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The Essence of FGI

FGI wants to see all American women have access to advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques for chronic vaginal conditions that have not been adequately addressed or responded to treatments by local providers. If you have seen several healthcare providers and continue to have troublesome vaginal symptoms, YOU are a women FGI seeks to help.

1st Register:

Register as a Potential Client. This provides you access to full services including vaginal fluid analysis (VFA Test), if indicated, with advanced diagnostics techniques taken in context to your vaginal symptoms and general medical history to provide your diagnosis, individualized treatment protocol, and necessary prescription medication.  FowlerGynInternational (FGI) either provides direct in office care or telemedical/virtual services to women in selected states.

You can select “virtual services” from your home for the following conditions:

1) Chronic vaginal discharge with/without irritation or itching

2) Intermittent or constant vaginal odor

3) Recurrent bacterial infections/ bacterial vaginosis

4) Recurrent vaginal yeast infections

5) Vaginal burning pain and/or burning pain with sex / intercourse

6) Vaginal dryness / lack of wetness or lubrication

7) Vagina too short / cervix pain with sex / penis hits something

8) Vagina tight at opening and/or vagina tears with intercourse

9) External feminine / vulvar skin itching, dryness, and/or irritation

10) Chronic urinary urgency and frequency in absence of bladder infection

11) Chronic recurrent bladder infections without a urologic cause


Or you can select In-Office Visit in Phoenix, Arizona where additional lower genital tract conditions can be evaluated on account that they require visual inspection, possible tissue biopsy, or other procedure. These are as follows:

12) Lichen Sclerosus aka lichen sclerosus et. atrophicus

13) External Genitalia turning white and labia fusing together

14) Labial skin cracking/splitting with itching/burning

Merits of In-Office Visits

1) FGI can directly treat and manage your vaginal condition and dispense prescription medications for ONE YEAR regardless of where you reside in the US as long as you remain up to date on your annual gynecologic exam.

2) Quickly establish trust and confidence by an in-person meeting which can be of benefit to your outlook and sense of  hope in a solution to your problem.

3) In one setting, you get comprehensive evaluation with review of your symptoms, vulvar-vaginal examination, VFA test as indicated, and treatment dispensed.

4) An additional condition known as vulvar lichen sclerosus can be evaluated and treated for women who have not responded well to treatments prescribed by local providers.

5) You leave FGI with virtually everything in hand or sent to your preferred pharmacy or appropriate compounding pharmacy for your treatment.

 You will leave with clarity, understanding and a hope for a solution to your problem!


 2nd See If This Applies To You:

Also take a look at the Femina Rx Pure SkinCare Collection.  Each kit contains enough product to last about 4 months. It took Dr. Fowler over twenty years in clinical practice and thousands of women-year observations to find the best combination of skincare products for women with sensitive external genitalia tissues.  It includes hypocontactant soap, soothing moisturizing skin lotion, astringent skin rinse for the external genitalia, nonreactive water-based vaginal & labial lubricant for sports, exercise and intercourse, and special blend saving cream for the genital area. This takes the guess work out of what to use; and let experts at FGI bear testimony to you… it is that important! Many women think that they are doing the right thing by using only water… but even that’s a big mistake. Secretions build up in the labial crevasses which harbor bacteria and yeast that irritate the skin. It’s important to keep the external genitalia free of secretions and clear of common chemicals irritants found in ordinary hygienic products. You may think you’re on good products right now, but having dealt with thousands of women over the years, Dr. Fowler has found that almost all women with vaginal symptoms have an unsuspected chemical exposure that is contributing or perpetuating their problem. You can benefit from this highly praised combination of skin products without even becoming a client of FGI. If you do plan to register as a Potential Client, you may purchase this collection of over-the-counter products right now and switch to products that will be compatible with your forth coming treatment protocol. 

3rd Consider the "Trust Factor"

Trust in FowlerGynInternational

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler took early retirement from the Mayo Clinic as a staff gynecologist specializing in vaginal disorders and bio-identical hormones to hosts this website and makes his knowledge & expertise of evaluating thousands of women with these conditions for over 20 years available online… to you, right now! FGI specializes in vaginal conditions and offers diagnosis and individualized treatment protocols that have been used with success by thousands of women. If you wish to get a blast of hope, check out the testimonials. FGI specializes only in vulvovaginal disorders- that's rare, almost unheard of in the world of gynecology. Other practices offering this advanced  degree of vaginal fluid analysis... none that we know of.

Experience the Difference with FowlerGynInternational

You get individualized treatment:  It’s Easy

      • On line registration is a simple
      • Can be completed at home, at work, on vacation, or wherever you are right now
      • All it takes is an internet connection

Completing Online Medical Questionnaires

You get started on your treatment:  It’s Fast

      • After you register, FGI will review your vaginal symptom profile and your general medical history information
      • Within a few days… you will receive a call from Dr. Fowler to clarify details of your vaginal condition
      • Your credit card will be authorized but not be charged until after the call to clarify your condition is appropriate for the services by FGI
      • Depending on your condition, you may receive your individualized treatment protocol right then, or after the vaginal fluid analysis (VFT) test
      • Prescription medications will be sent to you, your preferred pharmacy or mailed to your home from a compounding pharmacy.
      • FGI can provide care directly to Arizona residents and In-Office Clients
      • This all happens much faster than you could make an appointment and be seen by another gynecologist who lso may have no expertise in vulvovaginal conditions

The affiliated MeMD provider network

You get to do it from your home: It’s Convenient & Private

      • Expertise and virtual services can be delivered to your own residence
      • You are empowered to come forth and get solutions to perplexing intimate issues
      • Submit your vaginal symptom profile and general medical questionnaire in privacy, online, by secure https secure transmission
      • You will receive your individual treatment protocol and any necessary prescriptions faxed to the preferred pharmacy
      • A full pelvic exam is not necessary if you are up to date on your annual gynecologic exam and have undergone a pelvic exam by your local healthcare provider since the onset of your vaginal symptoms and have been offered or tested for STD's if appropriate
      • The same medical confidentiality that applies with your local doctor applies to FGI. All your medical information is filed on state-of the art MacPractice MD electronic medical record and stored on dedicated servers that are encrypted (

Location of your electronic medical information

You get new advanced diagnostic techniques: It’s High Tech

      • The new revolutionary Vaginal Fluid Analysis technique was published by Dr. Fowler in a peer-reviewed medical journal for worldwide viewing in October of 2012
      • He had been using it for years; few others worldwide do so
      • It takes a physician significant time, dedication, and investment in equipment to offer this level of expertise
      • Consequently, this test will not likely be routinely offered in gynecologic practices for many years to come

The VFA Test

You get an expert sub-specialty evaluation for less: It’s Affordable

      • FGI offers high quality and expert care for less. Yes, it's out of pocket but you can submit a Superbill to your insurance company unless you are a medicare recipient. FGI does not accept or participate in medicare.
      • How does $150.00 sound for a virtual consult or $250.00 for In-Office evaluation sound?
      • Consider this, how many doctors have you seen so far? Add up the co-pays.
      • The testimonials show that FGI gets results.
      • So don't need to feel bad that you are not using your insurance.
      • Won't you feel better if you get relief of your symptoms?

Payments and use of insurance

You get access to an expert in the field:  It’s Quality

      • FGI specializes in chronic vulvovaginal symptoms
      • Almost nobody else does
      • If your symptoms have not been adequately addressed and/or responded to therapy prescribed by your local healthcare providers, don't you think it's time to look for a better solution?
      • Thousands of women have trusted Dr. Fowler's expertise and recommendations; now it’s your opportunity to trust him too

Advantages of engaging FowlerGynInternational

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