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The majority of vulvovaginal symptoms are caused by aberrations in the vaginal flora... in other words there has been a shift in the vaginal milieu. These secretions bathe the vagina but also work there way onto the external genital skin as well. Typical training teaches physicians how to diagnose and threat just the 4 common types of vaginitis. BUT it is much more complicated than that. Most gynecologists don't even have the more advanced diagnostic equipment to elucidate the spectrum vaginal micro-flora patterns. That's why so many of you are told your tissues look normal and the "tests" all come back normal too. Come get evaluated at FGI... experience the difference and true hope for resolution of symptoms.

If you have external burning, itching, irritation and or dryness and wish to do something immediately before you have the opportunity to come see Dr. Fowler in  Phoenix, click on the button located above on the header above titled "Products for Sensitive Genital Skin." Order this collection of products and get underway! They will not cure the problem but could get you 30-40% better by stopping exposure to external irritants. Then see Dr. Fowler to get your individualized vaginal/vulvar treatment.

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"I had been suffering for about 2 years, increasing over the time period, with what I was told were yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. I was almost always uncomfortable with itching and burning and a terrible discharge. I felt terrible about myself and even when I felt well enought to have intercourse, it was painful. I saw 3 different medical providers who continued to treat me with the same medications that would help temporarily and then the symptoms would come back. Finally, the provider who was trying to help me the most, heard about Dr. Fowler and told me she recommended I try going to him. Once I looked Dr. Fowler up on the internet and saw that he had helped many women with similar symptoms and experiences as me, I finally had some hope that maybe someone could help me. I immediately started following the protocols on the website and ordered the products. I use peri-wash bottles to carry the Gordon's Boro-pack rinse with me at all times.I found it difficult to wash my hair in the sink so I wrap a towel around my waist and I lean over in the shower with a hand held shower head and that has worked well for me. Overall,I have found the products and vaginal treatment protocols easy to comply with. Since I started seeing Dr. Fowler about 1 year ago, my issue is about 80% better. I have a little ways to go but my case has been a bit more difficult to treat. The Lichen Sclerosus is 100% resolved. Dr. Fowler has been very good at helping me understand what was going on and is comforting and kind. He has definitely changed my quality of life for the better." H. Tucson, AZ

"I found Dr. Fowler through a referral from my Ob/Gyn office. I was experiencing a lot of vulvar itching with some cut/cracks on the lips. Also the whole area was very intense red. Plus the tissues would bleed and there was odor with a clear discharge. I saw 2 doctors including a dermatologist. Then I was referred to Dr. Fowler. I found the treatment that Dr. Fowler has given me was very easy to do. Now at my 4 month check-up, I feel back to normal again, with symptoms 100% resolved.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having this kind of problem. And I have given his name to my doctors. He is wonderful!!" J. Gelndale, AZ

"My vulvodynia is a lot better, there is no pain with intercourse. I used to have tremendous pain afterwards now only occasional and just a little bit. The general burning at the opening is infrequent, I used to get it all the time. No more itching I have had this pain and itching for the last 28 years. It became worse in the last 5 years when I entered menopause. I was treated by other doctors and had no results. I was told to see a vulva doctor. I goggled in my symptoms and found Dr. Fowler. In 4 months I am about 70 to 80% better. I highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone who has vulva pain and needs relief." C. Chandler, AZ

"I dealt with this condition of vulvodynia for over five years. It was not only compromising my daily life style but it was also affecting my marriage to a great extent. I had great discomfort with most activities. Even walking sometimes was painful. My husband and I had a baby a year ago and I was hoping things would improve after having a child. It actually got much worse from there. I was unable to have intercouse after having my baby. It was extremely painful and I physically could not do that. I went to my ObGyn to try to figure out what was going on. He right away referred me to Dr. Fowler. Dr. Fowler put me on my own personal protocol and I've been doing it for about four months now. I've already seen a huge difference in the fast few months. I've noticed with my daily lifestyle, I've had way less pain and discomfort. I feel about 70% better. He told me that I'm ahead of the game compared to most at this point. I feel very positive and hopeful that I will feel 100% better soon. I don't know what I would have done without this amazing doctor." N. Tempe, AZ

"The problem started around ten years ago and I was told it was due to meonpause and just aging. The itching was terrible and also had pain with intercourse. It was distracting and causing irritability. I saw about 3 doctors for it. One year ago I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus. Then I was referred to Dr. Fowler 4 months ago. Now I'm doing much better, even the vulvar rinse is very helpful. There is no longer any itching or pain, it's wonderful. I'd say overall 95%  of my previous symptom are gone. Even the soap is great. I was so grateful I sent a thank you note to the NP that referred me to Dr. Fowler; that was the best thing that happened to me. It has changed much of my daily life. I am delighted with how quickly relief started after Dr. Fowler's prescribed treatment!" B. SunCity West, Arizona

"I can remember thinking that the trip across the country to see Dr. Fowler would be the last time I would go to a doctor for this chronic condition I had been dealing with for over three years. I was severely depressed and fed up with the doctors who all seemed to be the same. By this point I had been to so many different gynecologists that I had lost count, but I decided to give it one last try. Doctors I had seen all said my symptoms were just in my head, but I knew that the discharge and odor that I was experiencing was far from normal. My self esteem was at rock bottom and the thought of sex gave me anxiety; all the enjoyment was gone from it. I don't remember how I came across Dr. Fowler's practice online - most likely during my hours of research trying to find ways to cure myself, a period of time where I felt extremely lost- but I am grateful beyond measure that I did. Immediately, I was amazed by Dr. Fowler's intelligence. He knew exactly what he was talking about and was sensitive and caring, something I desperately needed during that vulnerable time. Dr. Fowler diagnosed me with Inflammatory Vaginitis and told me every way in which things down there were not healthy and explained how they should be. I can't explain how much just knowing what to call this condition meant to me, as well as the hope I felt about the future. Dr. Fowler told me that for my case in particular, treatment would be a long road, but in 8 months I have seen notable improvement and have faith that it will continue. I fully trust his expertise and his methods and I can't thank Dr. Fowler enough for what he has done for me." N. Philadelphia, PA

"One year ago I was in tears all the time because of my pain when urinating and during sex was so bad. It felt like severe burning and itching. I had been to over 10 doctors in the year before that point. They just kept testing me for STDs and giving me abtibiotics and steroids; which not only did not help, it made it worse. Finally the last ObGyn here in Az gave up and told me I should go see Dr. Fowler. That was the best advice anyone could have given. Dr. Fowler is a miracle worker. Immediately, in the first week I wasn't crying anymore. Within 4 months I was 90% better and felt cured. I would recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone that is suffering the way I was." J. Sundance, WY

"It started almost two years ago. I had never had any vaginal issues prior to this. After getting sick with a cold my doctor prescribed me with several bouts of antibiotics. When I had finished them I began to have severe vaginal irritation. It started with a yeast infection that came and went for about 6 months. After seeing several gynecologists, and after several prescriptions nobody seemed to know what was wrong with me. The yeast infection finally dissipated but then I was left with a case of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. This went on for about a year, I tried every possible remedy to no avail. I researched for hours on the internet how to solve this terrible thing so many women seem to suffer with. I began to feel depressed and hopeless, like a part of me was missing and I would never get it back again. That was until I found Dr.Fowler!! I came accross his website on the internet and after reading success stories told by women like myselt, I thought what have I got to lose. After following his four month treatment protocol I can say that I am ecstatic, I feel like Dr. Fowler has given me my life back and I am forever grateful. In those four months he brought my vaginal health back to normal and I feel 100% better. I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with Dr. Fowler. He is truly my hero." S. Tucson, Arizona

"I had Candida Glabrata vaginal yeast off and on for 6 years before I saw Dr. Fowler. I felt like there was always a discharge and it was paiinful at the vaginal opening, plus some itching. It had been treated by my GYN multiple times, however it never cleared up. My gynecologist finally referred me to Dr. Fowler. Dr. Fowler placed me on medication that has helped immensely after only 3 months. The yeast is gone!! What an improvement in my life! I would definitely recommend Dr. Fowler." B. Sun City West, Arizona

"At the age of 27, I started having inexplicable burning pain. I was unable to exercie, unable to wear jeans or most pants, unable to sit comfortably in a chair for any extended period of time, and unable to be intimate with my husband. The pain affected my work life and personal life, because the pain was all I could think about. I saw several physicians in my home town, and none of them could explain my symptoms or offer a solution. Then I was so fortunate to find Dr. Fowler. I flew out to Arizona where he diagnosed me with vulvodynia and gave me a very detailed treatment plan. He was very professional, knowledgable, genuine, and compassionate towards my condition and my pain. He spent time with me, explaining the diagnosis and the next steps. I have been seeing Dr. Fowler for the past 5 years now and when I compare what my condition was like then to now, it's a night and day difference. As a result of Dr. Fowler's treatment plan, my burning pain is almost 100% gone! My life is back to normal which is something I never thought would happen. I rarely ever think about my condition. I'm so grateful and thankful for Dr. Fowler and his expertise. He has helped me in a way that no other physician could, and I'd travel any distance for that." A. Denver, Colorado

"DON'T GIVE UP! Keep reading the countless testimonials on this page and you will be instilled with hope. I was in a serious place of despair when divine intervention led me to Dr. Fowler. I can genuinely tell you that I have been able to reclaim my health, my self esteem, MY LIFE with his help in only 9 months!! The time, money and energy have been a small price to pay for the immeasurable benefit I have gained. My female problems began at age 45 when I began getting urinary tract infections after intercourse. Peri-menopause can be a time where vaginal tissues thin and make women more susceptible to UTIs. I had 7 in one year which means I had 7 courses of strong antibiotics. This led to countless months of recurrect yeast infections which set the stage for the development of vulvodynia- a nerve disorder which impaired me to a point of being unable to have intercourse without extreme discomfort. I saw numerous healers to try to remedy my problems to no avail -homeopathy, naturopathy, spiritual and psychic healings and western conventional therapies were all unsuccessful. Dr. Fowler's training and experience have made him a rare find in the GYN WORLD. The vaginal fluid analysis enables him to very succinctly diagnose problems and he has very effective remedies to address every piece of the puzzle. I was extremely diligent in following every directive I was given including meticulously follwing his skin care regimen. You get out of this experience what you put in! Do not cheat and cut corners because it will only diminish your progress. After 9 months on his program, I have been able to resume having intercourse without discomfort or distress and have been free of urinary symptoms and yeast infections. I worried that I may never enjoy intercourse again and I am happy to report that I now look forward to it. And I have no doubt that I will only continue to improve with time. I will never find a way to truly thank Dr. Fowler for everything he has done for me. He is not only exceptionally competent but he is a kind and caring doctor who truly wants to help women who are suffering." V. Novato, CA

"I began to have very uncomfortable pain in my lady parts to the point where I couldn't even sit comfortably. I saw many gynecologists back home in Texas and no one could give me an answer, they would just make me feel super confused and scared. My family knew how bad the pain was and confusion I was going through and helped me find Dr. Fowler online and we all came down for a visit. Right away Dr. Fowler knew what I had and I felt so much relief that someone actually understood what was going on! I have now been on the protocol Dr. Fowler created for me for about ten months and I feel normal again. I can walk around in my day to day job and duties and I have no pain and I can even have intercourse again! I began to feel much better after 4-5 months and every month after I have noticed improvement. Dr. Fowler definitely takes the time to make sure you are comfortable and answers all your questions. Travelling to see Dr. Fowler was definitely a trip worth taking." N. El Paso, Texas

"After spending 6 months going to my gynecologist every 3 weeks with the same symptoms of burning, itching, discharge and pain and never getting relief, she referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was unable to be intimate with my husband and it affected my ability to sit in a chair all day at work and to wear tighter clothes. After 4 months of treatment I am 100% better with sitting and wearing clothes and I'm 80% better with symptoms provoked with intercourse. Also, Dr. Fowler was able to get my hormones under control. I could not be happier with the treatment plan he created for me. Having had a total hysterectomy 9 years ago it is so wonderful to not have hot flashes and night sweats anymore. I would highly recommend anyone suffering from chronic vaginal symptoms to see Dr. Fowler." M. Phoenix, AZ

"I found Dr. Fowler through the Mayo Clinic online researching my symptoms. This came about after I had seen 7 doctors in Las Vegas. Frustrated and in pain I took a trip to Phoenix and now I'm up to 80% better! My life is back together. No more itching and burning for weeks on end! I know how to manage my symptoms on a daily basis and keep on track. Thank you so much Dr. Fowler!" R. Las Vegas

"I had been suffering from vaginal dryness and what I thought were some kind of ulcerations in my vulva area, extreme pain like razor blades and rawness with numbness. I had gone to see everyone from gynecologist, urologist, internal medicine, neurologist, just to name a few. After being misdiagnosed with genital herpes and vulvar shingles, I had had enough and decided to take the referral from my gynecologist and general doctor to go see a vulva specialist. So four months after walking into Dr. Fowler's office, I'm perfect! No symptoms what-so-ever. Sex is back to what it was when I was much younger, before I went off of hormones, good lubrication, no irritation and everything works, no sensitivity. It's pretty amazing. I had improvement after two months of being on the protocol with progression until resolution. No more skin outbreak either. I wish more women could have access to this information. I suffered needlessly, (and so did my new husband) for over a year and a half. Horray Dr. Fowler!!!!! Thank you. " J. Phoenix, AZ

"For five years, I experienced incredible burning in my vaginal area. My whole life changed for the worst. I was an avid tennis player, worked out regularly at the gym, loved to travel and socialize. This all changed when I began to experience these awful symptoms. No gynecologist or a specialist could help me or even had a suggestion or referral. My daughter did research on the internet for me and found Dr. Fowler's website. Much to my surprise, there were others who had experiened the same symptoms as I did. I made an appointment with Dr. Fowler who was empathetic and understanding. Just four months later, I feel so much better. I followed Dr. Fowler's regime very carefully and am happy to report that I am feeling fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone who is experiencing vaginal burning." L Scottsdale, AZ

"I was searching the internet for help with symptoms I've been suffering with for several years. I had burning and swelling which was painful, difficult even to do routine activities. Had to stop having intercourse. I found Dr. Fowler on the internet and after I read his website it made me feel trusting. I had already seen a vulvar specialist and was looking for further improvement. My first visit with Dr. Fowler 3 months ago and I  already have improved tremendously! In regard to the burning I would say it's better! I definitely feel like I'm healing. It's tons better than before starting the protocol. If you are suffering with these types of symptoms I strongly suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Fowler." G. Phoenix AZ

"For three months I suffered with extreme vaginal and rectal itching, along with irritation, day and night. It came on suddenly and I did everything I could think of to improve the situation. After going to two primary care and three specialists with no improvement, I found out about Dr. Fowler being referred by the second gynecologist I went to. Within two weeks of following Dr. Fowler's regimen I was remarkably better. Now four months into it, my symptoms have reduced by 80-90 percent. I am so relieved to be feeling better. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone that share my symptoms." W. Gilbert, AZ

"When I met Dr. Fowler it was literally like hell. It's night and day. It was ruining my marriage my daily thought was filled with how much pain I was in, it was affecting my time with my children and my relationships with family and friends. I had been suffering with the most horrific vaginal pain for 9 years. Now I'm 95% better. I rarely have any symptoms. I feel great now. The only thing I ever think about the problem any longer is if Dr. Fowler is no longer avilable if it were to come back." T. Phoenix, AZ

"I'm doing very well, overall 80% better. Some days I don't even know I have a problem. I'm really really happpy about it. Of note I ran out of estrogen and resorted to my old estrogen preparation which really caused irritation. Now back on Dr. Fowler's preparations. I've been fighting with this problem for about 4 years and very happy to find Dr. Fowler. No more bladder irritations, no burning with intercourse. Always thought I had UTI's but test results always came back negative. WOW such a difference now with Dr. Fowler's protocol. Life is great once again. Thank you Dr. Fowler!" E. Phoenix, AZ

"Oh gosh.... I'm 100% better!! No burning or itching for a long time. I am thrilled, this is a whole lot better. Can't hardly believe it. Previously I had nothing that helped I had symptoms for eight years. It began with the burning on urinating. Every provider knew I had Lichen Sclerosus but when I told them about the burning, all they could say was that they didn't see anything causing that. I was just given the same medicine by all gynecologists I saw and dermtologist and none of it helped until I came to Dr. Fowler, a real blessing for me." M. Sun City West, AZ

 "I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler for 4 months now. When I came to see him for the first time, this was what I wrote in my patient profile."My pain scale ranges from a 6 to a 9 out of ten at all times. I have been unable to work and properly care for my child. My mom is here most days to help. I cry everyday. I am frightened by this pain. I am so afraid that this will not end or that I will only experience some pain relief under heavy medication which will also prevent me from living a normal life. I am a single parent and my ability to provide for myself and my child depends on my ability to work .This causes extreme stress as well." Four months later, I am living a full life. I work, I care for my child and I am able to do almost any activity I choose. My pain is 85-90 percent better and I am not finished my treatment yet. I feel that Dr. Fowler has saved me from a life of tears and constant suffering. The doctors I went to in my city said there was nothing they could do for me. There is an answer to vulvodynia and Dr. Fowler has it. Please do no hesitate to see him, it will change your life! I am so thankful to Dr. Fowler for dedicating his life work to women with problems like mine." J. Winnipeg, Canada

"I had vulvodynia for 8 years proir to seeing Dr. Fowler. The vulvodynia was so bad that on some days I could not wear pants or sit for prolonged periods of time. It interfered with all aspects of my life. I had been to many doctors, in many states, before finding Dr. fowler. Dr. Fowler gave my my life back. At my one year follow up appointment, 80% of my pain is gone. I no longer think about it all of the time. I know if I stick with Dr. Fowler's regimen, I will continue to get better!" K. Cincinnati, Ohio.

"I am much better. I had recurrent bladder infections and urinary frequency and urgency even without bladder infecions for 15-20 years. I had seen multiple doctors including my pcp, a urologist and a gynecologists. Then my executive physician referred me to Dr. Fowler. Since starting his protocol, the sensation of frequency and urgency have resolved and I have had no more bladder infections. His vaginal treatment really works. The testosterone has corrected my low libido and improved my muscle control of which I have difficulties with due to Parkinson's. I have been able to restart yoga which I thought I would never be able to do again. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler for patients with any of these symptoms." S. Maricopa, AZ

"I have Lichen Sclerosis, I have had it for years without knowing. I went to 3 different doctors, until finally my gyncologist referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was experiencing dry, itchy, cracks, and cuts inside the creases of my vagiina. Dr. Fowler is amazing, he knew just the right medicine for me. It has been 5 months and I am so much better. It was worth the money and worth the drive for me. I would recommend him to anyone with these symptoms." R. Buckeye, AZ

"Dr. Fowler's approach is different. In my case, I consulted multiple Doctors,none of whom came up with a diagnosis or treatment plan that worked. One extremely well trained, respected specialist in New York explained that vulvodynia is a diagnosis of exclusion. He explained that they rule out things you don't have the then conclude you just have pain, burning and irritation for unknown reasons. If this sounds like you or you are chronically suffering, Dr. Fowler may be your answer. Dr. Fowler had an explanation for the discomfort and treatment for what caused me such pain. Dr. Fowler's lab testing uses more advanced equipment and is more sophisticated than the standard wet mount lab tests and is quantitative. This more sophisticated lab testing in my case revealed my problem. Dr. Fowler saw a floral imbalance that he could treat whereas the other specialist saw nothing wrong with me. The other specialist who was kind and wanted to help only offered that I "live with the pain" and use antidepressants. Not only is Dr. Fowler's lab testing more sophisticated, he identifies disease states that the mainstream textbooks don't yet identify. He has researched this thoroughly while at the Mayo Clinic and published his findings. His approach isn't on the fringes of conventional medicine, rather it is on the cutting edge of medicine. His credentials are impeccable but most importantly, Dr. Fowler has years and years of successfully treating difficult cases and thus he knows exactly what works. I had a complete resolution to my symptoms as a result of strict adherence to his protocols. Lastly. Dr. Fowler is a caring, sympathetic Doctor who has a kind, gentle way. He is always available to provide advice and answer questions. I highly recommend Dr. Fowler and I am extremely grateful for the solutions he provided to me." L. Dix Hills, NY

"I had been suffering from intense vaginal pain, itching and burning for 10 years. I saw multiple gynecologists but no one was able to correctly dianose what was causing my vagina to feel like tissue paper during intercourse. Routine treatments for bacterial infections or yeast infections did not help and I frequently left the doctors' offices in tears because aside from "a little redness and dryness", I looked OK. I frequently had small tears right above the vaginal opening and one doctor insisted it was herpes in spite of my insistence my husband and I had been monogamous (testing for herpes was negative). Eventually, my vaginal "architecture" started "melting" and a biopsy finally confirmed an autoimmune disease called lichen sclerosus. Standard treatment for that is a super-high potent steroid cream that can eventually cause the vaginal tissues to thin even more. A girlfriend mentioned this doctor she found that was able to help her chronic vaginal pain so I made an appointment to see Dr. Fowler. It took 9 months, but Dr. Fowler was able to restore my vaginal flora to a healthy state and I am finally pain-free and feel like a normal female again! The anatomy changes from the FS are permanent, but with a healthy vaginal flora and a much lower dose of cortisone cream, I can enjoy sex again without any pain and I am free from the constant discomfort of burning and tearing I had been living with. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Fowler if you have been frustrated with the standard medical treatment for vulvovaginal problems" T. Phoenix, AZ

"After more than 25 years of vaginal and pelvic pain, I developed cuts and tears that only added to the frustration. I was crying each time I had to use the bathroom I've had numerous surgeries including a hysterectomy that were supposed to heal my pelvic pain. I've even been to massage therapists, physical therapy and had chiropractic treatments thinking it was nerve pain from my lower back and each specialist told me the same, they could help me and I had come to the right place. They were all wrong. I was prescribed vaginal estrogen creams by various gynecologists that did nothing but irritate. I had numerous anti-yeast preparations and the only thing they did was cause more irrritation and pain. I was very skeptical when I came to see Dr. Fowler. It took about 6 months following the protocol that I was prescribed before I began to see a great difference. It has now been over a year and I can honestly say I am relieved and have minimal pain. The urgency to urinate, pelvic pain, burning, and the cuts and slits that would never heal are gone. I will continue to see Dr. Fowler and I am thankful to have found his practice." D. Phoenix, AZ

"Having problems with my vagina with burning and itching constantly. I went with four gynecologists in Phoenix, AZ and another two gynecologists in Mexico and nobody found what the problem was. I spent one year with different treatments and nothing worked and finally a gynecologist referred me to Doctor Fowler and he found the problem. After 4 months of being on his recommended treatment I am 80% better.. my life has changed! Thank you....Doctor Fowler!!!" C. Phoenix, AZ

"I had seen several providers when my symptoms began over a year period, and undergone much testing and treatments with no relief of my symptoms. I had become quite frustrated and disheartened. I found Dr. Fowler on the web and I went to see him. After several months of treatment, my symptoms were completely gone and I was finally able to have relief and feel normal again. Due to other health issues, I the stopped the treatment regimen several months ago and now my symptoms have returned to some degree. I am very hopeful though, that restarting the treatment regimen will again control my symptoms and allow me to be pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone suffering from vulvodynia as I have true belief in his treatment regimen and it made the biggest difference in my life and health." E. Anchorage, AK

"I have suffered over 10 years with vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis that no other doctor has been able to discover. In California I saw two providers and two in Arzona before finding Dr. Fowler. Dr. Fowler was able to diagnose my issues on my first visit. It is now 10 months and the vulvodynia is at least 75% better. The lichen sclerosis is completely gone. He has helped me and my frustrations tremendously. I would certainly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone that has vaginal problems. I am so glad I came to him." J. Buckeye, AZ

"I am delighted to report that after a very short time of using the products for sensitive skin recommended by Dr. Fowler, that alone eliminated 70% of my chronic vaginal pain, even before starting the vaginal treatment. Much of the burning and itching vanished, and still more importantly, the constant onslaught of yeast, BV, and UTI's ceased. I could sit again quite comfortably, and I was no longer constantly "aware" of my vaginal pain. It's a simple, inexpensive, and easy to follow protocol-- and the results in my case were noticeable immediately. I began by using the soap, shaving cream and ointment, and then added the vulvar washes. The last ingredient was quite essential to my progress. I'm curretly 51, and I've had fifteen years of almost unremitting pain. During this time, I've beeen to more doctors than I can name here-- all with no results until I found the Fowler protocol. It's amazing to feel almost normal again. I had really lost hope. I'm following up with Dr. Fowler in his office, and I hope to get to the next level of wellness with the vaginal treatment. I hope women--and their partners!- everywhere find Dr. Fowler. His approach is literally life-changing." M.Bloomington, IN

"I am currently 22 years old, and I have had my symptoms since I was about 15. My vagina would feel like it was on fire or that someone was lighting a match and just holding it there. I tried everything to make it better using numbing creams and steroids. They temporarily helped, but my symptoms kept coming back. When I would have a flair up, I could not walk or even get out of bed because I was in so much pain. I lived in Colorado at the time and had gone to many doctors, even one at the Denver Children's Hospital and the OB/GYN told me to just drink more water and wear sweatpants. That did not help at all. Then when I was 17, I moved to AZ and found a doctor that prescribed me some pain pills. Those helped, but did not cure my problem. Then about two years ago I heard of Dr. Fowler through my gynecologist and came to him right away. I got on the regimen he prescribed me, and it did help, but I didn't fully comply and therefore all my symptoms came back. I then came back a few months ago and got back on the regimen. I have been on it for 4 months now and I am about 70-75% better. I have gotten used to all the changes and they really are no a hassle anymore. My life has completely changed since I met Dr. fowler. I am so grateful that he helped me. I would still be in so much pain and only treating my symptoms and not actually curing the problem. If you are considering seeing him, I would definatly do so." M. Flagstaff AZ

"It's my 8th month of treatment and the word is I am so much better...the itchy, burning discomfort pretty much gone! The good doctor, Dr. Fowler, told me he could help and boy did he. I have been to various doctors around the country and never could get a correct diagnosis, so their treatment(s) made me worse. Ladies, follow this doctor's orders, follow the plan, and you too will be on the road to recovery." M. Philadelphia, PA

"Very early on in my marriage, from day one, I experienced pain with intercourse. It burned, it was uncomfortable and quite honestly I hated sex. I didn't want to have anything to do with it. I would itch constantly and be miserable throughtout the day. I started seeing doctors immediately wondering if it was just an allergy to sex...secretly I hoped that was the case so I would have a good reason to not have to do it. After probaboy 3-4 different doctors, there was "speculation" that I could have "vulvodynia", "vulvar vestibulitis" and "lichen sclerosis". These were just a few of the diagnoses they threw out at me. We tried pills, creams, ointments, and the list goes on. One of the only cream that actually seemed to work, suddenly was taken off the market. I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I had a doctor tell me once that if I had a baby it might help things out. My husband and I are infertile and cannot have children biologically. Another dead end. Another 4 doctors and PA's later, including urologists, and still no answers. Then after 12 years of misery, I started to see an OBGYN who seeded to really do his research and was interested in what I was dealing with. We continued to try new things. Since we cannot have children and I was having multiple periods a month (it seemed) and ask if I could have an ablation, to help maybe relieve the pain of wearing tampons constantly. I was still trying to keep my intimate relationship good and so between trying to heal after sex ( a few days) and wearing tampons (a couple weeks), I was never getting any relief. As a result I asked if "surgery" would be an option for me. The reason "having a baby" could have helped is because if I tore then the theory was they could remove the "bad tissue" while they were already "down there". But without this reason, it was too risky to do surgery. So, now I had a reason with the ablation for my doctor to proceed with a "vestibulectomy". After recovery from that (6 weeks), I seemed to be better, for about 6 months and back to square one. I hurt, it burned, I itched,,,,all over again. This is when my OBGYN referred me to an out-of-state colleague of his, Dr. Fowler. In the 2 years I have been treated, my lifestyle and intimate relationship with my husband have improved dramatically. I no longer burn and itch on a daily basis, sex is actually enjoyable. I don't have to mentally prepare myself for days, I don't burn during of after sex 90% of the time. Occasional flare ups due to spotting from menstruation post ablation, but overall, I have been able to have relief and enjoy daily activities more. I workout a lot and sometimes that would cause pain, but I no longer worry about that with my workouts. I highly recommend Dr. Fowler and his caring staff to anyone dealing with these issues. It's not easy to talk about and after telling my story to many doctors that didn't understand, it's nice to have someone get it and know how to help." P. Twin Falls, ID

"Over the last eight months of treatment with Dr. Fowler I have had significant improvement. No more severe burning, itching and agitation after activities or sitting for longer periods of time. Even going to the movies was out of the question due to being so uncomfortable. if you are having any doubts whether or not it is possible to find a treatment that will work, put your mind at ease and make your appointment. The treatment is "do able" and well worth the effort." S Scottsdale, AZ

"Finding Dr. Fowler has changed everything for me! I have been suffering with chronic recurrent yeast infections for the past 4 years. I have seen 5 different doctors who kept putting me on boric acid suppositories for weeks at a time, all to no avail. The infection would clear for a bit and then the symptoms would start creeping back again. Not one doctor could figure out why this was happening to me. I am an otherwise very healthy 42 year old woman. I was in constant discomfort with burning, itching and discharge and became very depressed. I tried everything on my own, from following an anti candida diet, taking probiotics, drinking tons of water, weekly accupuncture, holistic candida cleanses, nothing worked. One evening while I was on line doing even more research, I googled excessive discharge and Dr. Fowler's site popped up. I figured I had nothing to lose at this point and decided to fill out his questionnaire and see if he could possibly help. Just speaking to him made me feel better, as he was empathetic, understanding, compassionate and made me feel like I wasn't crazy. It's hard to suffer from an invisible illness! It's hard for others to truly understand what you are going through, but Dr. Fowler did understand. I knew right away that I was on the right track. After taking the Vaginal Fluid Test, he was able to come up with a diagnosis of Inflammatory Vaginitis. He immediately put me on a protocol of medications and products that I was to use for a four month period. Today I am 90% better! The constant burning and itching was gone after the first couple weeks of treatment and now I'm feeling almost completely back to normal!!! After 4 years of hell, I have my life back and I can't thank Dr. Fowler enough. He is even easier to reach on the phone than my local doctors. Dr. Fowler is the real deal ahd he will hellp you!" T. Valley Village, CA

"In late 2013 I started having burning and pain in the vestibule area. in a three month time frame I saw 8 doctors and tried numerous creams and even had a painful biopsy. Nothing helped and no one could give me a reason for the pain. It was a very emotionally difficult time - I thought I was incurable and would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I read "horror" stories on the internet of women who had been suffering for years and could not find relief. I got more and more depressed. I found a great group of women online who have also suffered with this horrible condition and one of them recommended Dr. Fowler. I was hesitant to fly to another state to see a doctor, but I was desperate so I called and made the appointment. It was the best decision I have made! Dr. Fowler understood exactly what I was going through. It took some time, but I can say I am 90% better than where I was a year ago! I feel like I have my life back." A. Bartelsville, OK

"I have had vulvodynia for over 25 years. I had seen countless specialists over the years but never received relief of symptoms. I have tried botox injections, interferon injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, tissue removal... vestibulectomy, ineffective hormonal treatments, naturopathic medicine, eastern medicine, psychotopic medications and numerous other treatments with no avail. I had never given up hope and found Dr. Fowler using an internet search. His treatment has provided me a significant reduction at about 95% reduction in symptoms at this point and I feel optimistic to achieve full remission of symptoms. I was initially reluctant to try some of his treatment recommendations but once I did I was very happy with the results and finally felt normal for the first time in over 25 years. Dr. Fowler is incredibly competent and caring. He is always available by phone for questions and concerns. I am very grateful I found FGI and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from vulvodynia." C. Scottsdale, AZ

"I cannot tell you how frustrating the last three years have been trying to find a gynecologist that could and would help me. I have been to five different gynecologists who told me there was nothing wrong with me-one even called me crazy and said it was "all in my head!" Moreover, I could not have intercourse and I felt very insecure ALL the time because of the odor, discharge and burning sensation. If that wasn't enough, I also spent thousands upon thousands of dollars going to theses different gynecologists and taking medicine that was unresponsive. Since first seeing Dr. Fowler four months ago, I have made immense progress with all of my symptoms. In fact, I am 60-80% better! I can finally have intercourse again without feeling a burning sensation, the odor and discharge are almost non-existent and I finally am starting to feel secure with myself again. Ladies, I highly recommend you go to see Dr. Fowler if you are having problems that just cannot seem to be resolved. You will not be disappointed and it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run." I. Gilbert, AZ

"I had been suffering from chronic yeast infections and chronic vaginal itching for two years before finding Dr. Fowler. I am so glad I finally found him and got the treatment I needed. I had gone to multiple doctors and had been told the same thing over and over. I had tried different medicines. I was so frustrated with my situation because no one had any answers for me or knew what was going on. I felt like I couldn't live a normal life becasue the itching and irritation was constantly bothering me. One night my mom called me and said she found a doctor I should go see. I came to Dr. Fowler's office and my life changed! He diagnosed me with Vulvar Contact Dermatitis and Lichen Sclerosus. Over the course of the treatment for the past 4 months, I've only had about five times where I felt a little fare for 5 minutes or so. I'm definitely more comfortable, before it was constantly itching, no more cuts or swelling. Life is much better. Overall 90% better. The discharge is fully resolved. I am so thankful to Dr. Fowler for helping me resolve my issues. I feel like I can live a normal life again! I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler, he gave me back my life!" T. Gilbert, AZ

"When I first started experiencing burning and pain, I went to my gynecologist and was told that everything tested normal. I went back multiple times and was treated very poorly, eventually she found an "answer". She misdiagnosed me for an STD. After being put on medication for 8 months with no improvement, I went to a new gynecologist only to be treated the same way, with no relief.Eventually I found Dr. Fowler on my own. I read his testimonials and was hopeful that I might find the answer. The pain and burning consumed my life, it was all I could think about, I was truly miserable. After being put on my new regime, I found relief. At the moment, I feel 60-70% improvement. I feel like I have my life back. Please be your own advocate and come to Dr. Fowler. It is worth it!!!" K. Scottsdale, AZ

"I had been to my Gyn every month for six months prior to seeing Dr. Fowler trying to get rid of itching and chronic discharge. With no results my gyn finally referred me to Dr. Fowler. Four months after starting the treatment recommended by Dr. Fowler, there are no clinical signs of lichen sclerosis, the itching and discharge have resolved. This has immensely improved my life. I would highly recommend him for any vulvar concern." P. Chandler, AZ

"Ladies, please read my review! In September of 2014 I had just left the office of my Gynecologist for the 6th time in the last 4 months. I was stuck in this never ending cycle of BV and reoccurring yeast infections. My gyno kept prescribing me the same medicine and I remember sitting in her office for the 6th time begging her to try something else because what we had been trying wasn't working. She then gave me Dr. Fowler's card and said I think you need to see a specialist. I immediately googled Dr. Fowler and started reading all of the other reviews. I felt like many of the women who had wrote the testimonials were experiencing my exact same situation. I called immediately and scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Fowler. After my first appointment, I was a little nervous that some of Dr. Fowler's instructions were kind of crazy (sorry Dr. Fowler)! But, I was desperate and would have done anything to fix my problems so I followed his regime exactly like he asked me. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy! I am happy to report that after just a few weeks I was already BV and yeast infection free! I still had a little soreness during intercourse, but I was much better. It was only one month after that I was 100% better with absolutely no problems or pain! IF YOU ARE IN A SIMILAR SITUATION, PLEASE GO SEE DR. FOWLER! The key is to stick to the plan he gives you, exactly! No cheating or you won't get the results! *Quick Funny Story- I was on an airplane headed to a bachelorette party when I looked over a girlfriend's computer screen and asked her how she heard of the soap that she was about to purchase. She said her doctor had referred her that soap and she loves it. I asked her if by chance her doctor was Dr. Fowler and her face was in complete shock. We were both seeing the same vaginal doctor, although for separate problems, but both having amazing results!" J. Gilbert, AZ

"I had problems with extreme vaginal burning and discharge for 8 years. I could not have sex, limited my outside activities, could not ride my bike or even walk without it irritating me. I have been  to five different gynecologists with no results. My gynecologist in Montrose, Colorade referred me to Dr. Fowler and now I feel much better. I'm not as stressed about it because it is obvious that I'm getting better. The vaginal burning is nothing compared to what it had been. I still have some burning in the peri-rectal area. I can actually have sex without it burning for 2 days like it did. I think about it less. It has been well worth the time it has taken on the treatment protocols to get better. I would recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone with these symptoms." T. Montrose, CO

"I want to thank Dr. Fowler for all that he has done for me. Finding Dr. Fowler was the best thing that has happened to me. He has been so kind and understanding with all of my problems. He has always taken the time and has answered all of my questions. If you follow his suggestions, his protocol will work. I have been seeing Dr. Fowler for two years now and I can say that I am 100% better . Working with Dr. Fowler and his staff has been a joy, they are always there to answer any questions that I have had by phone or by e-mail. Thank you Dr. Fowler for getting my life back." J. Chandler, AZ

"I had massive vaginal discomfort for 31/2 years. I had seen 4 docs with no relief. I found out about Dr. Fowler by googling vulvodynia. I'm so glad I did. I think it was divine intervention, quite frankly, that I found him. Now at 4 months on his protocol, in terms of every day discomfort I'm 60+% better some days close to 90% when I don't even think about the problem. Before it was a crap shoot, working out, tight clothing, perspiration, urination all made much worse. Have been using dilators and could feel the sensitivity was getting less even to the point I wanted to try intercourse again but with trepidation because it had been so painful I had not been able to engage for to years prior to beginning this treatment. There was some burning but he was able to fully insert and he is well endowed so that's a big improvement. I have gone from feeling helpless and in despair to regaining my self esteem and hope for my future. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anybody coping with the problems he addressed." V. Novato, CA

"I suffered with incredible pain and discomfort and a nonexistent sex life for at least a year before finding my way to Dr. Fowler. Just a few months after I started Dr. Fowler's protocol, my labial irritation vanished and I was able to resume my active life and and my normal sex life. (Boy is my husband happy.) Prior to that I wondered if my life was essentially over, as I was so uncomfortable and unable to be intimate with my husband. After I found Dr. Fowler, I realized that my gynecologist had been treating the symptoms of my underlyng problem, rather than the cause, and her treatments were actually making me worse. Finding Dr. Fowler right in my own town has been a Godsend." D. Paradise Valley, AZ

"A little over a year ago I was misdiagnosed by my regular gyn. A friend (patient of Dr. Fowler) told me about Dr. Fowler and that I should speak to him. I made an appointment and was extremely pleased when I left his office that day with my new treatment plan in hand. I did his protocol as recommend for 5 months now. I am happy to say I am symptom free. Overall 99.9% better. Only every once in a while I will have a slight flare but it goes away on its own. Sex was extremely painful now it's not painful, and we're good. The sense of urinary frequency and urgency has gone away completely. I am 100% happy about how this treatment is going. I would highly recommend any women to see him with any vulvovaginal problems." D. Phoenix, AZ

"I found Dr. Fowler through my gynecologist after having symptoms for one and one half years. I set up an appointment immediately. I was encouraged when I met with Dr. Fowler that my situation was fixable. I started on the regiment he prescribed. And I am thrilled with my progress. I'm not at the finish line yet, but will be. At this point in time after 4 months of treatment, I'm overall 60% better. I feel like I'm doing really good. I've been in the pool and before it was too raw inside there and it burned bad and now I do great in the pool. Now I can sit prolonged and it's not so tender when I wash. I'm definitely encouraged that it's getting better. It was a nightmare... it was horrible pain. Also there is no more discharge. Thank you Dr.Fowler" P. Scottsdale, AZ

"I had this incredible pain, on and off, for about 10 years. I had gone through my regular OB/GYN, with little to no results. I was able to work with the Mayo Clinic, and worked with 3 different doctors there, and they had no answers. About two years previous, I had a partial hysterectomy- the theory being that would help, but 6 months later, the pain was back. At the Mayo Clinic, when the doctor left me sobbing in the office, telling me the next step was yet another laparoscopy, a nurse came and gave me hope. She was the former nurse of Dr. Fowler when he was at Mayo and she gave me his phone number. I went to see him, and within 3 months of following his protocol, I was pain free- and remained pain free for another year and 3 months. I did fabulous! I recently had a relapse, due to going off the protocol.(sorry about that Doc), and will begin again knowing it will work." A. Gilbert, AZ

"I started experiencing severe pains in the vulva region around 6 years ago. After first seeing my regular Ob Gyn I was directed to 5 different specialists in Phoenix AZ. None of the treatments were working. Around 3 years ago, I decided to call Mayo Clinic based on a co-worker's recommendations. Mayo referred me to Dr. Fowler. The treatment might have at the time seemed lengthy but my condition today is so improved and I am back to a normal healthy life. I'm doing better, would say about 80% better. My mind is not always thinking about the problem. It has made my life easier, able to do more things. Before it was difficult to swim or exercise, now I can do it without the pain. I'm really doing fine so far. Dr. Fowler is the only one I would recommend. The day he decides to stop and play golf we are all in trouble." E. Cave Creek, AZ

"After 8 months of extreme discomfort of vaginal itching, burning, discharge and bad odor. I found Dr. Fowler by referral of a friend. In just two and a half monthe my symptoms were 90% better. I have found going out in public a pleasure not a chore now. i had treatened to use a wire brush on myself now i'm glad I didn't! I highly recommend. Dr. Fowler." J. Slayersville, Kentucky

"Four years ago I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Fowler at the Mayo Clinic. Prior to that time I had seen at least 5 physicians who tried to diagnose my symptoms without succes. A hysterectomy and gallbladder removal were not the answer. For over a year and a half I suffered a great deal with vulvar pain no one could seem to alleviate. Dr. Fowler diagnosed vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis. With his protocol I have been asympotomatic and living a normal healthy life for the past 4 years after the initial 6 month treatment. To say I am grateful to Dr. Fowler is an under-statement." S. Seattle, Washington.

"I want to thank Dr. Fowler and staff for helping me with my condition, which I had for two years. My gynecologist said she could no longer help me and referred me to specialist, Dr. Fowler. He diagnosed me with Lichen Sclerosus. Now I'm felling alot better, just after 8 weeks of treatment. I'd say I'm 80-90% better. The itching is gone, I no longer scratch. The cuts and cracks have resolved and not reoccured. I am happy! I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler and staff." R. Peoria, AZ

"I suffered with itching and burning in my crotch for over 7 years. I saw doctors off and on and used prescriptions which reduced the discomfort for a very short time - but it never really went away. The last doctor said my condition was so bad that they didn't think they would be able to help me and recommended that I see a specialist. I saw Dr. Fowler about 2 months ago. He accurately diagnosed my conditions as Lichen Sclerosus and put me on a treatment regimen that has improved my condition 1000 percent! It is such a blessing to finally be free of the itching and burning. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler." M. Scottsdale AZ

"After 4 years and 3 doctors I had literally lost hope that my vaginal conditions would ever go away. My symptoms began in 2010, a persistent thick, white substance in my vagina that my doctors simply couldn't identify, diagnose or treat. There wasn't any pain, odor or physical discomfort at all, just a very embarrassing white discharge that wouldn't go away. I would avoid intimacy because I couldn't be spontaneous, I was embarrassed and ashamed and my relationship suffered. Finally! I met the doctor (who still couldn't help my conditions) but he did better... he referred me to Dr. Fowler. Dr. Fowler diagnosed my condition at my first appointment and started me on the right path to recovery and getting my life back. Within only 3 months I saw the difference, and at my first follow-up appointment with Dr. Fowler I was already 80% better. I feel better now, more confident and hopeful. I'm so glad I met Dr. Fowler and his great team." M. Scottsdale, Az.

"I had clitoral pain feeling like a deep uncomfortableness for 10 years and vaginal odor and some itching. I saw multiple doctors without relief. I was referred by Dr. Kho at the Mayo Clinic to see Dr. Fowler. The experience has been nothing short of amazing! It took me being on the prescribed regimen 8 months and I became 100% better. I continue to use the daily cream, and lye soap and will resume the astringent solution. Very, very pleased. You saved my life, Dr. Fowler... and my sanity. Many blessings."  K. Jackson, Michigan.

"Three years ago I started getting burning and itching and went to my doctor to find out that I had bacterial vaginosis and yeast. I would be prescribed the usual antibiotics and suppositories and it would seem to go away but always came back. I was tired of the cycle. I decided to contact Dr. Fowler and to finally find out what my problem is and why it won't go away. It's worth the trip to find out what's wrong and fix this problem of mine. Even having started on his products recommended for sensitive genital skin within two days I felt totally better. The burning and irritation resolved! At one look he also diagnosed me with Lichen Sclerosus which had been over looked by my local doctors. I'm so glad I made the trip, and that's the truth!" P. Lancaster, Texas

"I read countless testimonials on Dr. Fowler's web site before I felt confident about making an appointment. I had been to so many doctors with no real answers. I can assure you that I am one of the many patients that Dr. Fowler had treated and helped. He was able to make the correct diagnosis and provide the treatment protocol to finally help my issues resolve. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Fowler. His specific knowledge and experience has been invaluable to me. He is also a doctor that truly cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Fowler. You have truly been a godsend!" J. Johns Creek, Georgia

"Before I was referred to Dr. Fowler, I suffered from daily vulvar itching and burning. It affected my everyday life and I was not able to do the things that I enjoyed. Since being on the treatment regimen, I am so much better. My mood is brighter and I can start living again. Overall 90%. I can tolerate sitting better, walking, and I can do some bike riding. I have been able to start wearing pants, in the past I would wear skirts. I would heartily recommend Dr. Fowler to provide expert help to all women suffering with these medical problems." A. Phoenix, AZ

"Overall I'm about 70% better....things are a lot, lot better. Intercourse so much better, not painful if I'm following all the protocol. Afterwards can be a little sensitivity for like a day. I'm able to exercise and the frictions from my clothing is no longer irritating. The protocol was not hard to do, and the benefits were definitely worth it! I'm excited to have my life back, and grateful to Dr. Fowler for finding the causes of my discomfort and healing me when no one else could!" K. Scottsdale, AZ.

"I had constant cracks and cuts with burning for 3 years. I couldn't sleep and I WAS IN AGONY." After seeing 3 doctors, my pcp referred me to Dr. Fowler. He diagnosed me with Lichen Sclerosus with one look at me. I am so much better. After 3 months of treatment I'd say 90% better. I'm thrilled. Run to Dr. Fowler if you have this condidtion, he is a miracle worker." D. Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been diagnosed with vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis and been seeking treatment for 3 years. I called Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and was referred to Dr. Fowler in private practice at Fowler Gyn International. I began the Hypocontactant Regimen portion of treatment in December and started Vaginal Rejuvenate Therapy in January. In just two and a half months I am already 85% better! The tissues seem to be healthier, more density, as before they were so thin. Rare burning, nothing like before and intercourse is now possible once again without pain. It is tremendous to have these kind of results so quickly. The quality of my life has truly changed. It is amazing! I urge anyone experiencing these problems to follow Dr. Fowler's treatment EXACTLY. It is well worth the effort in order to feel so much better!"  S. West Chester, OH.

"Thank goodness for Dr. Fowler! When I first met with him, I was burning and itching (with frequent trips to the bathroom) most all of the time. it was miserable. Now, I am free of discomfort with only an occasional infrequent flare-up. Life has returned to "normal". I am so grateful!" S. Rock Island, IL

"Having intercourse with my husband had become so painful it was causing real issues in our marriage since our sex life had been so good. The changes leading up to my getting to the point where we were not even wanting to have sex any longer had been building for years. Other doctors had believed, as I did, that I was experiencing UTI after intercourse and only prescribed antibiotics. As I aged the other issues became impossible to deal with. No lubricants worked to provide relief. Since coming to Dr. Fowler I'm doing amazingly better. No more pain with intercourse, which is huge. No more sensation like I have a UTI after intercourse. The dilators also made a big difference, they got things opened up again where before I could tell I was very shrunken down. No more issues with the dryness. At times I would have cracking and staining and that is not happening any longer. I mean everything cleared up, It's awesome." M. Paradise Valley, AZ

"I am a new patient of Dr. Fowler's and have been following his recommended protocol for 4 months. I feel tremendously better! I came to see Dr. Fowler to be treated for chronic swelling, burning and skin tearing. I have suffered from these symptoms for years. My regular gynecologist did not know what to do for me. These symptoms would often mimic those of vaginal infections even when I didn't have an infection and I would be left untreated and suffering. With a proper diagnoses from Dr. Fowler, I am receiving a targeted treatment. For the first time in years, I am not constantly thinking about how bad I feel all of the time because I am not feeling bad!" A. Oro Valley, AZ

"Ive been on my protocol for 4 months. I'm much better, compared to what it was in the beginning, I cannot complain...80% better. Less symptoms all the time. I don't have that searing pain any longer. I complied with the treatment protocol and the results have been positive. Dr. Fowler and staff are friendly and efficient in his treatment. Don't wait, schedule an appointment and start to feel better. There is hope... and treatment." S. Scottsdale, AZ

"I spent several years going to doctor appointments where drug after drug was given to me for all of my symptoms. Nothing seemed to help. I was referred to a vulvar specialist in Phoenix who only gave me a prescription for a drug I ended up being allergic to. I was so desperate for help. I saw a different gynecologist who referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was in tears when I arrived for my appointment. I never thought I would feel normal again. He changed my life. I am doing well. Much, much better! I don't think about anything down there, it's not part of my conscious daily life any more. No burning, in fact it's 100% resolved. I'm thrilled, I can't tell you how Dr. Fowler has changed my life, I was miserable now I'm really happy, I can smile and I can function! I am engaging in intercourse again. It is the experience that it should be. Please, anyone with any of these symptoms schedule an appointment. Do not waste your time with doctors that do not understand what is taking place or how to treat the symptoms. Do not suffer when Dr. Fowler has a way to treat you and make your life enjoyable. Growing older needs to be a positive and wonderful experience." E. Scottsdale, AZ

"Before seeing Dr. Fowler, I was in such severe pain that it affected my everyday life. I would barely sit down at a restaurant, at my job or even to use the restroom. I had several tests done, which all came back negative and then I was referred to Dr. Fowler by my gynecologist. I was diagnosed with vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis. After 3 months of Dr. Fowlers regimen and expertise, I am feeling 100% better. I have not felt any pain, I can use tampons again, and can continue comfortable with my everyday routine. The problems I had never cross my mind. All swelling, irritation and itching are completely gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone who is concerned with vaginal problems. His staff is amazing and I am so lucky to have been referred to such an amazing physician. I can now continue a healthy, regular and comfortable lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Fowler!!" R. Scottsdale, AZ

"About a year ago my mother and I came across Dr. Fowler on the internet, and starting making appointments. Through my overall treatment with Dr. Fowler I have been feeling healthier, and have gotten persistently better. At this point about 80% better. I had horrible pinching vaginal pain during walking, wearing jeans, and exercising. Now after my treatments I have been feeling almost totally pain free vaginally, and can exercise or walk whenever feeling healthy down there." D. Goodyear, AZ

"I think I'm doing a lot, lot better. Since the first few two weeks of treatment I have felt normal again. The dry, itchy and feeling inflamed resolved. Now intercourse improved a lot as well, no longer cracking or tearing. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis with itching and painful discomfort, treated by a dermatologist which did a great job, but not enough to get me well until I met Dr. Fowler. Now my life has turned around for the better, the itching stopped, the irritation stopped,  color of the skin came back to normal. Thanks Dr. Fowler." S, Maricopa, AZ

"I used to have vaginal infections twice a month for the last 15-18 years. I had been to 4 doctors without anyone telling me what I had. Fortunately I found Dr. Fowler on the internet while I was looking for treatment for my infections, itching and burning. Lucky me!! I have been in Dr. Fowler's care for the last 11 months and my condition has improved 80% with no more itching, burning or odor just   occasional discharge. I used to be very conscious anout the odor and my mood was usually low and was difficult to have intercourse because it hurt. Most all of my symptoms are gone now. I am a changed person! My confidence is back. I am very thankful to Dr. Fowler and his staff. I received great attention, respect, understanding to my problems, I would recommend Dr. Fowler and his treatment for anyone with a vaginal condition. Thank you Dr. Fowler!" P. Huixquilucan, Mexico

"After suffering with burning and pain and no desire for close to 10 years and putting up with flare-ups, finally it got so bad that I needed to seek medical help. At my routine visit to my gyn I mentioned it to the Doctor, her recommendation was for me to see Dr. Fowler. After, 4 months of being on the protocol, I feel I am improved 80%, feel much better, the burning sensation went away and the itching is at minimal and corrected by closer adherence to the regimen. I really appreciate Dr. Fowler's expertise and wisdom in helping me become a healthier woman." Y.  Fountain Hills, AZ

"I suffered from vaginal dryness and burning for many years, thinking this would be forever. I tried different doctors, different estrogen creams, pills, everything and nothing worked. Then I read about Dr. Fowler on the web and going to see him was the best thing I ever did. All the products he recommended for me work great and it is a very easy process each day. I have had no trouble. I have been seeing Dr. Fowler for about 7 months and I am 70-80% better and much happier. I highly recommend you do the same- he really makes it better- it can get better!" E, Gilbert, AZ

"After struggling for about 3 years with recurring yeast/vaginal infections, I finally found Dr. Fowler. He is the only doctor that has been able to treat the underlying cause of these horrible symptoms! I was getting infections once a month and would go to my GYN doctor who would prescribe medications to treat the condition. But the following month, I'd get another infection. So after many months of going through this, it became exhausting; going to the doctor each time and getting the same medications. Sure it would relieve my symptoms, but the whole time I knew that it was just a temporary fix and that this would happen again in another 4 weeks. It was very frustrating how no GYN could figure out why or how this was happening so often. I finally went to a new GYN who couldn't make sense of it either, but fortunately she had heard of Dr. Fowler and recommended that I make an appointment with him. Dr. Fowler was very thorough. He performed the VFA test and could see exactly what was gong on and why I was experiencing these ongoing infections. He set me up with a treatment protocol and explained that it does take a little bit of time for things to improve 100%. But honestly, after beginning the protocol, I went for an entire 4 months without a single problem so to me, that was a major improvement! After having these recurring infections every month for 3 years, to make it 4 months without any issues was a major relief. I could actually trust that the protocol Dr. Fowler placed me on was doing it's job!! No more having to wonder if there was a way to overcome this problem, now I know it's possible." B. Scottsdale, AZ

 "I experienced a mysterious vaginal burning 10 years ago at the age of 30, for 6 months I suffered from unusal amounts of discharge and burning coming from higher up inside by the vaginal opening, but results found little to no yeast, no BV etc. The doctors were stumped. After 6 months it mysteriously subsided on its own, but during this time period, I could not have intercourse, and it pretty much disrupted my whole entire life. I had become depressed, and irritable, and my condition eventually forced me to take a break from my studies. Once again these symptoms have revisited me. At the age of 39, almost 10 years to the month, I am suffering from unusual discharging and higher up vaginal burning by the opening. Three doctors later, a series of failed creams, regimens and antibiotics, I'm back to square one. Now with a child and even more responsibilities, life with my symptoms was a miseraable one. I felt isolated and alone, and no one could understand what was wrong with me. I was beginning to give up all hope. 7 months ago, I met Dr. Fowler after being referred to him by a nurse practioner who became to know me very well, by my numerous visits to her. She asked me to see Dr. Fowler, without hesitation I called him. I was desperate to try and see anyone who could help at this point. Upon a half hour and a special vaginal fluid analysis done in the office. He said to me, I know what you have, he said my estrogen receptors in my vaginal mucosa were not working well, and he placed me on a very specific vaginal regimen, which has come to change my life dramatically. Now 80% better for vulvodynia only about 2-3 days per month. Sexually active and it's good. My natural lubricant is now good and I don't have any burning after intercourse anymore which is fantastic." Y. Maricopa, AZ

"Generalized Vulvodynia destroyed my life at the age of 19. I was in extreme pain with no lasting relief. I only get seconds of relief by applying frozen ice bottles. I couldn't walk, sit, stand, wear underwear, or sleep on my side. It was debilitating in every way for the past two years. Imagine a constant 24/7 burning on the external genitalia region and my less problematic at the entrance as well. That's my daily struggle every single day. I never got a second without my skin on fire. Acid being poured on the skin is truly the most acurate description. As a college student, working in a high-end retail store, active in sports, able to have sex, etc. I never saw this coming. Although, I do have to mention I had issues for 3 years prior to this. I had irritation for a week before my period, every single time I menstruated; regular or irregular periods. It always came before, and disrupted my life for a week. So, I always knew I had hypersensitivity in the vulva area, but I never knew it could build up to a pain level-condition. Regarding the post-menstruating irritation; I put up with it, hoping I"d grow out of it. Once this struck me, I then started seeing doctors, countless doctors. I saw a couple Vulvodynia specialists in my state, but I always left with no hope. At age 20, I know Dr. Fowler was my calling to the ending of my suffering! I found Dr. Fowler by talking to one of his Vulvodynia clients who lives in Arizona. I found her through social networking sites months before he launched his website. The only thing I regret is not seeing him sooner!!! I was even in a wheelchair in the Phoenix airport since I couldn't walk or function on my way to the visit. Fast forward to now, 9 months after seeing him I'm improving 40-50%! My in-office visit with Dr. Fowler left me envisioning my pain-free future! I believe I would be at a higher percentage by now, if it wasn't for not priortizing the regimen to a tee. I started noticing relief and then used lidocaine patches for additional relief. Bad idea! Ladies, follow everything and you too will get a good response to the FGI treatment approach! I'm progressing more as days go on! I'm able to have a peace of mind knowing I'm in good hands! My favorite part about meeting Dr. Fowler is that he was confident that he could relieve my pain, he knew what he was doing... and I knew I was in the right place! I'm 21 now, and I'm not giving up on my dreams. I was given a correct diagnosis, easy to follow medication ( that really works!), my prescriptions, so were striving for 90% improvement in the next few months! I'm very excited!!! Dr. Fowler cares enought to dedicate his practice to helping women with difficult vulvovaginal conditions. I am grateful for my individualized treatment protocol, and Dr. Fowlers guidance! I'm on my way to getting my life back! He's very knowledgeable! I finally found the physician I was looking for, with the expertise in the condition I battle!! Thank you for everything, you're greatly appreciated Dr. Fowler!! A. Clio, Michigan

"I had been to several gynecologists and women health centers and no one was able to help me. This went on for about 6 years. It was depressing being constantly dry and irritated in the vaginal area.. and forget about being intimate... it was just too painful.. stung like paper cuts, lubricants didn't add the moisture that was needed for intercourse. Sitting felt different, and sensitive with wiping. Wearing tight clothing felt like prickly how, like heat rash hot. Dr. Kho from Mayo Clinic saved me by referring me to Dr. fowler. He is truly remarkable in healing this kind of condition. Spared me from a life of being depressed and feeling alone. I highly recommend him!! Very gentle and understanding. Stay with the protocol and your issues will go away... have faith and hang in there is what I can pass on to other women with this condition. It does get better!" K. Phoenix, AZ

"I started with my condition after having trouble with the birth control pill. After having multiple infections and problems my original ob/gyn referred me to a specialist who was able to greatly improve my condidion. At that time I remember having so much pain that my husband and I would have to stop in the middle of having sex because it hurt too much and having to blow dry (on low of course after a shower so as not to irritate the skin in the vulva area. That specialist was able to help alot, although I did not respond well to some of the methods. Fast forward three kids later and while I felt good overall, I started having strong pain while standing at certain points throughout the month. This was particularly bad during my period, where it would hurt to wear a tampon but a pad would irritate my skin so much the whole time was miserable. The pain would become so bad when I was standing that I remember having to stop making dinner one night because standing at the stove just hurt too much and I had to go lay down. At this point I found Dr. Fowler who has been able to help me almost completely pain free. With three children I can't spend my time sitting or laying down too often. I no longer dread my periods and only have an occasional day where I have pain and we are working further to adjust my medicine to the point where I look forward to not having to deal with any pain. Many days I no longer feel like I even has this condition as it is so far from my mind." B. Phoenix, AZ

"I have been dealing with my issue for about 2 years now with burning, itching, discharge and odor. I have gone to see my normal gynecologist (3 different doctors in the same practice) and 2 emergency room doctors and no one was able to diagnose the problem. I finally went back to my gynecologist to see a new physician and she recommeded me to go see Dr. Fowler. I called his office to schedule an appointment (left a voicemail) and was very pleasantly surprised when he personally called me back to discuss the problem. I filled out the online form after our conversation and had my first appointment scheduled. I am now 4 months into my treatment and can't explain how much better I am feeling. I am 80% back to my normal self. Even at the exams, at the first one it felt like I had to be scraped off the ceiling. At the follow-up, the sensitivity was like a normal pelvic exam. I struggled with my symptoms for 2 years and it controlled my life. I can't explain how excited I am to get back to all the normal activities a 20 year old should be getting to experience. With my symptoms in "full force" I was a prisoner to them. I was not able to have a normal day without extreme pain and discomfort. As I stated earlier, I am 80% back to my normal self and can't wait to put this behind me and live a full life." J. Tempe, AZ

"Before seeing Dr. Fowler I was having burning and itching and not sleeping well because I itched so much.I could not have intercourse since it hurt so bad. My gynecologist referred me to Dr. Fowler. I have been under Dr. Fowlers care for the last 6 months, his treatment has been great. I feel like I'm getting back on track. Overall the burning and itching is 100% totally gone! I also used to get cracks, don't get those anymore. I can't engage in intercourse yet because vagina is too tight. Now we are working on correcting that. I'm excited that I'm getting better!" K. Maricopa, AZ

"Thank you Dr. Fowler, I have my life back! I saw Dr. R. Stuart Fowler approx. 8 months ago and am so glad I did. I used to have vaginal itching, swelling and cracks from lichen sclerosus. I immediately got relief from Dr. Fowlers protocol and have my life back resuming all activities that once before I had dreaded because I knew it would only irritate my condition. Thank you, thank you!" M. Atlanta, Georgia

"My symptoms first began in high school with what I thought were chronic yeast infections. I was treated multiple times by my regular gynecologist for months and saw a reduction in "flare-ups" but never felt totally better. About 2 years ago the flare ups started to come back more frequently and for about six months I felt like I had a severe and constant yeast infection with itching burning that was driving me crazy. I was uncomfortable to pee, exercise or have intercourse. I was again given multiple treatments by my regular gynecologist without relief. Finally, my gyncologist was convinced there was more going on than yeast infections and he referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was impressed by Dr. Fowler's knowledge and resources in helping with feminine issues that most women (including myself) don't even know exist. I was grateful that he was able to tell me what was going on with my body and give me a protocol to follow that would help me get well. After discontinuing my synthetic birth control and being on the recommended protocol for just a couple of weeks I saw a major reduction in my symptoms. Within a few short months I am free of flare-ups and feeling 100% well! Without Dr. Fowler I am sure I would not have found the relief that I have and I am grateful to have control over my body and life again." J. Gilbert, AZ

" I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler for 2 years. Before seeing him, I saw 3 different gynecologists that misdiagnosed my conditions and ran lots of unnecessary tests. I was worried that my condition could not be treated then I met Dr. Fowler. At my first visit with Dr. Fowler, he immediately identified my medical issue and explained throughly what was causing it and most importantly how to treat it. The treatment plan that he prescribed was effective. Within a month things started to improve and when I stopped the treatment because I forgot to pack medication when I went on vacation. I know how critical it was to stay on it. Seeing Dr. Fowler has extremely changed my life. I'm like 98% totally better!" E. Scottsdale, AZ

"Vulvodynia was an incredibly painful, frustrating, and depressing part of my life for the better part of two years. I saw numerous doctors, was subjected to multiple tests and prescribed several different antibiotics and other medications that only seemed to make my condition worse. I probably saw 8 different doctors over the course of those two years, none of whom could help. Without anyone who could indentify a problem, I was skeptical that a solution existed, and made to feel as though the condition was psychological. When I met with Dr. Fowler for the first time, he knew exactly what was causing the pain. He had a positive approach that, with time and management, 100% resolved my issue! To date he is the only doctor I have met who understands this condition and the pain that Vulvodynia causes, and has a viable solution. He knows what he is doing, and I would hope that someone with a story similar to mine would be able to find his practice and get the help they need as well. This is not a condition that any doctor, specialist, gynecologist or naturopath can solve; this is an area that Dr. Fowler has dedicated a substantial amount of time researching, and his solutions are working." C. Scottsdale, AZ

"Dr. Fowler is a brilliant gynecologist! After just four months, I am 95% better. He and his staff will greet you with a smile, assist you, and send you off with confidence and a smile. I am thrilled that another physician in the same field who could not help me referred me to Dr. Fowler." N. Scottsdale, AZ

"I had my first yeast infection when I was thirteen years old, and I had no idea what was happening down there. My mother took me to the gynecologist and he had given me a prescription, which gave me relief within a few days. I had no idea this was going to be the beginning of a very long and grueling process. I had one or two infections a year before I became sexually active when I was 20 years old. After that they became a constant year round infection. When I was around 26, I had a severe reaction to an over the counter product and had to schedule an emergency visit to my doctor. My body could no longer accept the use of any over the counter products and I started taking fluconazole. My mother was desperately trying to fing the new "it" doctor to give me any kind of relief without any luck. She felt my pain through the years and had been through every agonizing detail with me until she found Dr. Fowler. In one visit, I knew that my life would change. Now I'm 70% better. I had been to dozens of doctors who had no idea what I was going through and continued to prescribe me Fluconozole, which helped but never got to the root of the problem."  S. Chandler, AZ

"Overall at least 85% better. Almost no symptoms. It is a drastic improvement, nearly insufferable before. She complained of perisistent incapacitation burning and irritation which has shown dramatic improvement. Quality of life has improved to the degree that her smile is a frequent aspect of daily life. " Written by husband, A. Scottsdale, AZ

"It all started at the lake with a UTI. The burn never went away after taking the RX. The symptoms went on for 5 years, and now oh my gosh, I don't believe it after 8 months of using Dr. Fowler's protocol I'm 70-80% better. There are so many more good days than bad which is so awesome. I have a life again, I didn't have a life, it was depressing for sure. I'm happy. Nothing worse than feeling dicomfort everyday. Nobody knowing what was wrong with me made me feel crazy. I saw about 10 doctors. It became very depressing, not one Doc could find out what was going on with my body. Every test was negative, but the burn that I had I knew that something was wrong. I had seen so many Dr's and it is so emotionally draining to hear "nothing is wrong with you"! It would keep me up at night, any forms of exercise would be too much. It affected my marriage, I would burn for days after sex. After feeling like there was no other choice I went to the Mayo Clinic in AZ. It was there I learned of Dr. Fowler. Dr. Magrina at the Mayo Clinic referred me to Dr. Fowler. He changed my life!!! With intercourse I don't burn at all any longer! If you have symptoms that I had of burning, stinging, and pain, go see him. The money I spent was nothing compared to the freedom I feel being pain free. My husband adds, "She's a new woman." B. Boulder City, Nevada.

"Following a complete hystrectomy in my 30's, I had been placed on a variey of HRT (both pharmaceutical and bio-identical) over the course of the next ten years, as I was thrown into complete menopause. Some products had no effect, while others had horrible side-effects. Through bio-identical hormones, I was finally able to get most of my symptoms under control, except for the vaginal dryness. The doctors in my area were competent and WONDERFUL, but unable to grasp exactly why all of the creams and potions they were prescribing me were not absorbing or providing relief. I became desperate, as my normal active life was coming to a halt. I had to stop intercourse and exercise, and even my desk job and performing normal activitites was becoming painful. I finally turned to the internet for help, and I came across Dr. Fowler's website. Luckily for me, Dr. Fowler's practice was only a five hour drive away; although, I was at my wits end and willing to fly across the country for a chance of feeling better. The vaginal dryness eventually consumed EVERY aspect of my life. I was unable to have intercourse, however, after one month of treatment with Dr. Fowler, I was able to resume intercourse. In addititon, the dryness had become so bad that I could feel tearing of the vaginal tissue and itching as I walked and moved from a sitting to standing position. This made even working at my desk horrendously uncomfortable. Again, after just a few weeks, I felt tons and tons and tons better. The itching and dryness were all gone, and the burning with intercourse 100% resolved." H. Las Vegas, NV

"Had symptoms for 2 years. Now 4 months on treatment. I'm getting better. Overall 80% better irritation, 70% better burning and no discomfort with intercourse. I have to say that I have been to many Dr's apt. for what I thought was a yeast infection over and over again. The doctors would make me come in and act like I'm trying to get drugs or something or it was all in my head because they didn't see yeast. The teraconazole acted like a bandaid and worked for a week or two. I was thinking this is crazy I have better things to do than worry about my vaginal health. Then finally my newest gyn. referred me to Doctor Fowler. Thank goodness! although your insurance can't be used it was the best spent money because I finally got results and i'm on the road to recovery! Alice was so friendly and of course Dr. Fowler they always returned my calls and answered questions. Thank you to both of you this is a life changing event because if you have ever had these conditions you know that it really puts a damper on things. I really appreciate all you have done Dr. Fowler in getting me back to myself!" K. Phoenix, AZ

"Overall 80% better, I feel like the treatment has definitely helped. Not bothering me as much, some discharge still there. Discomfort occurs only when I wear jeans and a little with intercourse but that has definitely improved. Before treatment the burning was constant and so was the discharge, intercourse was hardly ever, it was consuming, I was constantly thinking about it. I am very grateful for Dr. Fowler and has staff. They are very professional and took the time to listen to all of my concerns. I feel like they knew exactly what I was going through and were able to give me the answers I was looking for. If you are tired of having the same symptoms and trying different treatments that aren't working, I highly recommend giving Dr, Fowler a call!" M. Glendale, AZ

"I was miserable for several months due to dryness, severe irritation and painful intercourse. Dr. Fowler recognized my condition immediately. After 8 weeks of treatment I am feeling 100% better!" K. Tempe, AZ

"In January of 2010, I was first diagnosed with BV.  Little did I know that it would be a long, painful, and extremely frustrating journey that disrupted my physical and sexual well being. I was diagnosed with BV again and again, every 2-6 weeks. My gynecologist did little to help me. She prescribed the same antibiotics for me for years every time I came in. Well, some know, that one can develope resistance to antibiotics so this was always a concern of mine. Not to mention, the ongoing infection that never seemed to go away. The only other treatment tried by my gynecologist was a sort of dye, which she tried once with no luck of it making any improvement in my condition. She never suggested anything new or other options, even though over the years and frequent visitis she came to know me very well. It almost seemed to not phase her, as if it were normal for this woman in her 20's. My sex life in my relationships was stressful, because of this ongoing problem. I felt guilt for not being able to do things with my body that I wanted to and should be able to at my age. My relationship suffered. I feared having sex, because I feared being in pain and having to tell my partner to stop. What should be something for a couple to enjoy together became something that I feared and put off, or even suffered through the pain. Even at work I would be in pain walking around sometimes to the point of tears. Well, I lost my insurance coverage for a while and went to Planned Parenthood to get my medications. It got to the point in 2013 that I went through 12-14 rounds of antibiotics by October. I had had enough. There had to be someone out there who know more than what other doctors I had seen. I started looking up specialists in Women's vaginal health online. I then found Dr. Fowler's website and watched a video. Finally, maybe someone who could help me.  I'm like a billion times better, it was like a constant infection and had used 14 rounds on antibiotics. I'm very pleased, its much more pleasant this past 6 months. Also the pain with intercourse has resolved so its nice to have a regular sex life again." D. Phoenix, AZ

" I used to have this condition for 10 years. I went to alot of doctors some of them thought I was crazy. I used to cry myself to sleep almost every night. I wasted alot of time and energy searching for a cure that was elusive.I tried every snake oil treatment there was and then some. My lowest point was when I didin't want to live with this condition anymore. I cried out to God and he answered my prayers and I found Dr. Fowler. It's been only 3 months and I'm doing alot better and feeling alot better. There are days I don't even think about it, which used to be everyday all day long, oh my goodness. Overall 40% better. Notice discharge once per day but not all day like it used to be. Odor do not notice it very often. I ride the city bus and now have the confidence to get on without an anxiety attack. I'm feeling almost normal, I thought I would never feel normal again. I'm getting there." L. Phoenix, AZ

"In August 2013 I woke up one morning feeling like acid had been poured on my outer genitals. Thinking I had a UTI, I went to my family doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic. After I finished the medication, I still had burning sensations in my vulva that were not going away. The burning was constant 24/7, it was all I could think about. Any pressure made the pain increase, so I couldn't wear jeans or have sex. I stopped playing tennis and stopped socializing. I saw a gynecologist at MUMC who prescribed Zoloft. One pill and I was sick for 10 days. I realized I needed a different aproach, and started researching specialists. I spent months researching vulvodynia on the internet trying to figure out how to get better without taking antidepressants or anticonvulsants. I found Dr. Fowler's website and was very impressed with his background. He offered a free talk so I called and spoke with him. He assured me that he thought he could help me. I flew from SC to Phoenix AZ to see him in February 2014. Based on my VFA test results he came up with a protocol for me to follow. It has been 4 months since I started the protocol and I have improved about 80 percent. The burning sensations have decreased significantly, I am able to have sex again and am back to playing tennis. I am so thankful I found Dr. Fowler and I would hightly recommend him to anyone suffering from this condition."  L. Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

"Thank you Dr. Fowler, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I saw Dr. R. Stuart Fowler approx. 8 months ago and am so glad I did. I used to have such vaginal itching, swelling and cracks from Lichen Sclerosus. I immediately got relief from Dr. Fowler's protocol and have my life back resuming all activities that once before I had dreaded because I knew it would only irritate my condition. Thank you, thank you! " M. Alanta, Georgia

"After I gave birth and when I started intercourese it was very painful felt like burning acid, it was so bad as soon as my husband started just to touch me a little bit. Even when I would sit down it caused some burning. I waisted 6 months with no improvement and my gyneologist referred me to Dr. Fowler. I was happy he could recognize the problem. His treatment protocol has been very effective. It took just 4 months and I am 90% better. I completely recommend Dr. Fowler." A. Glendale, Arizona

"Due to my vaginal problems of burning, itching, and unable to have intercourse, I took to the web to find help. I had problems for 2 years and two other physicians could not help me. Thank goodness I found Dr. Fowler. After 4 months of treatment I am 80% better. Dr. Fowler is a kind, gentle spirit who is here to help us women. His assistant is also a very sweet and gentle person which made my situation not feel so hopeless.  Dr. Fowler also makes it affordable." R. Phoenix, Arizona

"I first started having the symptoms about 2 years ago. I saw a few gynecologists and none of them could find out what was wrong. They all diagnosed me with recurrent yeast of bacterial infection and put me on antibiotics, but my condiditon did not improve. Tired of not feeling like myself, I decided to give it another try and went to see another gynecologist referred to me by a friend. Thanks to Dr. Richards I found out about Dr. Fowler. I flew to Arizona to see Dr. Fowler. From my first visit, I could tell I had finally found a doctor that knew what he was talking about. Dr. Fowler diagnosed me with a case of Vulvodynia and put me on a strict regimen for 4 months. Right away I started to feel better. No more itching, burning or yeast infection. I finally feel like myself again. What a relief! All I can say is: Dr. Fowler you are a genius  and your magic works! Thank you so very much for all your help." C. Glenwood, New Jersey

"I had symptoms of vulvodynia and lichen sclerosus for 6 months with no relief. After seeing my family doctor and a gynecologist with no relief of symptoms I was fortunately referred to Dr. Fowler. With his treatment for lichen sclerosus and a plan for returning my vaginal flora to normal, my symptoms have gradually and almost totally disappeared. I am thankful to Dr. Fower who specializes in these female problems and for helping me to recover from these symptoms." M. Scottsdale, Arizona

"I called Dr. Fowler's office to schedule an appointment (left a voicemail) and was very pleasantly surprised when he personally called me back to discuss the problem. I filled out the online form after our conversation and had my first appointment scheduled. I am now 4 months into my treatment and can't explain how much better I am feeling. Even at the exams, although Dr. Fowler is very gentle, at the first one I was so sensitive, it felt like I had to be scraped off the ceiling. At the follow-up, the sensitivity was like a normal pelvic exam. I struggled with my symptoms for 2 years and it controlled my life. I can't explain how excited I am to get back to all the normal activities as a 20 year old should be getting to experience. With my symptoms in "full force" I was a prisoner to them. I was not able to have a normal day without extreme pain and discomfort. I am 80% back to my normal self and can't wait to put this behind me and live a full life." J. Tempe, Arizona

"I have had a yeast problem for the past 10 years giving me burning and itching and normal doctor visits did not cure the problems. I was disappointed with all the continuing symptoms and my husband started looking for some type of specialist to address this situation. He was fortunate to find Dr. Fowler's website and got excited that it addressed the same type of problems I was having. We called and made an appoinment. Dr. Fowler examined me and immediately placed me on a protocol for treatment. I adhered strictly to his protocol and saw immediate results... with a 100% reflief after 2 months. I highly recommend Dr. Fowler as he has cured my problem." M. Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Overall I'm 80% better, this is great! I had been having excessive burning and itching for the past year. After seeing four gynecologists plus my pcp with no resolution to my problem I had lost all hope. I kept thinking maybe it's me but it wasn't. Fortunately, the last gynecologist I saw gave me Dr. Fowler's information. I decided to come in. It was the best decision! I can wear pants, I can actually exercise; could not do that at all... the sweating was a killer. Don't have itching in vaginal area any more either; we are still working on resolving some in perirectal area. All burning has resolved. Dr. Fowler's expertise has given me back my life. I would highly recommend any woman suffering from severe itching and burning to consult with Dr. Fowler."  R. Phoenix, Arizona

"When I first came to Dr. Fowler I was experiencing symptoms similar to that of a urinary tract infection. It turned out that an overdose of antibiotics I was taking for the urinary tract infection, which in fact I did not have, destroyed the good flora in my vagina. I then chose to take an overseas trip that set me further back. I went through great trauma: unable to sit due to discomfort, could not wear underwear, could not exercise, or have intercourse. After 4 months of the treatment prescribed by Dr. Fowler I am now able to do most everything I could do in the past. I am well on the way to recovery and am confident that the symptoms will resolve 100%."  P. Scottsdale, Arizona

Testimonies of the Year:

"I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Fowler. I had been suffering with vulvodynia for six months and had seen many different doctors with no relief. I went to see three different gynecologists, a urologist, a chiropractor, tried acupuncture, special diets and physical therapy and nothing was working. Meanwhile I had to take leave of absence from work because I was unable to sit for long periods of time because of burning. In addition to physical pain and feeling hopeless about getting relief since I had read some opinions that there is no cure and they don't know what causes it. While researching online I came across Dr. Fowler's website and read testimonials and while it seemed too good to be true, I figured I had nothing to lose so I flew to Phoenix to see him. It was the best decision I've ever made. Really quickly I began to feel better and now 4 months into it, I'm about 90% better and MANY DAYS I FEEL 100%. He really gets results. Thank you Dr. Fowler for helping me feel so much better." S. Pacific Palisades, California

"If I were to put it into one sentence, it would be "Dr. Fowler saved my life." I mean that literally. Every day, I had wished myself dead. Every day I dwelled on how to end this horrible, all consuming pain I was experiencing. My only option was dwindling down to ending my life in the two years of hell I experienced before finally getting Dr. Fowler's help. I had seen my general practitioner, 3 gynecologists, a urologist, and a pain clinic totaling over 80 medical appointments. I was a guinea pig and prescribed 28 different medications, costing more than $6000.00, none of which eased the endless suffering. I tried acupuncture, a herbalist, a naturopathic doctor and a physiotherapist costing me over $3300.00, all to no avail. My last hope was Dr.Fowler, so I took a leap of faith and made the 1300 mile trek. It has been 5 months since I first saw Dr. Fowler and I am IMPROVING!!! This journey is not over, but I am seeing the light at the end of this dark long tunnel. If you are wondering "I've already tried so many different things and spent so much money and nothing has helped, why would Dr. Fowler be any different?" STOP wondering. He is different. His testing is different. His regimen is different. He is worth every penny. Get your life back. Let Dr. Fowler help you. I am so glad I did. Thank you Dr. Fowler!!!" G. Manitoba, Canada



STOP WASTING $$$ and time on doctors who DON"T KNOW how to diagnose and/or treat vulvovaginal problems. These conditions require expertise and advanced diagnostic techniques for any hope of getting your life back. Dr. Fowler has the expertise to fix many of the most difficult vulvovaginal conditions including vulvodynia, recurrent bacrterial and yeast infections, chronic discharge and odor. As a former staff gynecologist at the Mayo Clinic specializing in vulvovaginal conditions for over 20 years, numerous women have testified that his treatments provide relief when those prescribed by other providers had not.

If you are serious about getting relief of your symptoms... read the Testimonials. CLICK on TESTIMONIALS button above. What more PROOF do you need than numerous women telling you they got relief of symptoms and their lives back? Finally... a vulvovaginal expert with successful treatment protocols.

THIS IS THE PLACE where women from all across the United States consistently get great results. This past year Dr. Fowler has seen patients from Germany, Canada, Mexico, IL, OK, MN, NV, CO, UT, NY, AK, FL, ID, NM, OH, TX, SC, NE, MD, MI, HI, GA, MO, NJ, ND, OR, PA, WA, CA, and many from AZ.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Find out why gynecologists bring their wives to Dr. Fowler for treatment. At FGI you will NOT get the same-old treatment that has not worked. Let Dr. Fowler's advanced diagnostic techniques including Vaginal Fluid Analysis Testing (VFA Test) be of benefit to you.

YOU CAN get acquainted with Dr. Fowler before signing up. Click "Contact Us" and email your name and phone number for a FREE phone call with Dr. Fowler. It will take only a few minutes to feel his HEART and PASSION to help you.

If you have had your symptoms for less than 3 months, go see your local gynecologist; FGI handles only the difficult cases. If your vulvovaginal symptoms of burning, stinging, rawness and/or itching, discharge, odor, dryness or vaginal pain with intercourse have persisted for 3+ months to years and you have seen a number of physicians without success, you are the type of patient Dr. Fowler seeks to help. Thousands of women with these symptoms have had success with individualized treatment protocols prescribed by Dr. Fowler.

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What is your vaginal problem? Get Expert Advise and Treatment For:

How can FowlerGynInternational (FGI) Help You?

      • Get advanced diagnostics and treatment solutions available exclusively at FGI
      • Get your vaginal health accessed by the new revolutionary Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) Test
      • Factors identified in the VFA Test guide the type of treatment needed to correct any underlying altered vaginal micro-flora patterns
      • Receive an individualized treatment protocol and prescriptions by experts in vaginal health
      • This will not be the same old-same, same-old treatment you have been prescribed by other doctors

VFA Test - Read All About It

Who is Dr. R. Stuart Fowler and Why Trust FGI?

Dr. Fowler is a Board Certified gynecologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and then practiced on staff at Mayo Clinic for over 21 years where he specialized in vulvovaginal disorders and use of bio-identical hormones. He took early retirement to organized FowlerGynInternational, PLLC to make his knowledge & expertise more readily available and online to you, right now. In-office appointments are available at the FGI Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona including most Saturdays for fly-in fly-out clients. The testimonials of former and current patients, his CV, and the sequence of his research presented at internatonal medical meetings speak volumes of the reasons to put your trust in him.

Research Behind the FGI Approach

      • In 1997, Dr. Fowler lectured on the importance of select hypocontactant products for use by women with sensitive external genital skin at the XIV World Congress of the International Society of the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD) in Bavino Italy
      • The combination of products has been further refined over the last decade
      • The products include hypocontactant soap, soothing moisturizing skin lotion, astringent skin rinse for the external genitalia, nonreactive water-based vaginal & labial lubricant for sports, exercise and intercourse, and special blend shaving cream for the genital area
      • Now FGI refers to this prized combination of products as the “FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection.”
      • Publication Reference: Fowler RS Vulvar Vestibulitis: response to hypocontactant vulvar therapy. Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease. 2000; 4(4): 200-203.
      • This collection contains the five core products of the FeminaRx Regimen which is part of the treatment protocols recommended for all women with sensitive external genital skin
      • In 2006, Dr. Fowler delivered a landmark address proposing an expansion vaginitis types to include a spectrum of micro-flora to the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD) at the World Congress XVIII in Queenstown, New Zealand.
      • Less than a handful of the world’s expert physicians acknowledged that they were even using microscopic techniques that could make these clinical differentiations
      • Today, there are still very few physicians worldwide with expressed interest in vulvovaginal disorders or the capability of advanced diagnostic techniques
      • Dr. Fowler’s research changed the one-hundred year old diagnostic dogma
      • Publication Reference: Fowler, R.S. Expanison of altered vaginal flora states in vaginitis to include a spectrum of micro-flora. J Reprod Med. 2007 Feb;52(2):93-99
  • In 2009 at the World Congress XX of the ISSVD in Paris France, Dr. Fowler presented his research findings for the conditions of Vulvodynia and Altered Vaginal Micro-flora Patterns
  • In 2012, Dr. Fowler published results of his research with worldwide implications in the understanding of the vagina micro-flora patterns present in women without vaginal symptoms using a new quantitative wet preparation technique under phase-contrast microscopy. Dr. Fowler presented this at the ISSVD World Congress XXI in Paris, France in September 2011 
  • Publication Reference: R.S. Fowler. Quantification of normal vaginal constituents using a new wet prep technique.  Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease. 2012 Oct; 16(4):437-441

Treatment Approach: What You May Not Have Been Offered

      • Based on the above research, FGI offers a unique treatment approach
      • Depending on the vaginal condition, FGI recommends the FeminaRx Regimen AND Vaginal Rejuvenate Therapy
      • The FeminaRx Regimen is a collection of hypocontactant products that minimize exposure of the eternal genital tissues to chemical irriatants that can perpetuate symptoms that have statred from other sources.
      • The Vaginal Rejuvenant Therapy is a combination of prescription medications based on the results of the Vaginal Fluid Analysis test aimed at correction the aberrant parameteres.
      • The purpose is to change the abnormal vaginal micro-flora patterns towards one of the normal patterns while keeping the external tissues free from external irritants under hypocontactant conditions...make sense to you?
      • Some vaginal conditions such as vaginal tightness or vaginal foreshortening require other modalities
      • Ask yourself, does this make sense? Are you hearing something that none of your providers have talked about?
      • It has to numerous women who have been treated with this approach and are thrilled with their outcomes
      • Now you have found experts in vulvovaginal health who know with confidence what they are talking about

How FGI is So Unique

  • Access to advanced microscopic techniques used for selected vaginal condition
  • Formulation of individualized treatment protocols which usually include a combination of bio-identical hormones in a specific ratio that are nutrients for the vagina
  • This approach to treatment has been used with success by thousands of women
  • Find out why other providers have been missing your diagnosis

How Does FGI Work and What's the Cost for a Consult?

  • To register click: Start Here Potential Client- Sign Me Up
  • FGI offers client services to US residents of all states
  • The prices shown below is for the physician consulting services for reviewing the vaginal symptom profile and general medical history in context of making a diagnosis, recommending the Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) Test if indicated, and then development of an individualized treatment protocol
  • As with any medical evaluation, there are additional costs for laboratory tests including the VFA Test ($160.00), prescription medications, and/or over-the-counter products needed to treat your specific condition
  • You may register Virtual Consult for follow-up appointments for up to one year after you have had an In-Office Consult in Phoenix. 

       In-Office Consult  in Phoenix, Arizona

                            Offered to women from all 50 States, initial visit:     $250.00

                            Offered to english speaking women from international destinations but exception and limitations apply (Please call FGI offices to discuss)

  • Traditional in-person visits
  • With Gyn Board Certified Dr. Fowler; not a NP or PA
  • FGI gives "Superbills" to In-Office US Clients which are accepted by most Insurance Companies for Out-Of-Network reimbursement making only a portion of the $250.00 out-of-pocket expense. Superbills are not accepted by Medicare.

      Virtual Consults

                           Offered to established clients all 50 states who have been seen within 1 year and to Arizona residents at any time:          $190.00

  • This is a telemedicine consult. If the VFA Test is indicated, this can be sent to the FGI Laboratory from your home location.
  • Dr. Fowler will personally review your progress, discuss your follow-up VFA Test results and recommend changes in protocol as indicated
  • This saves you $60.00 over an in-Office Consult and saves on travel expenses.
  • FGI does not provide Superbills for Virtual Consults so these expenses will always be out of pocket

How to Tell Whether FGI Has Openings

      • The number of women registering per day is limited
      • Check out the ribbon on the header at the top of the page
      • If the ribbon is green or yellow, you can apply
      • If it is red, please call FGI offices to get on the Wait List.

Experience the Difference with FowlerGynInternational

You get individualized treatment:  It’s Easy

      • On line registration is simple
      • Can be completed at home, at work or on vacation
      • All it takes is an internet connection

Completing Online Medical Questionnaires

You get started on your treatment:  It’s Fast

      • After you register, FGI will review your vaginal symptom profile and your general medical history information
      • Within a few days… you may receive a call from Dr. Fowler to clarify details of your vaginal condition if neccessary
      • Your credit card will be authorized but not be charged until after your condition appears appropriate for the services by FGI based upon the information that you provide on the registration questionnaires.
      • Your initial In-Office Consult will take 45 minutes. If your condition calls for a Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA), it will be preformed on site in the FGI Laboratory and the results and your individualiuzed treatment protocol will be provided at the visit.
      • The VFA Test is virtually painless
      • Prescription medications will be sent to a recommended compounding pharmacy or given to you to fill at your preferred pharmacy depending on the type of prescription
      • This all happens much faster than you could make an appointment and be seen by a yet another gynecologist who may have no expertise in treating vulvovaginal conditions

You get to do it from your home: It’s Convenient & Private

      • You are empowered to come forth and get solutions to perplexing intimate issues
      • Submit your vaginal symptom profile and general medical questionnaire in privacy, online, by secure https secure transmission
      • A full gyn exam is not necessary but you need to confirm that you are up to date on your annual gynecologic exam and have undergone a pelvic exam by your local healthcare provider since the onset of your vaginal symptoms and have been offered or tested for STD's if appropriate
      • The same medical confidentiality that applies with your local doctor applies to FGI. All your medical information is filed on state-of the art MacPractice MD electronic medical record and stored on dedicated servers that are encrypted (

Location of your electronic medical information

You get new advanced diagnostic techniques: It’s High Tech

      • The new revolutionary Vaginal Fluid Analysis technique was published by Dr. Fowler in a peer-reviewed medical journal for worldwide viewing in October of 2012
      • He had been using it for many years; few others worldwide have the equipment to do so
      • It takes a physician significant time, dedication, and investment in equipment to offer this level of expertise
      • Consequently, this test will not likely be routinely offered in gynecologic practices for many years to come

The VFA Test

You get an expert sub-specialty evaluation for less: It’s Affordable

      • FGI offers high quality and expert care for less. Yes, it's out of pocket at first but you can submit a Superbill to your insurance company unless you are a medicare recipient. FGI does not accept or participate in medicare.
      • $250.00 for traditional In-Office initial consults, $190.00 for Virtual Follow-up Consults
      • Consider this, how many doctors have you seen so far? Add up the co-pays.
      • The testimonials show that FGI gets results.
      • FGI does not interface with insurance up front but provides a Superbill with the diagnostic codes and charges that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network coverage.
      • Wouldn't you feel better if you got relief of your symptoms?

Payments and use of insurance

You get access to an expert in the field:  It’s Quality

      • FGI specializes in chronic vulvovaginal symptoms only
      • Very few gynecologist do; but you won't find another with testimonies like those from FGI Clients
      • If your symptoms have not been adequately addressed and/or responded to therapy prescribed by your local healthcare providers, don't you think it's time to look for a better solution?
      • Thousands of women have trusted Dr. Fowler's expertise and recommendations; now it’s your opportunity to trust him too

Advantages of engaging FowlerGynInternational

More About Why You Should Trust FGI

      • Read about real life symptom scenarios that woman with vaginal conditions have voiced
      • If one of these scenarios sounds familiar, the experts in vaginalhealthCare at FGI are ready to help you

Real Life Symptom Scenarios

      • FGI offers advanced diagnostics and individualized treatment protocols that have been used with success by thousands of women
      • Register as a client with FGI today and get on the path towards relief tomorrow
      • Read the Testimonies of women who have been treated with Dr. Fowler’s protocols
      • Place your trust in FGI and let them help you find the treatment that brings symptom relief


Time to Make a Decision

      • That’s pretty much it
      • You are suffering from a vaginal problem
      • The experts at FGI are very confident that they can help you
      • If you are ready to get started on the road to recovery, click here to sign up:
      • If you are not yet convinced to place your trust in FGI, take your time and investigate the home page
      • Request a FREE pre-sign me up phone call from Dr. Fowler himself
      • Click on your vaginal problem and “Read All About It.” See if FGI has an understanding of your symptoms which is unparalleled and makes sense
      • Click “CV of Board Certified R. Stuart Fowler,M.D.” to read about his training, credentials, and 25 year affiliation with the Mayo Clinic
      • Click “How Dr. Fowler Developed His Expertise” to find out how he became an expert in vulvovaginalhealth
      • Click “Testimonials” to read about the success other women have experienced using Dr. Fowler’s treatment protocols
      • Or call FGI offices during business hours and talk to the receptionist. You will find that they are real people- experts in vulvovaginal healthcare
      • FGI is confident about what they do. They do it effectively and efficiently because they know exactly what they are doing. Are you ready for expert help?

Purchase the FGI Book

If you are searching the web because a family member or friend has a perplexing or difficult vaginal problem, send them an anonymous present! Purchase our company book “The Owner’s Manual to Vaginal Health” and have it delivered to them. This will give them expert knowledge on each of the vaginal conditions listed above plus much more. If they decide to register as a Client, there is a $25.00 coupon that can be applied to their registration fee.

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