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How Dr. Fowler Developed Expertise in Vaginal Conditions

Vaginitis is the medical term that encompasses a broad range of problems that can cause discharge, odor, itching, burning, rawness, stinging, irritation, redness and swelling. The understanding of the different etiology or causes of vaginitis has not appreciably changed over the last century. Current medical literature continues to reference only four types of vaginitis; bacterial vaginosis, yeast, trichomonas, and atrophic vaginitis. If it were this simplistic and treatment so obvious, there would not be 448,000 Google keyword searches per month in the US for these symptoms alone! This staggering number of women searching for answers suggests that the common therapies may not work all that well. Vaginitis has been for decades and remains the most common reason for gynecologic consultations in the United States, accounting for approximately 10 million office visits annually.

From the onset of his career at the Mayo Clinic, women with chronic vulvovaginitis presented to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler with high expectations, often viewing the Mayo Clinic as the sentinel of last hope. These patients had commonly seen a number of other physicians and were desperate for reilef. This motivated Dr. Fowler to develop new diagnostic tools to solve the mystery behind these perplexing vaginal problems. In the early 90’s after consulting with a experts in the field, Dr. Fowler hypothesized that the flaw in the current diagnostic evaluation was the rudimentary method for the analysis of vaginal secretions known as wet preparations or wet mounts.  The technique was over a century old! Dr. Fowler began clinical observations and research using a phase-contrast microscope rather than the standard light microscope. As his techniques evolved over the years, he added new solutions, stains, and gradient slides to prepare the vaginal secretion for viewing. These techniques enabled delineation of the vaginal constituent’s present, as well as their relative concentrations. This culminated in Dr. Fowler’s discovery of a spectrum of altered vaginal micro-flora. Based on these findings, he formulated vaginal therapies directed to correct the abnormal vaginal micro-flora patterns in women who had chronic vaginal symptoms. Viola! For the first time, these women reported sustained relief of their vaginal symptoms! Scores of grateful women continue to be ecstatic about their results. Click “Testimonials” to bask with them in their joy! The sequence of clinical events that lead to this success over the past 15+ years are as follows:

In 1997, Dr. Fowler addressed the International Society for the Study of Vulvar and Vaginal Disease (ISSVD) World Congress XIV in Baveno Italy. The topic he presented was the response of Vulvodynia: Response to Hypoallergenic Vulvar Therapy.  Dr. Fowler was surprised to find that few of the “world experts” seemed to believe in the importance of contact irritants in common hygienic products for women with a condition that causes burning at the vaginal opening known as Vulvodynia. Publication reference:  Fowler RS.  Vulvar vestibulitis: response to hypocontactant vulvar therapy.  Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease. 2000; 4(4):200-203. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Fowler has continued to refine the combination of skin care products for sensitive external genitalia resulting in a choice combination of products, now referred to as the “FeminaRx Regimen.”  Other experts now consistently recognize the importance but are far behind in women-year observations to know what products work best together. Without any obligation, you can purchase the core products, "FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection" at our Online Store. You do not need to register as a client to benefit from the years of clinical observations invested to figure this out. This is a gift from the experts in vaginalhealthCare at FGI to women across the US who have sensitive external genital tissues!

In 2002, at a Gynecologic Specialties Meeting Sponsored by Mayo Clinic in Tortola, British Virgins Islands, Dr. Fowler presented “Video Tour of Ten Types of Vaginitis.” This was the first time in world history where vaginal wet-preparations had been captured live and presented in video format. New aspects of vaginal micro-flora constituents were presented as recorded in phase-contrast microscopy. While much of this was new material for the gynecologists in attendance, by this point in time Dr. Fowler was aware of the clinical significance and actively developing treatment protocols aimed at correcting the underlying aberrations in the vaginal constituent in patients with these abnormal patterns.

In 2006, at the ISSVD World Congress XVIII in Queenstown New Zealand, Dr. Fowler presented “Expansion of Altered Vaginal Flora States in Vaginitis to Include a Spectrum of Micro-flora.” He proposed changing the standard Classification of Vaginitis consisting of four types that has been endorsed for nearly a century to an expanded classification of ten types. At the time, there were about 200 worldwide members representing the world’s experts in vulvovaginal health. Only four other physicians in the group acknowledged they had microscopes even capable of observing the parameters he had presented in video format. Seeing is believing… so none of the experts in the field could deny the existence of the new altered vaginal micro-flora spectrum detected. Although few, that being four had recognized similar findings, none of them had yet to investigate for clinical correlations. At that moment, Dr. Fowler realized that his understanding of abnormal vaginal constituent factors present with vaginal conditions and his treatment approach was many years ahead of other world experts! Publication reference: Fowler RS.  Expansion of altered vaginal flora states in vaginitis to include a spectrum of microflora.  J Reprod Med. 2007 Feb; 52(2):93-9.

In 2009, at the ISSVD World Congress XX in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Royal College of Physicians, Dr. Fowler presented his research findings: 100% Correlation between Vulvodynia and the Presence of Altered Vaginal Micro-flora Patterns. Lower Genital Tract Disease. Supplement, Oct 2009. The other experts present at the meeting did not know what to think; this because they did not have the vaginal fluid analytic techniques to elucidate these clinical findings. While this represented a DISCOVERY, this finding was already history for more than seven years in terms Dr. Fowler’s knowledge. By this point in time, his treatment protocols were working well and being further refined each year.

In 2011, at the ISSVD World Congress XXI in Paris France, Dr. Fowler presented “Quantification of Normal Vaginal Constituents by New Wet Prep Technique.”  Over the centuries during which gynecologists had analyzed the wet preparations of vaginal secretions, nobody had ever published or knew what patterns of vaginal flora existed in women with no vaginitis symptoms!  In 2012, Dr. Fowler published the findings of his new revolutionary wet preparation technique in the peer- reviewed Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, 2012 October; 16(4):437-441. Due to the level of sophistication needed to conduct this analysis the editors asked that Dr. Fowler include the following statement in his article, “This approach is not a technique for the general obstetrician-gynecologist because of the extra time, expense in equipment, and dedication needed to master the skill set.” However, physicians across the world who wished to offer expert vaginal health care, now have knowledge of the techniques to differentiate between abnormal and normal vaginal micro-flora patterns. This information is vital to vaginal health care because the normal patterns become the treatment objective for women with vaginal symptoms found in the presence of altered vaginal micro-flora patterns. Indeed, Dr. Fowler has been able to monitor the response of his therapies in terms of what degree the altered vaginal micro-flora pattern reverts to approximate one of the normal flora patterns. Now you can benefit from this treatment approach. The question is… are you ready for expert help?

How Can FowlerGynInternational Help You?

Click on “Potential Client- Sign Me Up”and based on your vaginal condition, when indicated, the vaginal fluid analysis (VFA Test) will be offered to you as part of the evaluation. Women with the following symptoms are recommended to have the VFA Test; vaginal discharge associated with irritation, soreness, itching, or burning, excessive vaginal dryness, presence of foul vaginal odor, burning pain at the opening of the vagina, urinary frequency and urgency in absence of bladder infection, and those with unexplained recurrent bladder infections.  Based on the results of the analysis taken in context of your vaginal symptoms and your general medical history, you get an individualized treatment protocol & prescription medications as indicated.

Click on “FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection.”Anyone can order; you don’t need to be a client. This choice collection of hypocontactant skin products are recommended for all women with sensitive external genitalia. For FGI clients, these products are compatible and recommended to be used with the individualized treatment protocols. So you have nothing to lose, unless you don’t get started!

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