem starts after menopause. Urologist does evaluation with cystoscopy of the inside of bladder and urethra and finds no explanation. 
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