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  • Character Reference From a High School Friend Turned Client: Don’t Waste a Second as to Whether You Can Trust Dr. Fowler

    There are women with vulvodynia scattered across this country but not in high enough numbers that they have friends who can relate to what they are experiencing. This leaves women with vulvodynia feeling very isolated. Some docs even tell them the problem is in there head because they see such infrequent patients complaining of this problem and on physical exam, visually everything looks normal. A woman would have to talk to perhaps 1000 other woman to find one that also has the condition. When I look into crowds where there is at least a thousand women present, I think there may be one amongst them that desperately needs my help. When I look down from an airplane as I fly over a cities,  I think that per every 100,000 women there are 100 who could desperately use my services. Such was my thought at my 2017 high school reunion. I happened to sit next to a classmate who had been a friend and one of the most popular girls in the class. Little did I suspect it would be her who would need to see me as a client. But when she found out what subspecialty I had pursued she was elated and exclaimed, this reunion encounter was meant to be! It’s not every doctor that has a friend who can vouch for their character all the way back to high school and then comes to see him for his professional expertise without taking a second thought. But such was the case with Ms. D as she related the following:

    “Over a period of three years, I saw several physicians and tried a variety of treatments for what Dr. Fowler later diagnosed as Inflammatory Vaginitis. I reconnected with Stuart aka Dr. Fowler at our 40-year high school reunion. Even back in high school, Stuart was bright, driven and had a great sense of humor. I knew he would go on to do important things but never did I think that he would help me one day in such a significant way. I had heard him speak years earlier on Hormone Replacement Therapy and asked if he was still doing that. He told me about the years he had been at Mayo Clinic and that he had narrowed his research and work to studying the vagina and various diseases related to it. It was just what I needed to hear! I made an appointment and 9 months later I feel 90% better. I'm back to doing all of my usual activities including intercourse with little discomfort.” D. Salt Lake City, UT

    It’s so gratifying as a doctor to help women get their lives back. If you have vulvodynia, take trust in all the testimonies posted on  You could be the next one to get your life back. Seems some women have to contemplate whether traveling across the country is worth it. Dr. Fowler has a unique laboratory that is CLIA certified. He may be the only gynecologist in the country with this type of dedicated laboratory for the evaluation of vaginal secretion constituents and their relative concentrations. His diagnostic techniques are different, his treatment protocols are different, and the success of the treatment are different than what other providers prescribe for the same condition. Don’t give it a second more thought, just register and come. It’s time to get your vaginal problem fixed.
  • Vulvar Itching May Be Unrecognized Lichen Sclerosus

    Unrecognized Lichen Sclerosus is not a medical diagnosis, it is what happens when a patient with milder degrees of lichen sclerosus (LS) associated with intermittent itching goes unrecognized by providers who lack experience in recognizing the condition. This happens all the time. Consider the following patient who presented to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler at the experts in vulvovaginal healthcare in Phoenix Arizona at Fowler Gyn International:
    “I had suffered for years with undiagnosed symptoms and had seen a number of doctors back home in Canada; none of who could diagnosis the issue.  With one visit to Dr. Fowler he diagnosed my problem as Lichen Sclerosus; an issue that I had struggled with for years was diagnosed and treated in one visit and 100% better within 4 months of the medicated treatment protocol.  I was so impressed with Dr. Fowler that after I learned that he had left the Mayo Clinic (where I had first met him) I searched him down and found him practicing at Fowler Gyn International and have followed him there.” T. Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    LS is a benign skin condition in the dermatosis category. Other conditions which are more well known in this group include eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea or dandruff. Like these conditions, once you develop LS you generally have it for life. It is NOT contagious, infectious, inflammatory or a connective tissue disease. There maybe a slight autoimmune link to it. Generally it is regarded as a condition with genetic predisposition. It can affect all ages of women. Itching is the predominant symptom. The skin becomes thin, shiny, wrinkly, and sticky. The labia begin to fuse together along the interlabial sulcus or over the clitoris. At the base of the vagina the tissues can fuse together in the midline. When the tissues get pulled apart by such things a tight clothing or intercourse it causes fissures that look and feel like paper cuts. Also whitening or hypopigmentation can occur in smooth symmetric areas on the vulva or can be splotchy white areas. The labia are most commonly affected follower by the peri-rectal area then the gluteal cleft and the intertiginous areas between the vulva and the inner thighs.
    Experts can easily diagnose the condition by sight. It only needs to be biopsied to exclude VIN meaning pre-cancer and or squamous cell cancer if there is any areas of irregular or thickened skin.
    Treated correctly, symptoms can promptly and dramatically respond within a few weeks. Even when the condition is recognized by providers, most of them inappropriately threat LS episodically with  suprapotent class I corticosteriods on an episodic basis. While use of these steriods such as Clobetasol are very appropriate for severe cases of LS, prolonged use or episodic use for recurrent symptoms symptoms is not. If you are suffering from vulvar itching with no apparent cause, visit Fowler Gyn International at or call 480-420-4001. The founding principal, board certified gynecologist Dr. Fowler has probably managed as many or more cases of women with LS than any provider in the country. Put this expertise to work for you!
  • Why are there so few Vulvodynia Doctors and Only One that Offers a Non-surgical Approach with Consistently High Success Rates?

    Look at it from a doctors perspective. Who wants to take on a patient that has already seen 20 doctors for a condition that is destroying her life? Just the very thought of it is daunting to most physicians. Truth be known, even gynecologists prefer not to see women with vulvodynia because they have no idea how to treat them. Some attempt to try different approaches they have “heard about” primarily because they can code the visit as a 45 or 60 min problem oriented appointment with excellent billing fee from most insurance companies. But at some point the patient figures out they are just “trying things” without having any experience in their use and not able to give them any assurance for success. Dr. Fowler not only treats vulvodynia patients but even advertises on the web to find them. Consider the following patient:

    “My symptoms began 10 years ago. I think I went to see about 20 doctors and they diagnosed me with different conditions. I would pray to God everyday that I would find the right doctor to treat this condition. Finally, while I was doing my research online I found Dr. Fowler's website. I made an appointment and I thought well I'm going to give it a try. He was able to diagnosed me with a condition called vulvodynia and gave me a treatment that has worked very well. Now I'm doing a lot, a lot, a lot better, I'd say 80% better. Dr. Fowler is an angel sent from God. My life has changed so much. My sex life has changed to be more enjoyable, the burning was just so bad it made me tired. After work I would just have to come home and just lay down. Now the burning is almost gone. I love Dr. Fowler, he is the best doctor in the world.” G. El Paso, Texas.

    Not only is vulvodynia Dr. Fowler’s #1 expertise, he feels that God has been given him extra insight into the diagnosis and etiology of vulvodynia and it’s his obligation to help women with this dreaded condition. There are still some gynecologists out there who are not aware of this condition known as vulvodynia, but the majority now know what it is but have no idea how to treat it. The reason being, they only seen one vulvodynia patient every six months so they never get the patient volume to have any proficiency. How did Dr. Fowler gain his expertise? Working as a gynecologic consultant at the worlds most renowned referral medical center, the Mayo Clinic, patients with vulvodynia were referred to Dr. Fowler from all across the United States. After several decades of clinical observations and research, Dr. Fowler discovered the underlying etiology and how to successfully treat it. Very few physicians ever get the opportunity to be in such a unique position to obtain experience. Also Dr. Fowler resorted to the use of more advanced technology for analysis of vulvovaginal problems then is available in standard gynecology practices. This allows for the objective follow-up available at FGI on the progress towards recovery.

  • Why Does it Take So Long to Get Over Vulvodynia?

    FGI uses 36+ different protocols for vulvodynia. Each person in started in the algorithm at a place determined by their personal hormone profile and results of their VFA testing. All medications have different response times to their intended condition. For instance, a bladder infection consistently responds in 3-5 days to an antibiotic. It might take 6 months to affect a cholesterol profile and and over 1 year to impact bone thinning or osteopenia. So how long dose it take to improve the  health of the vaginal mucosal? Short answer, it’s 4 months. On average, most FGI clients are 50-60% better in 4 months then it takes another 4 month to reach 80-90% better, then by around 12 months most have recovered. But in medicine we are dealing with the tissues physiologic response to nutrients, hormones and medicines. The response is actually a bell shaped curve. Some slower some faster. About 10% fully respond in 4 months, and about 10-15% have little or no response by 4 month and can take upwards of of several years. Consider the following testimony. It took her 3 years to get near full resolution.
    “I have seen Dr. Fowler for the past 3 years and he has seriously changed my life.  I have had vulvodynia for five years since I was about age 15.  I went to maybe 10-15 different doctors to try and figure out what was going on.  None of them knew what it was and most of them just said to "drink more water". I would miss school and work because I was in so much pain.  Some days, I wouldn't even be able to walk. But after I found Dr. Fowler, he knew exactly what was wrong and fixed me up. It is 3 years later and I am about 95% to 99% better. I do not have many flare ups anymore and I can live my life without worrying. I am so grateful for him and highly suggest you see him if you are having any vaginal problems.” M. Flagstaff, Az.
    If you were a gynecologist reading this testimony, the first thing that comes to mind after reviewing the medical history of a patient that has already seen 10-15 doctors is “I don’t want to see that patient.” Even given the best of care from a knowledgable physician, the fact remains some vaginal mucosa is more refractory to treatment than others. It takes some persistence and patience especially for the 10-15% slow responders. The art of the FGI practice is understanding how to change the protocol based on the shifts that occur on the Vaginal Fluid Analysis testing; fortunately their is an objective measure to monitor the progress despite the clinical response.
  • A Most Awkward Vaginal Symptoms: Vaginal Odor

    Many women have had to deal with chronic vaginal odor. This is usually accompanied with discharge which can vary in amount and how often it’s noticed; unlike the odor it tends not to be much of a problem. The odor is generally relentless, even returning several hours after showering or a few days after douching. Commonly the odor will penetrate through clothing leading to the stress of being self-conscious around other people. When the barrier of clothing is removed, the odor can be much more potent leading to such things as avoidance of women in adjacent bathroom stalls. Moreover, the concern that comes with considering engaging in sex can be stifling. In this setting, there are two choice: go to elaborate “prep” to temporarily eliminate odor or forget it altogether. Better yet, there is another choice. Find a doctor who knows how to tackle this problem.
    R. Stuart Fowler M.D., is a board certified gynecologist who practices only vulvovaginal medicine in Phoenix, Arizona at Fowler Gyn International (FGI). His protocols have been used with success in thousands of women. You may be thinking that’s just great, but how does that help me? I don’t live near Arizona. Most of his patients don’t. In 2016, clients traveled from 49 states to get the benefits of his advanced diagnostic techniques.  Consider the testimony of the following client who lives in the Cayman Islands:
    “I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler since his tenure at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  I lost track of him when I moved to the Europe and have since been reunited with him at the Fowler Gyn International.  I live in the Cayman Islands now.  My issues with vaginal dryness, odor and discharge were creating major problems.  Dr. Fowlers treatment helped relieve all those symptoms in a matter of a few months. I am very grateful for his knowledge & treatment of my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone with any type of vaginal issues that most Gyn's overlook as routine.” M. Grand Cayman Island.
    Vaginal issues of chronic odor, discharge, burning, itching, recurrent yeast and/or recurrent bacterial infections are not well understood or successfully treated by most gynecologists. If truth be told, they don’t even like to see patients with these conditions because they are not comfortable attempting to treat them. The trouble is that nearly all physicians were trained that there are only four types of vaginitis. In reality, it is much more complicated than this and requires more sophisticated diagnostic equipment than the standard light microscopes found in routine gynecology offices. Commonly, the cause of the symptoms listed above is a shift of bacterial milieu known as altered vaginal microflora patterns. These are not picked up on standard vaginal tests, so women with these chronic vaginal symptoms are usually told that the tests were all negative. The altered flora patterns are not infections or contagious. What they do is cause irritative or odor producing secretions in the vagina. Treatment is directed at providing the vaginal nutrients to get the flora to shift back to normal, resulting in resolution of symptoms. Dr. Fowler has spent several decades investigating treatment approaches resulting in an algorithm with over thirty protocols. These conditions are not of the type where one treatment fits all. At FGI, clients receive individualized protocol based on their hormonal profile and vaginal Fluid analysis results.

    Why would women fly from all across the United States to see Dr. Fowler? What makes  his practice so unique? In 2016 alone, women came from 49 states to undergo treatment by Dr. Fowler at Fowler Gyn International in Phoenix, Arizona. Consider a Pennsylvania woman’s testimony below:

    “I can remember thinking that the trip across the country to see Dr. Fowler would be the last time I would go to a doctor for this chronic condition I had been dealing with for over three years. I was severely depressed and fed up with the doctors who all seemed to be the same. By this point I had been to so many different gynecologists that I had lost count, but I decided to give it one last try. Doctors I had seen all said my symptoms were just in my head, but I knew that the discharge and odor that I was experiencing was far from normal. My self esteem was at rock bottom and the thought of sex gave me anxiety; all the enjoyment was gone from it. I don’t remember how I came across Dr. Fowler’s practice online - most likely during my hours of research trying to find ways to cure myself, a period of time where I felt extremely lost – but I am grateful beyond measure that I did. Immediately, I was amazed by Dr. Fowler’s intelligence. He knew exactly what he was talking about and was sensitive and caring, something I desperately needed during that vulnerable time. Dr. Fowler diagnosed me with Inflammatory Vaginitis and told me every way in which things down there were not healthy and explained how they should be. I can’t explain how much just knowing what to call this condition meant to me, as well as the hope I felt about the future. Dr. Fowler told me that for my case in particular, treatment would be a long road, but in 8 months I have seen notable improvement. I fully trust his expertise and his methods and I can’t thank Dr. Fowler enough for what he has done for me.” N. Philadelphia, PA.

    So what makes Dr. Fowler’s practice so unique to make it is worth a cross-country flight? Dr. Fowler practiced exclusively gynecology (only two years of obstetrics) his entire career. Additionally, he specialized in hormones and vulvovaginal conditions from the onset of his practice. This kind of emersion in narrow fields of investigation is nearly unheard of in gynecology. Aside from his 26 years of such experience, 22 of which were at Mayo Clinic, his gynecologic practice is one of a few if not the only one with a CLIA certified laboratory. Known as Fowler Gyn International Laboratory, Dr. Fowler conducts  advanced vaginal fluid analysis which includes a quantitative determination the vaginal constituents. His research includes first to publish the vaginal micro-flora patterns found in healthy women with no vulvovaginal symptoms. After centuries of medical research in numerous countries, this had never been investigated. It is critical to know this so that treatments can be formulated to “push” the vaginal flora towards one of the normal patterns. Vulvovaginal conditions which have the underlying etiology of altered vaginal micro-flora patterns then can be successfully treated. If you seek the expertise at Fowler Gyn International, like this Pennsylvania women above, it’s likely you’ll be glad you did. If you are experiencing chronic vulvovaginal symptoms for which you have seen multiple providers and failed numerous treatment, Dr. Fowler encourages you to come for an evaluation.


    If you were to ask a group of doctors, “Do any ot you want to see a patient who has had vaginal pain for 17 years that has disrupted her marriage, distanced her friends, caused difficultly concentrating at work, who has already seen 10 doctors including some specialists, failed multiple therapies and has already spent $30.000.00 trying to solve the problem? They would scatter before you could get any answer. Even the typical gynecologist would be nuts to take this patient on; truth be told the only reason most doctors even see a patients like this one is to get a “comprehensive” office visit payment from an insurance company. Sad but true. Dr. Fowler has a different motive. These are the very patients Dr. Fowler seeks to help and evaluates on a daily basis. It’s difficult medical practice because these patients are in distraught on initial presentation and for a few moths thereafter... BUT the reward comes four-six months later when they begin to respond to therapy. Then it’s a jubulient event! Consider the testimony of the following patient:
    "My successful response to Dr. Fowler's treatment seems too good to be true!  During my very first visit, Dr. Fowler took time and care to listen, answer questions, thoroughly examine, and educate me after diagnosing me as having vulvodynia and lichen sclerosus.  In just 6mo of following his treatment protocol strictly, I WAS BACK - COMPLETELY "NORMAL"!  For over three years now I have been 100% pain and flare-up free, no prescriptions needed.  Life these days has been so amazing that it's actually difficult to recall and describe how bad my quality of life once was...I can only sum it up as having experienced endless vaginal pain, frustration, and depression.  Before finding Dr. Fowler, I spent 17 years of my precious youth fighting this condition...late teens, 20's, and early 30's.  I saw around 10 (top) doctors/specialists, spent about $30,000 total on treatments/prescriptions/homeopathic remedies that did absolutely nothing, and was misdiagnosed every time with one or more of the following:  chronic candida/yeast infections, UTI, bladder infection, Interstitial Cystitis, dermatitis, and an STD (which one was unknown because I never tested positive for any).  Not only did I lose precious time and money, but I lost a marriage and many friends, and work was always difficult.  I first saw Dr. Fowler when he was with the Mayo Clinic, and am so thankful that he now has his own practice where he has the capability to help so many more women, and for a fraction of the cost to us patients.  I can't thank Dr. Fowler enough for helping me get my life back.  If you've suffered like me or the countless others who have written in testimony, you have everything to gain by seeing Dr. Fowler."  J.  Cleveland, Ohio
    Testimonies by patients are like joyful Christmas presents for Dr. Fowler. He wishes to thank all his patients this year who took the time and had the consideration to send him a testimonial. God bless.

    If you has seen several doctors and your vulvodynia symptoms have persisted at least 4 months, your condition is likely going to continue or progress in severity unless you receive expert help. Fowler Gyn International (FGI) of Phoenix, Arizona offers an approach based on years of research and clinical observatons by board certified gynecologist  Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. He published details on how to analyze vaginal fluids by a quantatative technique which changed a century old technique enabling differentiation of new altered vaginal micro-flora states which have proved to be the common etiology for recurrent yeast and/or bacterial vaginitis which manifest with variable degrees of itching, burning, discharge, urinary frequency/urgency and/or recurrent urinary tract infections. Consider the experience of the following patient:
    “DON'T GIVE UP!  I was in a serious place of despair when divine intervention led me to Dr. Fowler. I can genuinely tell you that I have been able to reclaim my health, my self esteem, MY LIFE with his help in only 9 months!! The time , money and energy have been a small price to pay for the immeasurable benefit I have gained.  My female problems began at age 45 when I began getting urinary tract infections after intercourse.  Peri - menopause can be a time where vaginal tissues thin and make women more susceptible to UTIs.  I had 7 in one year which means I had 7 courses of strong antibiotics.  This led to countless months of recurrent yeast infections which set the stage for the development of vulvodynia - a nerve disorder which impaired me to a point of being unable to have intercourse without extreme discomfort. I saw numerous healers to try to remedy my problems to no avail - homeopathy, naturopathy, spiritual and psychic healings  and western conventional therapies were all unsuccessful.
    Dr. Fowler's training and experience have made him a rare find in the GYN WORLD.   The vaginal fluid analysis enables him to very succinctly diagnose problems and he has very effective remedies to address every piece of the puzzle.  I was extremely diligent in following every directive I was given including meticulously following his skin care regimen.  You get out of this experience what you put in ! Do not cheat and cut corners because it will only diminish your progress. After 9 months on his program , I have been able to resume having intercourse without discomfort or distress and have been free of urinary symptoms and yeast infections.  I worried that I may never enjoy intercourse again and I am happy to report that I now look forward to it. And I have no doubt that I will only continue to improve with time. I will never find a way to truly thank Dr. Fowler for everything he has done for me. He is not only exceptionally competent but he is a kind and caring doctor who truly wants to help women who are suffering.”  V.  Novato, CA.
    If you can relate to symptoms this patient had patient, now you know where you can get help. Register to become a client of Dr. Fowler’s by going on line to and click on “Start Here, Sign Me Up as a Potential Client.”
    The first appointment must be done in person at FGI Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Clients come from all over the US and Canada so FGI offers Saturday appointments to accommodate fly-in fly-out clients. Or call the FGI Headquarters at 480-420-4001.

    Hello, this is Dr. Fowler. I’m a board certified gynecologist and have devoted my career to helping women achieve relief from chronic vulvovaginal disorders. Yes, I’m the "real deal" and I help real patients and they write real testimonies. I have spent decades doing research and making clinical observations. The advanced diagnostic tests and treatment algorithms I have developed for a number of interrelated vaginal conditions have worked with outstanding success in thousands of women. I wish to thank all my clients who have written testimonies expressing their gratitude for how my medical expertise has improved the quality of their lives. This is in contrast to numerous online horror stories of women being told there is no known cause or cure for their condition.  After reading the testimonies of my clients, if you are still not convinced about the superiority of the advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment approach I advocate, then click on the eChat button where you can communicate with a number of my patients via email or phone.

    So why all the favorable reports? The reason so many glowing testimonies are posted is that once women get relief from their horrible condition, it's a life changing event and they are ecstatic about it. They wish to play it forward, to help women like you who are looking for a solution to their difficult vaginal problem. Their gratitude and desire to make it available to other women is rewarding otherwise my practice can be emotionally taxing because women with these conditions are distraught, frustrated and often cry while telling me how their lives are in shambles due to the condition. Collectively, my clients have seen a considerable number of providers including specialists and have experienced multiple failed therapies. Truth be known, most gynecologists don’t even want to see patients with a chronic vulvovaginal condition come through their door. I contrast, I openly advertize to help these women.

    On average, it takes between 2.5 to 3.5 months for response to begin and 8-10 months for significant improvement. Specifically, for the conditions of vaginal burning, recurrent vaginal bacterial and/or yeast infection, I have developed an algorithim of over 30 protocols to be used in sequence that improves the chance of response. It’s like anything in medicine; this is biology. Tissue response to a medicine from person to person is quite consistent but then there are always a few who do not respond as optimal as the others. So it is with the vaginal medications. But even these women who have more refractory vaginal mucosa, if they will just stick with the program and allow me to make periodic protocol changes as necessary, my experience has shown that most of them too will ultimately respond.

    If you are one of these women that relate to the stories conveyed by the testimonies of my clients, I hope for your benefit that you too choose to become one of my clients. Lets  get you fixed.

    Best Wishes,

    R. Stuart Fowler, M.D.

    Board Certified Gynecologist and Fellow of the ACOG and the ISSVD.


    If you are suffering from recurrent vaginal yeast infections, don’t let your healthcare provider just prescribe you an antifungal medication thinking all is going to be fine. It won’t. What happens is that you get a partial and transient reduction of symptoms then they come right back.  There are two problem here. First, if this is the recommended approach, your provider lacks the expertise to address the underlying problem and second, it’s not like you can do anything about it either. What has happened is that there has been as shift in the vaginal micro-flora with the vaginal secretions now being more conducive to yeast growth.  Also when frequent yeast infection occur, they often cause irritation to the external genital tissues resulting in chronic itching, soreness and burning. Even if the yeast infection is adequately treated for a time, the symptoms persist and intensify with each cycle of yeast recurrence. Consider the experience of a patient who presented to a vulvovaginal expert, board certified gynecologist, Dr. R. Stuart Fowler who founded

    “Finding Dr. Fowler has changed everything for me!  I have been suffering with chronic recurrent yeast infections for the past 4 years.  I have seen 5 different doctors who kept putting me on boric acid suppositories for weeks at a time, all to no avail. The infection would clear for a bit and then the symptoms would start creeping back again.  Not one doctor could figure out why this was happening to me. I am an otherwise very healthy 42 year old woman.  I was in constant discomfort with burning, itching and discharge and became very depressed.  I tried everything on my own, from following an anti candida diet, taking probiotics, drinking tons of water, weekly acupuncture, holistic candida cleanses, nothing worked.  One evening while I was on line doing even more research, I googled excessive discharge and Dr. Fowler’s site popped up.  I figured I had nothing to lose at this point and decided to fill out his questionnaire and see if he could possibly help.  Just speaking to him made me feel better, as he was empathetic, understanding, compassionate and made me feel like I wasn’t crazy.  It’s hard to suffer from an invisible illness!  It’s hard for others to truly understand what you are going through, but Dr. Fowler did understand. I knew right away that I was on the right track. After taking the Vaginal Fluid Analysis Test, he was able to come up with a diagnosis of Inflammatory Vaginitis.  He immediately put me on a protocol of medications and products that I was to use for a four month period.  Today I am 90% better!  The constant burning and itching was gone after the first couple weeks of treatment and now I’m feeling almost completely back to normal!!  After 4 years of hell, I have my life back and I can’t thank Dr. Fowler enough.  He is even easier to reach on the phone than my local doctors.  Dr. Fowler is the real deal and he will help you!”   T. Valley Village, California

    Dr. Fowler of Fowler Gyn International (FGI) is the “real deal” and treats women with chronic vulvovaginal conditions from across the entire US. If you have been told you have chronic yeast, don’t even bother to use yeast diets, probiotics, acidophillus, acupuncture, holistic cleanses, and medicated douches, because none of them work. Unless you are diabetic or on recurrent antibiotics, the problem is that the vaginal flora is all out of wack. Or in medical terms, there has been a shift in the type of bacteria that dominates the vaginal flora, known altered vaginal micro-flora pattern. Any one of these patterns can create “culture media” so to speak that promotes the growth of yeast in the vagina. You are asking yourself, what causes a shift in the bacterial flora? There is a list of vaginal insults some of which are age related including that amount endogenous hormone secretion which can be affected by lifestyle stress, bordering weight/anorexia, excessive physical activity, proximity to menopause, and smoking. Others include the functionality of hormone receptors in the vagina, presence of foreign body devices in the vagina, excessive ejaculate or douching with natural secretion being flushed out, and tissue effects of vaginal radiation or systemic chemotherapy. Now you are asking yourself, so how do I fix it? Leave this part up to board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. In the aftermath of years of clinical observation and research, Dr. Fowler developed a more sophisticated technique of wet preps known as Vaginal Fluid Analysis or VFA Test. This gives a quantitative analysis of the constituents in the vaginal secretions from which treatment protocols are formulated to “push” the altered micro-flora back towards normal. Then the secretions are not conducive to supporting yeast and voila, the recurrent yeast resolves. To register to become a patient of Dr. Fowler’s, this is done online at or call FGI Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona at 480-420-4001.

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